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General Discussion / Wood working and Upholstery
« on: February 20, 2018, 08:51:42 PM »
  I recall a lot of wood work in the upholstery shop I worked in.  This was a new experience for myself although being around wood working realitives at home was the norm.

  In some discussion here there are choices to do more or less in the business end.  I sure dont need to say it is a requirement in typical new upholstery and custom re-upholstery.  I know this all to well as my early employment ( while a student ) task was a grunt and furniture shop helper.  This was my introduction to what all you professionals do on a daily basis.

  I am trying to say the wood work part has some great experiences.  Also I can easily say it can be very difficult. What I want to say is always tough when choices have to be made. Some of these would be to have “seriously” separate area from the upholstery shop.  I only mention this as the shop I was lucky to work in did infact have a designated walled off area.  So I stress this as my own places really would need this. I better wind this up it’s more than 140 characters and for some this is a pain.

God day

ps: i have had to do some routing lately and cleaning dust afterwards upsets my OCD


General Discussion / http://www.upholster.com/upholstery-forum/index.php
« on: January 18, 2018, 10:18:32 PM »
Im finding it a bit tough getting on the forum from the desk top or lap top. For some reason not a problem using the iPhone. There surely is a link on the upholstery supply that could use a tune up and or my updating the favorite/bookmark.

Good day

General Discussion / Bill of Materials ?
« on: April 09, 2017, 10:10:24 AM »
Good Morning!

  I am considering options and so looking for ideas from you all the experienced Guru.
At present i use regular quickbooks desk top, and find i want to use for myself a BOM bill of materials.
I have several scattered ideas between excel and possibly linking this to invoices.
But if nothing else i need to or would like using an attachment option available to the invoice.

Im not sure what else i can say here to raise a conversation on this, so is there any thoughts on this  subject lately.


General Discussion / Shoe boxes
« on: January 07, 2017, 12:29:23 PM »
Shoe boxes, 2 for the office and shop with tags minor under $200 and 2 others with tags under $500
With this information where is the best place for receipts of new needles and others like bobbins specifically.
Is this an ok placement or can someone give ideas towards a better description for a professional, as the wheel dolley can be quite stacked with boxes  :)


General Discussion / Hurricane
« on: October 07, 2016, 05:52:14 PM »
Hey I am hoping all our Florida members are doing ok
I am seeing some tough weather on the tv, so keep your groups safe.
God bless


General Discussion / Nylon or Polyester
« on: September 29, 2016, 08:01:13 PM »
Thread of the day
Do you see any more polyester use in your machine stitching these days and is it different from 5 or so years ago.
I'm curious as the choices are very close in availability with prices that I look at and these generally around size 92, I actually don't know the range, but seems very close for standard bonded nylon and poly.
I would like to get some leads with x heavy outdoor thread above 138 and its like the lights go out on the net with searches above this size for poly single spool sources. Maybe just a couple factories supply the whole gamut of users I'm not sure yet, a bit more on the homework.

I know with some old school paper/screen reading the internet sites make it easy to stop there if nothing found. So I guess it looks as though a lot more phone time getting information as say the big dogs like Coats offer in their pdf's files.
But if they build for other vendors to sell as mentioned its hunt and call the factory for possible leads or really any vendors for these products as they may be named different among other specs.
I deem it a pita
poly thread hunting above 138

good night

General Discussion / Textile Trade and Manufactures
« on: September 22, 2016, 10:52:00 AM »
Do many of you look for these big gatherings like international fabric trade shows.
I have seen some of the listings in the past and wished I made some better time to check them out.
Seems it would be an investment in the long run no doubt, the trades that are gathered there would be very interesting.


General Discussion / Cutting Mat
« on: August 18, 2016, 06:20:59 PM »
I finally decided to purchase a cutting mat to go with the rotary cutter I purchased ages ago and never used. I had fumbled on a JoAnns super sale paper some time ago and picked one of these rotary's.
Recently working with some phifertex and after a bit I had opened the tool box and seen the rotary cutter, and with out a regular mat I used a small some hole punch mat for a rotary blade try out.
Wow! no twisting like my scissors going over that screen material and it works unbelievable on the plus material also. I will resort to others with blade durability but for some small or strips needed I'm making a mat purchase from Alvin brand.
I hope this works out and possibly use it with some other materials of vinyl and leather sides, that just may be worth it later on.

I may be interested in the use of these, rounding a pattern with say plexi glass or similar materials.


General Discussion / Outdoor Support Material
« on: August 15, 2016, 11:07:46 AM »
Good Morning!
I need some help from you all, I am working up a outdoor product and need a flexible material for sandwiching between canvas for bottom support and this following was my plan but I don't want the expense of it, clear vinyl yet the marine, beach durability is required.
It may be possible for this selected product to replace the bottom completely so that's optional.
Appreciate your experience on anything you might recommend or have used.
Thanks and good day

General Discussion / Dolly Hand truck uno
« on: July 28, 2016, 04:10:51 PM »
I have been considering this the last few days, (reflection) because college dorm elevators don't seem to work on the very dam day the should "move in day" uh hello!
I'm glad that's over, the youngest got an apartment anyway, I have ask how many steps to campus sidewalk but haven't heard as yet. But I'm sure the need for moving the car from 300 yards over to another lot is a priority as things are different now Dad.
Oh sure! sounds like it should be studied further, Am I venting hmm.

Now my excuses are out the way, now to study the moving of work tool stuff n stuff, let me explain.
We here have some small but consistent hills these only are around the lakes as I travel, park here or launch boat.
Then walk around to docks if lucky maybe more along this, drive and park then carry whatever down cliff / 100-300ft elevation to docks that's no sweat except last week at 90-100 then the back up for different snap box or battery left behind seat or whatever.

Anyway considering a handtruck option, light and cheap maybe asking a tinner to weld on it something resembling a aluminum box of sorts to sit items of easy removal like bags to through in pickup later on, but attaching a step ladder is a needed handy item at the first go round in my arena.

Thought about this at first and then recall my dolly, steel cheapo but same looking stair bar, first mine was not tall enough for stairs, ( do you really want me to discuss dorm stairs) anyway seems to much bending and the fancy stair bars needed to be closer to wheel edge or at least 2" from bar surface. Probably rocket science in this development but I didn't get that ride.

I cannot re-find (new word) the page I had seen but these were way over what I though I would use, none the less they been there. This page was related to pro dog shows possibly may have been related to field dogs also I don't know.
Has any of you seen and considered this as an option for your out of shop task. curious


PS: hand truck is like a pick n shovel in a goldmine in this described dorm day scenario, the eyes get bigger real quick, smartest thing I brought except student ; )

General Discussion / Thread Guides
« on: July 28, 2016, 12:08:04 PM »
Hey everyone wanted to share a bit of information, with a thread breakage problem I had with several of the same brand, same casting yet having different guides and mfg not tops in my opinion describing to me or presenting betterly : )
The 08nh series having no issues and having a large square center guide but no upper guide.
I see in photos way hidden some have an upper guide for different duty sewing.

Several other 41 machines have different guides although all these mentioned are same castings/ machines in my eyes.
Anyway today I had the opportunity to view a manual and at this time only looked for this discussed here in my post, photos of guides and thread routing.

I found I needed to purchase through trials the large square guide in say center position on the
 Juki 1508nh model, this was not only the issue in the 41 series but was a required part in guiding the thread. It is difficult as the part is only listed for the 1510 that I could find online parts manuals.

I only run 92size in both coats ultradee and solarfix 2000, I found I had breakage in and from the guide area. And of course I seen this right away just like tv 30minutes bada boom! all fixed and moving forward.
My manuals are not as upfront in this particular photo as needed like in the below link, thumbs up!
Anyway I had 2/3rds more issues with the poly but still the same. All the 41 came with the upper guide but 2 the center guide was different, its small and shallow. Fwiw the non safety clutch model came with the works!, still the routing is a needed key.
Not knowing in the beginning where this was starting it was a process and discovery, I felt like a making movie but all the awards for the year had been given out so moving on as we do.

So in this nutshell the thread was looping in the guide area catching on the tension knob "BING" that's that 190 hittin the side, so now stitchin ahead with thread directly going left from take up spring through guide then up to next guide towards lever and returning from the lever straight down through new center guides sized proper to the small lowest spring loaded guide.

pg 5 illustration 11, 13

good days to ya

General Discussion / Snap Studs
« on: July 26, 2016, 08:57:42 PM »
Hi everyone I have a picky question for Install time standards, The issue is snap (studs) on the decks of boats or parts of the vessel.
I'm sure somewhere it is mentioned and I know there are some of the same parts pieces in upholstery, but I might need a here's your sign maybe or an arrow anyway.
Or an explanation of way back when who decided to put that time allotment " where "?
The usual place I keep for reference is on the table and is the marine fabricators magazine, and hold dear the first of the years issue with time standards.
I find many many things of canvas, and extra structure like tubing etc. but no such time on the install of OMG all the new or uh! old fastener stuff on the boat decks etc..
can ya help a fella out

please no double signs, as I do have one feeling ?  I think : )


General Discussion / Videos
« on: June 22, 2016, 08:44:11 AM »
Good morning!

Do many of you make videos with your phones, for all the usual reasons like you can.

I see so many with different formats. It was just you tube for awhile then several others came up using you tube, so it seems pretty cool that it does support other formats so we can view some neat stuff.

I enjoy the ability and have picked up all kinds of useful information, even though not making any I am starting to understand it is not at all easy and seriously not quick editing for a good show!

Just curious
Good day


General Discussion / Classifieds
« on: June 17, 2016, 10:10:57 AM »
I have a question for you all; what is your opinion or general thoughts with the use of appointments and estimates in a classified advertisement.
This can be expanded to business cards also if anyone cares to bring that up and is appreciated.

So for starters is appointment best in full or is using the abbreviated; appt. ok.
example  appt. & estimates

More importantly have you found use of this to be a benefit or anything measurable.

Considering some clingers and ringers beyond the read.

Good day there

General Discussion / Cutting Sufaces
« on: June 11, 2016, 09:42:42 AM »
Good morning!

Do you all use some of the cutting mats available and are they pliable enough to flatten quickly from a rolled storage or best left flat.


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