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Choose from 20 types and firmness of upholstery foam. Choose the quality according to how often it gets used. Foam cushions used for 3 hours or more every day need our best upholstery foams (EverFlex or Natural Latex). Using lower quality foams causes the cushion to soften faster. Read our suggested additions and upholstery foam descriptions found on the right and bottom of the subsequent pages. Keep in mind that thinner foam feels softer and thicker/larger upholstery foam feels firmer.

Foam for upholstery
We offer either:
Click the shape below that represents your furniture cushion and follow the steps on the subsequent pages.

Mattress cushionWindow seatClipped window seatClipped bolsterLong clipped bolsterOdd and custom shapesT-cushionCurved T-cushionL-cushionCurved L-cushionCylinderBar stool
Dacron cushion wrap

Polyester Batting, Organic Wool Batting and Cotton Batting.

Dacron (polyester batting) wrap gives upholstery foam cushions a professional look and more comfort. If we custom cut for you, we'll offer this option.

Pro-Tack Foam and Fabric Adhesive

Foam and Fabric Adhesive
12oz can Foam and Fabric Glue $9.85 Add to cart
Foam Glue 12 can case $54.40 Add to cart

Forms foam tearing strength, bonds in seconds. Works like contact adhesive. Spray both sides, wait till tacky, and press together. Use our aerosol foam adhesive, Pro-Tack, to glue polyester, foam, fabric, paper, and wood. Glue batting down on car seats or furniture cushions you are recovering.

Headliner Adhesive

Headliner adhesive
13oz can $8.88 Add to cart
12 can case $86.88 Add to cart

Sprayway Fast Tack 92 Trim Adhesive. High temp, heavy duty for vinyl tops, headliners and more. 13oz. can, 12 cans per case.

Silicone Spray

Silicone spray
Per can: $6.99 Add to cart

12 cans case: $61.33 Add to cart

Dry Silicone Spray (not oily)for foam cutters and cushions. Spray the foam saw blade before entering the foam. Allows blade and guide to easily slide and cut through foam without sticking. Occasionally spray the small wheels on the foot plate. Also will help make filling cushions easier by spraying on front corners of the foam. Can be used on your cutting table, sewing machine table and shears.

Ace Clipper Plier Stapler

Ace Clipper Plier Stapler
$18.90 Add to cart

Here's another way to attach polyester batting to foam. Wrap your foam on all sides with the batting then pinch the polyester and staple every few inches as needed. Remember your cushion filling should be a little larger than the new cover to avoid wrinkling when someone sits down. Can also be used to hold long pieces of fabric while sewing seams.

Ace Clipper Plier Staples

Ace Clipper Plier Staples
$5.49 Add to cart

Box of 5,000 staples for Ace Clipper Stapler.
Foam cutter

Cut your own upholstery foam sheet with one of our professional foam cutters that rolls on your table or a miter box saw or an electric carving knife.

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