Professional button covering machine for furniture upholstery and auto upholstering.
How to make buttons.

Button machine

Osborne Hand Button Machine --- $142.88   Add to cart

Compare at $175 or more.

This Osborne (or the identical Handy) button maker is the machine most furniture, auto, and marine upholsterers use. Accepts all size Osborne and Handy dies. (The most popular are #22 and #30, see form below for other sizes)

Heavy duty iron press. (I used mine for over 20 years - Ken) Can be bolted or screwed to a workbench or 2x6 piece of lumber for portability. We ship 2-3 day Priority Mail.

Dies and cutter set

Button making die

Dies and molds are sold separately.

Select the size of the dies and cutter


All die sets include the dies and short cutter. Use the size chart below to determine the diameter size dies you need.

Button die size chart

Button die size chart
Auto upholstery buttonFurniture button

Select button molds and add them to your shopping cart

First select the quantity of button molds


Then select the size

Then select the size


1 gross makes 144 buttons.
5 gross make 720 buttons.

Prong Buttons

Prong buttons


Sold in sizes 9/16" and 3/4", 1 or 5 gross packages. 1 gross makes 144 buttons. 2" shaft. Includes cap.

Button needle 14" button needle. $6.88   Add to cart
Insert needle all the way through filling, tie a slip knot. Put a piece of Dacron or cotton or fabric between the 2 threads so knot won't come through then pull to proper depth and tie off.
Button twine1/2 lb. Nylon button and tufting twine. spool $12.88   Add to cart
Use to tie buttons and can also be used to tie down furniture decks to springs.
Button tufting needle Osborne #613 Tufting Needle with 24 clasps, $19.88   Add to cart
Leaves clasp behind filling and 2 loose threads for tying off a button.

Includes instructions.
Tufting clasps #614 #614 clasps, $10.88   Add to cart
Used for #613 Tufting Needle. Extra clasps: 144 per box.
Tufting needle #417 #417 Osborne tufting needle, $40.88   Add to cart
Injection needle leaves clasp behind filling and 2 loose threads for tying off a button.
Tufting clasps #418 clasps, $15.88   Add to cart
To be used with #417 Osborne tufting needle.
Sold separately, 500 per box.

Includes instructions.

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We ship US Postal Service (2-3 days Priority Mail to most US locations,). Air to Canada and Mexico requires 2 boxes (approx. $84 total) other countries 2 boxes (approx. $130 total). Our order form may give you higher price but we will refund the difference and ship in flat rate boxes. (for example to Australia our shopping cart may give you $160 or more-we'll refund the difference)

How To Make Buttons

Courtesy C.S. Osborne & Co.

Osborne button machine

This is the Osborne No.1 hand button covering machine.
It can be bolted or screwed to a table or heavy board.

button die and cutter set
Place material on the nylon block. Lay cutter on material. Pull on handle to cut button covers. Fold or stack material to cut more pieces at the time.
how to make buttons
Turn top of the two piece die . Place the cut material on the die, then center the shell on top of the material as shown in the picture.
press fabric into die
Holding the die use the wood dowel to push the shell in.
cut button fabric
Lay wire eye on the bottom die with the loop facing down.
pull handle down
Place the two piece die together on the machine. Lock in the bottom piece die with the Allen wrench key provided.
completed upholstery button
Firmly press on handle to close the button.
cut button fabric
A secure button is completed.



Fabric cut: 1. See that clinching die is smooth and free of nicks and broken edges. Remove nicks with emery cloth. Replace badly broken dies. 2. Use soft shell.

Plastic or vinyl cut: 1. Try above solutions. 2. Reduce friction by lubricating dies with light weight oil or silicone spray. 3. Warm material to create more "give".

Buttons come apart- thin material: 1. Add more pressure to covering machine. 2. Use thin material die. 3. Use two layers of material

Buttons come apart- regular material: 1. Add more pressure to covering machine. 2. Use regular material die. 3. Be sure springs on bottom dies are not packed with lint.

Buttons come apart- heavy material: 1. Add more pressure to covering machine. 2. Use heavy material die. 3. Some materials can be flattened without changing their appearance by pounding with a mallet or hammer.

Material is "bunched up" where shell meets back: 1. Use larger die 2. Some materials can be flattened (reducing bulk) without changing their appearance by pounding with a mallet or hammer. Try this before cutting.

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