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Title: Bend-arc advantage
Post by: Mike8560 on November 20, 2010, 12:39:58 PM
Today while bending a Bimini frame.  I thought of an advatage over a wooden jig bender.
I should have mentioned this in a past thread on the subject but I just thought of it.
 On a jig you bend the corner radius's bending the leg by hand at the end of the pipe soyou can also bend a leg like this on bend arc but 1) the leg can bend aittle the entire length of the leg and you can also pull out or in as you bend the leg not paralell with the plane of the bow. A bend arc using the arm roller bends the leg atthe top of the leg so the leg I'd always straight down and the arm roller always pulls it straight parralell with the ane of the bow. Anyway that's it got to go put the frame together.