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March 19, 2018, 11:11:56 PM
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I hear you 65 on the bar stools.

A lot of the sofa/chairs leave the factory and arrive to the retailer to get the small legs installed.

Then, depending on the customer's home, the legs are likely removed to get the furniture in doors, to
also negotiate stairs.  That is a job not for me!  This new furniture is heavy and big!

Anyway, service shops like us do get calls - "come fix legs".


8 months old, dogs are definitely on the list!

Also, heavy people.

Oh!  Almost forgot, a lot of cat claw damage is seen.  Their sharp claws do chain stitching no good.

It all helps pay the bills - for the repair man.

Stay tuned, it may change someday!


One key word - lacquer

Therefore, basically did what Steve said, wash coat with some lacquer touch up.

I did do the 0000 steel wool process, helped clean it up.

Two coats of clear like Steve said.

After about an hour, left it to dry.

Thanks all,


The Business Of Upholstery / This would be a "wood finish question"?
« on: March 18, 2018, 05:20:54 PM »
Customer has a large cedar chest that belonged to her mother and wants to keep it.
But it needs a touch up, outside around the top of the lid.  Interior is like new.

Question is:  What can be done to the exterior to correct for a few light scratches on or around the lid?
I guess, due to overtime, it doesn't spark anymore - could just be body oils or?

Don't want to modify the color (red like cedar is).

What could be rubbed across the surface to just make it look more consistent?

Any ideas?


I can't get anything done for fixing the new foreign made furniture(legs or shipping damage)l
Today, yes on Saturday, I went mobile and fixed three new sofa pieces of furniture - just delivered.
The jobs were usually a leg installation could not be accomplished.

The type of work that requires removing local upholstery to get inside where the leg retainer is -or was,
because it isn't there anymore.  Man! trying to install replacements in those areas is tough - hardly any
room a the finished upholstery stage.

Not sure what is causing it but seeing a significant amount of this!  Usually, it is quicker to take the tool
box on sight and fix it than picking up the piece.

This, pet damage, and human damage is changing the reupholstery business!

To take off and do it on site isn't cheap either! - the leg issues is the main point. 

This business is really changing!

Why all these leg problems???

I suppose others are experiencing this?


The Business Of Upholstery / Furniture Upholstery Supplies - Cost?
« on: March 17, 2018, 08:20:10 AM »
Just a quick Question:

Regarding furniture supplies  ---  Are your prices going up?

I sense that mine have gone up a buck or two per yard.

Is this a trend?  This is in regards mostly to medium and higher cloth. 


The Business Of Upholstery / Repairing furniture pet damage
« on: March 17, 2018, 08:15:38 AM »
Pet Damage Business

Are our business owners doing much of this?  There has been an increase in that type of
business lately and question if it is the same for other shops?

Mine is related to mostly newer furniture.  These repairs aren't cheap!

Another Question:

This business often entails matching bonded leather - any problem in matching the (China stuff?).

Some come with apprehension regarding the fix cost.


Restoring the finish to the Oak Spindles:

Thanks Steve, sounds very effective.

I wrote it all down to get the materials and make the spindles look nice.

Again, thanks a bunch Steve.


Yes, to the color on the spindles is wearing off.

Nice chairs, really could use the color restored.

Thanks for your reply Steve.


The Business Of Upholstery / Re: Declining
« on: March 10, 2018, 09:41:34 AM »
Yes, to all reasons stated.

Another is some are only looking at price, not quality.

Commercial space, high quality materials, and good marketing!

The market, much don't have a clue about the work requirements.  Market to the where the money is,
those are a lot less to worry about a few bucks and will not compare you to the Asian imported new

Going forward, shops will have to be smarter, the younger people are more "new" oriented".

I stay busy!!


General Discussion / Re: Oil on the bottom of my material - help
« on: March 10, 2018, 09:26:25 AM »

Understand the concern.  Gosh, the direction to go -- I guess from the beginning?

Check oil wt.  (I doubt it being this - you know the correct wt).

Does the quantity of oil seem excessive else where?  How is oil delivered - plastic hose(s)?

You have checked for delivery volume adjustments (there wouldn't be any would there - that would
likely be an engineering function).

I guess the bottom line is - it is in the auto- oiler somewhere, pump volume and/or possibly delivery
calibration (hose alignment).

Let us know.

I am assuming this is on an automatic oiler equipped machine? 

At a recent home show, got to meet another attendant who was building a new home, she commented
that the new home was just been recently completed and she was going to spend $100,000 on
interior furnishing!  Well, I got some of it!

Marketing does take on differences, depends on who has money.


General Discussion / Re: Side Board
« on: February 25, 2018, 09:46:26 PM »
It is intuitive obvious to the most casual observer that this man not only knows what he is doing
but understands it.

Great job Steve, you have a talent that would be difficult to duplicate.

Thanks for sharing,


I commented that "many" do not want COM.

The bottom line to this issue is how you market and to whom.  The discount materials are cheaper for
a reason -- fabrics simply are not the best and some do not want it in their homes.

Educate the customer in your marketing, many will appreciate the professional advice.
There are fewer people doing what we do, it isn't hard to attract upscale customers, especially those
with expensive homes, cars, and nice boats.

I just finished rebuilding an expensive German car seat w/air bag.  The skill to do this is scarce even
in a bigger city.

Some of my customers do not ask for a price, some do.

Young people are not doing what we do, there is no keyboard attached! You have a skill in demand,
Market it! 



I appreciate your recommendation on repairing wood with yellow glue.  I buy three tubes at a time
and they last a short while. The older furniture and the brand new stuff both respond well when using
that glue.

Now, I need to review a post you made on "finishing" that talked about two liquids you use - it was
a toner and a shellac. I will keep reading to find your professional points.

I have a Windsor wood kitchen chair (a number of them) that needs your assistance. Basically touch
is all that is required, a couple of the chairs the inside backs look like the person's belt wore off the
finish(that is the kind of requirement, it is.  Chairs are fine- Windsor backs and vertical rungs in the back.
Wood is fine, I just could use a step by step instruction on touching up.  Hope I can find your related post.

Does the liquid containers give a lot of "how to" when using their products?

Thanks for your professional help. I see my problem as doing what ever to get the wood to take the
stain (belt wear I listed above) and touch up from there.  The major part of the oak chair is fine.


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