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General Discussion / ProTec 2000 13 oz BLACK
« on: February 23, 2012, 07:50:03 PM »
   seems the manufacture has quit making the black and I need to finish a couple projects.. I use it for backing on zippers and the flat matt finish looks great on the Black Sunbrella Supreme ..
   I called tri vantage and it seems its not being made anymore..
 I'm looking for the 13 oz but will be happy if I can find any weight..
   Has anyone got part of a roll kicking around they will part with??

I've also checked a number of places on line and cant find it..

General Discussion / Million dollar Idea
« on: February 17, 2012, 02:39:14 PM »
   I was told once that if you wanted to make a million dollars, start with a product that only cost a dime to produce and sells for a dollar and is habbit forming.........
    So has anyone ever concidered a universal "COFFEE CUP HOLDER" for a sewing machine??????

General Discussion / Re: marine vinyl flooring
« on: February 11, 2012, 11:29:27 AM »
  I didnt get a chance to inspect the boat really good, did a few measurements and they mentioned new flooring..
  As I looked up over the side(it was on a trailer)  I saw the vinyl peeling up where it was worn throu.. It was grey in color with a black design of some what..  being they are never barefoot, I'm not worried about the roughness..
  I'll order a couple samples and send it up to the sheriffs dept for approval..

General Discussion / Re: opinions from marine pros on dodger idea
« on: February 11, 2012, 11:23:35 AM »
  Comming from a sailing person, as we live aboard our FIRST 42 Beneteau..
You want to give the customer what he wants, and if the dodger is just for a Sun Shade, there isnt much reason to attach it to the deck but if the boats dodger is used as a Spray Hood, you want it tight to the top of the boat and all zipper ends hidden up under the flap ..
 as I sun shade, it just has to look good but as a Spray Hood where the boat might take a wave over the deck, will it keep ALL the water off the people huddled in behind it in storm conditions..
  Your idea is a good one but will it do its job, and look well on the boat..


General Discussion / marine vinyl flooring
« on: February 10, 2012, 12:36:44 PM »
  got a couple Sheriffs river boats comming in for new canvas and flooring.. the flooring is marine ply with a thin sheet of vinyl glued to it.. the builder is out of production..
has anyone found a sorce??

General Discussion / Re: Growing pains
« on: February 10, 2012, 10:53:09 AM »
Just about everything that can be said regarding this topic has been said.

If you don't mind sharing, how did the canvas guy take it?

 I kinda figured I'd leave that one alone until someone asked..
A couple things odd have happened over the last week to make our minds up..
 a week or so ago he was sent out to install a cockpit cover on a boat.. took a couple hours at the end of the day and because he was using his own truck and doing it on the way home, I gave him cash for gas and sent him on his way.. it wasnt until monday morning (a week later) after the customer got the bill that I got a call about the cover..  the cover had never been installed.. and was still in his truck.
 Monday morning  I went out to inspect the inclosure he was working on, and found areas where he had set a snap and later pulled the snap and put it in  a half inch off leaving a hole in the material.. dont know what he was thinking but was unacceptable..
  I came back to the shop and opened his work box and found a box ov 1000 snaps both male and female along with a fe bags of other items pulled from our inventory..
 Now back to your question,
  he walked in on tuestay morning, both my wife and I were at our desks having coffee and I told him that I was sorry but we had made the decision to let him go..
 Odd thing, he smiled said OK,  walked over , picked up his stuff and walked out the door..  no questions, no "I'm sorry", nothing..
 Later that day the wife informed me that he owed us almost 800 in advances he had made.. dont think I'll ever see that money again..

General Discussion / Re: Growing pains
« on: February 09, 2012, 11:09:31 AM »
  The bad part about it , and I did let him go, as well as the couple doing our upholstery,
The next person will pay for the last ones falts..  He or She will have to EARN their stripes,  and i've had many come throu saying they are qualified to do the work only to find out they do shaddy work..
  I do need help but the next person wont be a canves person, only a helper and we'll start him or her out sweeping floors and cutting material.. and at minamum wage..
  We'll farm out our upholstery work if need be.
  and my Son came in yesterday and said something profound-- he said while looking for an employee just remember, "you're fishing from a pond of unemployed people"..  Think about it.

   Even thou this thread was started as somewhat of a "Rant" it has shown a difference between employer and employee, what they think and what is expected..  Thanks

General Discussion / Re: Growing pains
« on: February 06, 2012, 01:16:46 PM »
   After this past weekend, we've decided to let him go after we can find a replacement..
   We came in on saturday, after a sailboat race with the yacht club, he thought we'd be gone for the weekend..
    He Had his daughter, and his dad working on projects at my machines, and the good part..
    The projects were NOT from our shop...............

General Discussion / Re: Growing pains
« on: February 04, 2012, 08:39:23 PM »
   Think I  might have solved the problem, or dumped a bigger can of worms on the pile....
    The wife and I have been going around about this for a few days now without any solution between us but have come up with something that might work..
    But befor that I must tell you that I had a nice calm talk with him, about the corrections that needed to be done on an inclosure and then softly told him that the business was mine, had run good befor he came along and was opperating according to a business plan and even thou I apreciated his input, the business would stay the same...
    Boy did that go over good... He copped an attitude after I told him we had worked to hard for the business to fail and we've put our life into it to make it work.. he mouthed of a couple things and went to work again..
   Later on I walked in and found him setting behind the sewing machine doing nothing , and he said he wasnt going to go any further until I Ok-ed the top I had found problems on..  so he's using the isues against me, so now i have to go out and inspect every little thing at his request ..
   He's now taking me away from my work..
But I found a solution... I talked it over with my wife and now made her manager of the shop.. Shes a business major and knows her stuff.. she can deal with his attitude and I can go back to doing what I like to do, building custom work..
Problem solved......................

General Discussion / Re: Growing pains
« on: February 04, 2012, 09:46:37 AM »
   A little more info......
  as I said, my reason for bringing someone in was to able me to somewhat retire from the hard action work done from day to day..
   As a shop owner and many will agree, you dont make alot of money, even thou it looks like it.. overhead eats up a major part, from insurance, workers comp, phones, and the lease on the building..
   My goal is to go back to the custom work that made our business in the first place and leave the production work to someone else..

   So we break from our norm and hire someone.. actually we've gone throu 10 to 15 people over the last couple of years.. our work and reputation is the best around and so is the pay..
    My canvas Guy makes 35 dollars an hour and full medical..
 I'm a bit anel about the work leaving the shop so you better be showing me the best you can do and giving me 110% when you walk throu the door..
   My issues are NOT with the work he is doing.. Its with his attitude.. There isnt anything I'm doing around the shop that he has'nt done better,  faster, or more effective than I..
  a good example,
 More times than I can count, he's brought up the idea of stocking rolls of fabric and remodeling the shop to handle the stock.. and each time, I say thats not the way we do things around here..
 and my reasoning which I.ve explained was that all our fabric is only one day away, from TriVantage, and no stock is needed.
 so he comes back and says that if a quick job comes in, the fabric is at hand and he can knock it out and make some good funds..
   so in my mind and with business sence, I'm thinking we've got 10k in fabric stock in different colors for the breff chance that someone will come in and want something done that day..I dont think so..
so I'm walking a fine line, as I dont want to mouth off to the guy and say that If I ran my business like he did, we'd go under, and because I've not only been able to survive this economy but I've been able to grow while others have closed their doors, I must be dooing something right..
  Another example,
 He came in earlier this week and said he was taking Saturday morning off to go bid on a fleet of houseboats over 100 miles away.. I told him taking off was fine and I wished him luck in getting the job done.. as he was,nt going to bring the work in here..
 He acted pushed out of shape but experance has shown me that fleet work has to be bid at the closest margin and one screwup where you have to return to the job and you,ve lost your tail.. and besides that, we are in an up scale marina, charging hight price for custom work, with over 3000 boats within a 3 mile area, 4oo in ourr marina just across the parking lot so there is no reason to leave and drive 100 miles away.. and besides, its the start of the year and we're already booking jobs 3 mounths out.. we dont need a fleet of houseboats..
  So again, I in an uncomfortable position because I have to explain to an employee that I run a sucessfull business and dont need him to take any more part than to set behind the machine and do what I hired him to do..
  Sorry for the ramble.....  

General Discussion / Re: Growing pains
« on: February 03, 2012, 10:15:19 PM »
     I might be wrong but I think what Bobbin meant is if she were the employee she would be looking for the door.

As for myself as soon as I felt that the boss thought I was a piece of meat to be paid for my work and nothing more I would find that door quickly.

  and as an employee, why would you expect anything more than a good wage for the work you do.. and only that.. This guy dosent need to know how I run my business..

General Discussion / Re: Growing pains
« on: February 03, 2012, 09:29:36 PM »
Define the parameters of the "hill you want to die on". 

You're still "all about" how "right" you are.  But you haven't bothered to share your "rules" with the rest of the crew.  Smarten up, dummy!

I was polite the first time around.  If it isn't working,  the odds are your ability to "take it in" is slim to virtually nil.  If you're unable to move up a notch professionally, it's OK.  But be honest with your emloyee(s) and continue on with what works for you.

I'd be looking for the door, personally.

  No I dont think so.........I'm the one with the degree in business, I.m also the one that started this business and its my work that has built it to the point to where it is now..
he is an employee, nothing more and nothing less, he didnt build this business, work 12 to 14 hours a day for years  to make it work or put in the workmanship or detail to make it work..
  and your coment has made me realize he is a piece of meat to be paid for his work and nothing more..
Thanks Bobbin

General Discussion / Re: Growing pains
« on: February 03, 2012, 04:59:55 PM »
   I think its just getting used to new ways.. and boy do I have to watch my mouth..
   I'm just about to turn my 60th birthday so things arnt as easy to climb all a boat doing the marking and such..
   Our long term goal..
 Is to have the shop running on its own merit, to pay its own bills so the overhead is paid as well as the berth where we keep our 45footer.. In this way, when we retire, we will always be able to come into the shop and work on some small job and make the funds free and clear of overhead..
  and just had to hold my mouth again..
 Our Canvas guy , as good as he is, has an attidude where he always knows better or more than I and keeps telling me so.. well that could be true but he had his own business and failed.. where ours has grown.. and whenever he spouts off of doing something better or running the business like he ran his, I almost, and say almost, want to ask him if thats the reason he is still in business.....But I hold back, let him spout off,  as I.m making about 3 to 4k off him each month..
  Do I cut off my nose to spite my face............

General Discussion / Growing pains
« on: February 02, 2012, 10:47:47 AM »
  We're finding something odd happening around our shop and not sure how to handle it...
   For years , its been my wife and I and kept it that way for control purpose of quality..
   Well, our quality business has created a landfall of customers and a good size backlog of work..  started with adding another Canvas guy and he is god sent.. with over 15 years experance, I can turn him lose and the job gets done..
  add another to run the quilt room and all is well there but recently we added a couple doing upholstery work..
   and our business has turned from a small personal shop to a business.. and little things are bugging me, like someone making coffee at 3 in the afternoon, or going through my tool box for a speciality wrinch..  or something as simple as rearanging the incoming fabric..
   I feel like my space has been invaded and I'm really uncomfortable about it..

At times I feel like yelling at someone for crossing boundries but being the business is growing, I myself dont know where those boundries are anymore.....

General Discussion / Re: OMG
« on: January 22, 2012, 01:44:03 PM »
   And sometimes you jusy gota laugh...
 A little thread drift here but thought you'd injoy it...
   Had a issue one Monday..
 Couldnt cash my paycheck because I didnt have a horn on my VW buss.....................
   Went back to Fort Worth to help my Dad get his business off the ground.  Recieved a check for a project I did, went to the bank on Monday to cash it..
    Bank said no and I needed a Texas ID instead of California to cash it or to open an account...
IDs and Drivers Licences are issued from the dept of safety in Texas..
    They said I couldnt get a ID or Licences without a Auto in my name..
Tried to transfer the title of my VW Buss to Texas but was told I had to have a Safety inspection on the Buss..
    Durring the inspection, the inspector asked me to honk the horn, so I stuck my head out the window and yelled "HONK".. The buss failed the test..
    Started at 8 am and it was now 4.30.. spent the whole monday chasing my tail..
So Sometimes, you just gota Laugh!

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