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General Discussion / Re: Bimini Help
« on: April 25, 2017, 08:29:25 PM »
If you meen threads (strings) they are taken care of by a hot knife instead of scissors when cutting the fabric. It melts the cut so it wont fray.

Yup, that was what I meant.  I'll store that for future reference.



General Discussion / Re: Bimini Help
« on: April 25, 2017, 05:34:10 PM »
I went to see the bimini yesterday.  Didn't take my camera as Jerry had mentioned a problem and I didn't know if it was something that would affect the picture. 

There were a couple pieces of velcro that I needed to add.  They weren't on the originals so I didn't know.  I use the stick on kind.  Got it placed correctly and then pinned it down to make sure that it didn't fall off during transportation back to my shop.  One zipper had come loose (about an inch or so) and one zipper needed to be moved about an inch as it was hard to get it zipped.  There are two zippers, one on each side of the seam and the hardware was kind of butting when everything is zipped over the bows and in place.  No problem, took care of all those items this morning.

The big issue was that there were a few "strings" from my center seam.  I sewed exactly as the original was and it had a few strings as well but they didn't notice.  How do ya'll keep from getting strings.  I'm using fray block on the edges (after trimming).



General Discussion / Re: Little White Lies
« on: April 25, 2017, 05:29:08 PM »
My customers are always amused by Missy & Joe.  I'm upfront about my dogs having the run of my shop/studio and make no apologies about it.  No one has ever taken issue with it.

When we still had our two cats, a customer noticed the pet door that went back to the utility room.  Cats food dishes and litter boxes were in the utility room.  I explained that we had 2 cats.  She said she was amazed as she not only did not smell "dog", she could not detect even a trace of cats and/or litter box smell.  I was quite pleased. 

I always give everything a good once over before turning it over to the customers.  I told one lady that I didn't care if her item came in with her dog/cat/whatever hairs on it but I didn't want it leaving with my animals' fur all over it. 

Animal hair/smell has not been an issue for me.


General Discussion / Re: Bimini Help
« on: April 13, 2017, 03:10:58 PM »
Good for you. Did you take any pictures to share with us?
  I'm going to go out to their house, once he gets the bimini installed, and I'll take pictures then.  Then I'll post them.


General Discussion / Re: Bimini Help
« on: April 12, 2017, 04:06:35 PM »
The bimini went to its new home yesterday afternoon.  Customer was very pleased.    Now I am working full time on getting the matching recliners finished for my in-laws.  Then the 2 restaurants waiting for new booths/chairs.


General Discussion / Re: How's business?
« on: April 12, 2017, 04:03:05 PM »
Very busy.  Usually I'm much slower Jan-Mar and I had zero down time this winter.  One long time alteration person retired end of the year and I've picked up quite a few of her customers.  Lucked into several upholstery projects and that mean's I'm very busy.  I am definitely not complaining though!


General Discussion / Re: Bimini Help
« on: April 04, 2017, 04:00:27 PM »
I've had the small bimini piece done for several weeks, just waiting on my customer to come by and check it out.  Finally came by this afternoon and he grinned from ear to ear when he saw it and is now very excited for me to finish the larger piece (they zip together).

Larger piece has gone much faster as I made all my dumb mistakes on the first section.  Did a better job labeling, pieces, etc., so sewing has gone much faster.  Have maybe 7 zipper halves left to sew plus the binding.  Have already cut binding and folded it so once all the zippers are in place, I'll whip the binding in place.  Told Jerry that, barring an unforeseen crisis, he can plan on picking it up next Monday.

Really love working with Tempotest.  It's been a dream, pretty much from start to finish.  Very easy to cut, fold and sew!


General Discussion / Re: Checking In
« on: March 30, 2017, 07:54:06 PM »
  I really enjoy boats and restaurants the most. 

Me too !


Somehow I don't think that we mean the same thing.  LOL!


General Discussion / Re: Checking In
« on: March 30, 2017, 07:18:05 PM »
The morale was, some times you pick the work and sometimes the work picks you.   I remembered that when I went into business for myself.
  LOL, that was quite good and so very true!

Met with the owner and manager of the restaurant this afternoon.  I am getting the job, also one of his other locations.  Hastings is about a 30 minute drive (I think as I haven't been there in ages).  I'm going to take a road trip to Hastings next week so I can get the lay of their shop, take pics, measurements, etc.   The Hastings shop is much smaller with 3 booths and then a lot of chairs.  I'll do both booths and chairs in Hastings.  Only doing booths in Grand Island as they just have a handful of chairs in the bar area and manager has a scheme she wants to try on her own.  If it doesn't work, then I'm sure I'll end up replacing her work as well. 

While we were waiting for the owner to arrive, one of their advertise reps came in.  One of those bouncy, personable people that is perfect for her job.  She waltzed up to me and inquired as to who I was.  I told her who I was and what I did and she got so excited because she has some outdoor furniture she wants to recover.  We exchanged cards, she is going to take pictures and email them to me.  If she doesn't have a ton of cushions, I'll try and squeeze them in on the weekends, once the bimini is finished.

Ar any rate, I don't think I'll have a shortage of work this summer.  This is the busiest I've been since the summer that I did The Upper Deck.  I know a couple of you guys have mentioned being pretty busy as well.  Is this an indicator or are we just exceptions?


General Discussion / Re: Checking In
« on: March 30, 2017, 07:16:09 AM »
I am struggling to find my niche, just wanted to add that business in booming around in here in general.
I just hope there isn't a bust waiting to happen..

I'm not sure that I have my niche.  Just try to work on projects that I know I can do a good job on and that I will enjoy working on.  I really enjoy boats and restaurants the most.  They are just not always in demand when I'm looking for work.


General Discussion / Re: Checking In
« on: March 30, 2017, 07:14:01 AM »
Hi Virginia, We've been busy too so its been a while since I've talked to you.

 With matching recliners I also like to cut them both out at the same time. But I refrain from stripping the second one so I can use it for reference.

Just a thought.   

Absolutely,  Second one will not be stripped until the first one has been reassembled.

Glad you are keeping busy as well.  Seems like most must be keeping busy as the board seems pretty quiet.

General Discussion / Re: Checking In
« on: March 25, 2017, 11:55:31 AM »
Glad you're well and doing so well. Sounds like you are just about where one likes to be work wise. I always wanted to have 4-6 weeks of income waiting.

What a difference a year can make.  This time last year, I was going stir crazy laying on the couch with a broken knee and wondering if Sew & Sew could survive it.  Things were a little lean for several months but with rehab I couldn't have done much more than I did.  Knee isn't perfect but I deal with it and gimp on about my business the days that Sir Arthur is letting me know he's around.

4-6 weeks of steady income is great.  I always have alterations come in but unless it is a prom dress or wedding dress, it is just a supplement to the upholstery.  Takes a lot of hems, zippers, etc to make what I can with an upholstery job.  I like the variety but I've known from the get go that this would need to be my bread and butter.  What was nice was finding out that I liked it and I'm reasonably good at it.

Bob's putting lunch on the table so I better get doing the boot scooting boogey!



General Discussion / Re: Chanelled inside and outside back
« on: March 25, 2017, 11:51:10 AM »
You and Bob always have a hot and a cot waiting here in the middle of the country. You'd be two days driving from the wet coast or you can fly direct to Brandon via Calgary with West-Jet.

Thanks!  So nice to know and we may just take you up on that one of these days!


General Discussion / Re: Chanelled inside and outside back
« on: March 24, 2017, 12:49:02 PM »
Very cool establishment.  When my ship comes in, I truly want to visit Canada.


General Discussion / Checking In
« on: March 24, 2017, 07:56:32 AM »
The days seem to go by in a whirlwind these days.

Still working on the bimini project; and, at the same time, I'm cutting and sewing on the oversize recliners for my BIL & SIL.  Prom season and my Bernina has been in the shop for over a month now so I've had to fall back on my 1993 purchased Singer.  It is still a fine machine and sews a nice stitch but just slower and I love a lot of the extras that came with my Bernina.

Bimini is coming along nicely.  It's a 2 piece bimini and the smaller section is complete, except for sewing the binding on raw edges.  You guys are right about the Tempotest.  I've found it a dream to work with.  My only complaint is with my work area.  Just a little cramped when handling a large amount of fabric but that's on my, not the Tempotest.  Section completed fits the bows nicely so crossing my fingers that the other half of the project goes as well.  If I keep on schedule, I'll finish up around the middle of April.  I've found, that for me, this goes best if I knock out one thing at a time (cut a large piece, sew one of the zippers that runs the length of the fabric, etc.).  Customer wants it by Memorial Day so is thrilled about my timeline. 

Recliners are also coming along nicely.  Even with BIL's Son-in-Law tearing the sections apart, I was still amazed at how much tear out was left.  I uncover a piece of fabric, only to find another piece with a zillion staples.  Basically done tearing out and have been cutting and cutting and cutting.  Made sense to me to cut for both chairs at the same time.  So once I get into the swing of sewing, things should go quickly.  Started sewing welting yesterday.  I was thrilled, during the tear out, when I discovered that the gathers on the arm pieces are elastic sewn around the fabric. 

I was kind of hoping for a breather after these two project but last week, I received a phone call from a local restaurant asking about reupholstering their booths.  I went over Friday for a look-see.  They have 2 two-toppers, 11 four-toppers and 6 eight-toppers, as well as four pieces in their waiting/overflow area.  I made by bid on Tuesday and it has been verbally accepted.  They have gone to the owners of the property asking them for some assistance -- in return, the restaurant owner will sign a 5-year lease.  Seems like a pretty good deal for both to me.  This is one of those deals that I will have all pieces sewn and ready to install and will charge in on the day the restaurant is closed and do a complete tear-out and install that day.  I asked if they were providing tear out help or if I needed to hire a crew and the manager and several of the wait staff will be there with bells on that day.  It will be a long day but do-able.  Darren will be proud of me though as this is the first restaurant that I charged a good price for.   May not be up where the guys doing this for 30 years are at but substantially more than I've ever charged for anything.  I'm very confident in the finished product that I will be giving the customer (thanks to the feedback I received from my Upper Deck project), so I knew I needed to charge an amount that let them know that.  Manager has been to The Upper Deck and restaurant owner was thrilled that I'm restaurant experienced.  His only issue was starting time.  He's itching to start this "right now".  First of all, not many upholsterers are just sitting around waiting for a project and I know some of my competitors locally have wait times from 6 months to a year out.  I explained that I'm in the middle of 2 projects that have to be out of my shop before I can start anything new and told them 2 months before I can start.  I'm hoping that it will be 6 weeks or less but thought it best to give myself some fudge-factor.

Other than that, life goes on.  Missy and Joe are maturing.  Joe's middle section is thickening as he turns into a mature dog.  Missy's may be as well but only because she loves her food.  She's still crazy energetic.  I figure another year at least for her to start chilling.

Bob and I are both doing well.  We have both added a few pounds and some more gray hairs but that's how the game goes.  Hope everyone else is well and keeping busy.


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