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Title: Cordng
Post by: baileyuph on August 20, 2017, 09:07:33 AM
What is your cording procedure?

Feet used?

Sewing in - step at a time or one pass?  Or other?

Is it a function of the type of material working with and/or the filler type and size?

How best to avoid  previous seam stitches in the finish item - that is after cording is made?

Been having some problems lately with seam thread showing.  Can't always go to single seam

to make the cording and incorporate it into the final layers in one pass.


Title: Re: Cordng
Post by: MinUph on August 20, 2017, 11:29:07 AM
Hey Doyle,
  Did you loose your login or is this a new Doyle?

  Anyway my seamstress uses the next size welt foot on the first one or two passes then the normal (smaller) welt foot to do the last seam. This hides all the threads. We use mostly 5/32 cording so she uses the foot for 6/32 and then the 1/4" foot last.  I, when I was sewing, and do still, try to do it in one pass whenever I can box, welt and top all together. This saves time, thread, and therefore money and also there are no extra seams to see.
Title: Re: Cordng
Post by: kodydog on August 22, 2017, 12:25:21 PM
If you can sew the boxing and welt to the top panel all in one pass you will save a lot of time. I'm not that good. I don't presew the cording. I loosely sew the cord to the top panel first. By loosely I mean I angle the cording to the needle so it is not right up against the welt. When I sew the boxing on I sew the seam tighter against the cording. My biggest downfall is the corners. I'm getting better but they always come out too loose and thread shows. Corners generally take me two passes.

Rose adds another step. She likes to pencil in a sew line onto the back of the boxing. This takes extra time but her boxing comes out perfect. You can measure with a ruler and the boxing width will be exactly the same all the way around the cushion.