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Title: shop layout
Post by: McDowell on January 25, 2016, 02:02:24 PM
Hello, we are expanding our shop so we can drive vehicles into a garage/work shop area (1700 sq feet addition), currently we have a 2400 square foot office/upholstery area and a 900 sq foot work shop.  Does anyone know of a good source to help me think through all the variables pertaining to layout and work flow?  I realize this is a broad vague question, gotta start somewheres! Thank you!
Title: Re: shop layout
Post by: brmax on January 29, 2016, 02:09:30 AM
That sounds great for your biz, I actually believe your best is many of your employees at a brats luncheon cookout.
This has got to be measured, so design the day accordingly. This whole shabang follows up with an expansion opening for your most used and or re occurring client base. And strait up burgers n soda, or a pancake n sausage morning.
Anyway for the first part: employees there is - design build shop, day
Lay out some questions for the employees their reasons needed to expand, yep that what I said. Have open book or throw them ideas in a bucket and draw out to discuss totally in good faith. This whole thing is about them giving you ideas to work more and happily.
50.00 brats and soda are pretty cheap on a designed "measured day"
heck throw a 3 layer Tyvek over the table stapled down, get some sharpies.

That's my start, so what might the 1500 square area be, a bay or bays and your making it tough, is the 900 the wood shop area ?.
I'm really curious of the height to drive in and is there 3, 12' long tables parallel to the 50' drive in bay.
Is this expansion going to use or require bigger or different machinery, separated areas for ? finishing
have a good Friday