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Title: 3/8" trim tacks
Post by: kwtownsend on May 07, 2012, 10:06:43 PM

I am restoring a 1911 Model T Ford.  The original upholstery trim tacks are a 3/8" head "capped" nail.  Today, most restorers use a trim tack that is called 7/16", but is actually closer to  1/2"

I have found a limited quantity of 3/8" capped nails, but need about 150 more.

Does anbody have any old school 3/8" capped nails or tacks that they would be willing to share?

Or does anyone know where I can find low-dome black upholstery tack that measures a true 3/8" ? (.375")  I will be needing about 350-400, but if I can the right item, I know a lot of other guys who would be interested.

: ^ )