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Title: Bus conversion video #7
Post by: mike802 on July 13, 2011, 09:08:00 AM
I now have both side walls finished and the rear sub wall complete.  The next step is to rip out the floor and repair any rust, clean out all the duck work, replace old fiberglass insulation with pink board and install new flooring.  I am really dreading ripping out the old floor. It is going to be the biggest job yet, but there is no way to get access to all the duct work which has 30 years of human hair and God only knows what else built up in there.
Title: Re: Bus conversion video #7
Post by: kodydog on July 26, 2011, 04:54:59 PM
Good video Mike. Can't wait to see the interior design. You took the A/C out of the back. Are you going to install roof mounted A/C. What will you use while cruising down the road. Couldn't you use the area behind the back wall for storage?
Title: Re: Bus conversion video #7
Post by: mike802 on July 27, 2011, 09:44:27 AM
Kodydog:  Yes the AC I removed was part of the over the road AC.  It's a huge unit and only works well while the bus is going down the road, so I have been told.  These buses have a large alternator that is capable of keeping the batteries charged if I was to use a roof mounted AC unit, or two going down the road.  A lot of time when these are converted guys will install the generator where the AC condenser was.  The AC I removed had lost it's charge and was not functioning, didn't look like the pump had been used in years.  They also make AC units that can be installed in the bays, but I haven't decided which way I want to go yet.

The space behind the back wall could be used as storage, some guys build little box's from plywood and use spray in expandable foam to insulate around them and then build cabinet fronts to finish them off.  But these buses with the basement bays have tons of storage space anyway.  I may regret not doing that later, but it will be easily accessible if I decide to add some storage capacity later down the road.  The access hole in the back wall will have an insulated hatch on hinges hidden behind a mirror, a picture, or raised panels, I haven't decided just what yet. 

I also cant wait to to get started on the fun part, building the interior and doing the decorating.  I am leaning toward the old sea side cottage look, I'm not into "bling" like so many of the high end coach's have these days, nor am I really into the executive suite look either.  I just finished ripping out the original floor and will soon start upgrading the insulation and installing a new floor.  I am thinking of installing wide pine flooring over the sub floor to go with the cottage look, but if a real good deal on flooring comes along I can be swayed.  LOL