EZ professional fine wire air stapler for long term reliability. This upholstery gun will penetrate hardwood furniture frames, plywood and particle board. Staplers from hardware stores shoot too "thick" of a staple and can damage wooden frames. Free 3/8" length staples included in your order and free swivel coupler.

Cheap staple gun

Beware of cheap upholstery staplers with the safety in the nose!(see photo)It's difficult to fire into hard to reach places because the nose must be kept flush with the wood for the safety to retract. You also have to lift the gun after each shot then push in the safety to fire again. Our staple guns are not throw away tools-built to last. I've been selling the EZ model below for about 10 years.

Air Upholstery Staplers
This video can help you decide whether to buy air or electric, 3/8 or 1/2" crown.

"Hi Ken: I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful online transaction. This has been one of my best experiences with online commerce. You were so honest that you reduced the shipping and you weren't kidding about your speed in filling orders -- I received my staple gun today. Thanks again for your excellent service. Marian... MN"

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  • Upholstery stapler  
  • EZ Stapler Main Applications:
  • Light wood assembly
  • Upholstering furniture #7 gun (3/8" crown) and boats #8 gun (1/2" crown).
  • Oil and hex keys included. Guns run on about 65-95 lbs-use lowest pressure that puts the staple all the way in to what you are working on.
  • Carpet laying, artist canvas.
  • Home building applications such as installing screen wire, building papers and insulation
  • Applying drapery fabric to cornices
  • Sign shops
  • Silk screen assembly and artist canvas
  • Toy and doll manufacturing and repair
  • Length: 9"
  • Weighs 2 lb 4 oz.
  • Extended nose, easily clear jammed staples
  • Use safety glasses!
  • Six month warranty.
  • EZ #7 stapler. List: $140. Your Cost: now only $94.88 (while supplies last!)

long nose upholstery staple gun
EZ 2" Long Nose #7
This gun uses C7 (71 series) 3/8" crown (width) staples. 6 month warranty. Get this gun if you mainly upholster furniture. Extended nose 1 7/8" Great if you do a lot of antiques, cornice boards or other speciality work with hard to reach places. Adjust your air pressure to use on vinyl. Use safety googles!
Only $124.88 (Limited Time Special)-compare at over $180
Air upholstery gun

EZ #8 Air Upholstery Staple Gun
This is the style gun most boat upholsterers use. Shoots 1/2" crown (width) #8 (80 series) staples for a little more "bite" when upholstering with vinyl. Great for restaurant booths, pool tables, artist canvas, auto trim etc. (can be used on furniture). Extended 3/4" nose
EZ #7 Air Upholstery Staple Gun$94.88 Add One to Basket
EZ #8 Air Staple Gun$94.88 Add One to Basket
EZ #7 Air Stapler 2" Long Nose$124.88 Add One to Basket
Maestri #7 Pro Electric Stapler$199 Add One to Basket
Maestri #8 Electric Stapler$162.88 Add One to Basket
STAPLES (galvanized, water resistant)#7 staples for #7 guns 3/8" crown-#8 staples for #8 guns 1/2" crown.
1/4" #7 C wire staples  10,000 per box$7.88 Add One to Basket
3/8" #7 C wire staples  10,000 per box$7.50 Add One to Basket
1/2" #7 C wire staples  10,000 per box$8.88 Add One to Basket
5/8" #7 C wire staples  10,000 per box$8.75 Add One to Basket
1/4" #8 wire staples  5,000 per box$5.50 Add One to Basket
3/8" #8 wire staples for #8 guns 5,000 per box$5.75 Add One to Basket
1/2" #8 wire staples  5,000 per box$6.88 Add One to Basket
5/8" #8 wire staples  5,000 per box$6.25 Add One to Basket
Staple puller$17.88 Add One to Basket
STAPLES (Stainless Steel, water proof, rust proof)
3/8" #7 C stainless steel staples  10,000 per box$20.88 Add One to Basket
3/8" #8 stainless steel staples  10,000 per box$42.88 Add One to Basket

upholstery staples
Free box of 3/8" length staples!!(sent automatically) Secure Shopping Cart!
If you are doing furniture upholstery we suggest buying a box of 1/2" length staples for installing outside backs and arms.

3/8" long staples are most commonly used for general upholstery, 1/2" for several layers or blind tacking outside arms and backs, 1/4" for arm panels etc., 5/8" mostly for installing webbing and spring tying or carpet.
These staples are available from us or most any upholstery supply house in North America.

swivel coupler

Free coupler saves wear and tear on your wrists and your hose too.

load staples
Disconnect gun from compressor. Point nose towards ceiling. Oil air guns through coupler after about 8 hours of use-just a few drops. Oil included.

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