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Title: Leather wrapping a dashboard, info or help?
Post by: christwo on July 25, 2011, 05:56:18 PM
A friend of mine asked me to wrap this dash in leather. I have never done one before and was wondering if some of you could throw me some tips or plans of attack, thanks

Title: Re: Leather wrapping a dashboard, info or help?
Post by: SHHR on July 26, 2011, 07:23:51 AM
Start by cleaning the dash very well. Chances are it's been cleaned, waxed, armor alld many times and if you don't get that residue off, the glue likely wont hold very long.

  Before I would put any glue on too I would have an over sized piece of leather ready and drape it over the dashto see how it lays. Try stretching the leather over hard areas just so you'll see ahead of time how it will fit the curves especially around tough areas like the gauge area and the center console riser.

 Once you're comfortable with the fit and have it centered go ahead and glue up the dash and leather. let the glue set for a while until it's dry to the touch. Then start covering from the center out. You'll have to work relatively quick so the glue don't dry too much. If it very warm in your shop or you want a little extra time only glue half, then after you're satisfied with the fit simply lift the other half of the leather that you didn't glue, apply the glue, let it set up the same, and stick it down.

Don't over stretch the leather on the flatter surfaces. You'll want to keep it snug, but not too tight, that way you'll have plenty of extra material when you really have to start stretching around the curves and sharp corners.

 Some may pattern that cover and make a nice french seam around the are where it wraps under the gauge area, but I think with some dilligence you could do it in one piece. If you start getting a wrinkle in the corners pull it very tight with the wrinkle and not across it. It will go away. After you're satisfied with the fit flip it over and spray a little glue around the edges, trim your leather back enough and wrap it around the backside and start trimming all the cut outs the same way.

You could also too wrap the dash first in some closed cell foam to pad it up a bit, but if the dash is in good shape as is just a layer of leather should work fine.
Title: Re: Leather wrapping a dashboard, info or help?
Post by: christwo on July 26, 2011, 06:56:29 PM
Thank you SHHR, very helpful. Kind of the approach I had figured. He says he wants no seams but I am curious if hypothetically I were to put a french seam in over the gauges, would you just mark the leather over the outside of the dash for the curvature, cut and sew that section? Also, will conditioning the leather help shape it around concaves and into certain crevices?
Title: Re: Leather wrapping a dashboard, info or help?
Post by: SHHR on July 26, 2011, 08:46:32 PM
I think as long as you're using a good upholstery leather, it will form fine. If you were to put a seam around the gauge pod try patterning it with a very thin clear vinyl with lots of reference lines. you can then transfer that to the leather, sew it up, and I would glue that area first then work in the rest. It's a little more tedious, but can be done. I don't know your color scheme, but consider possibly a contrasting thread. It will really stand out!

Good Luck.