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General Discussion / Outdoor cushions
« on: April 20, 2014, 02:06:12 PM »
I've done a lot of them over the years. But not as many as you might think. Usually a few sets every spring. Then a few more trickle in during the summer.

Since most people buy cheap patio sets at Wally World, they fall over backwards when I quote them a price that greatly exceeds what they paid for them originally. Most of the time, they opt to just sit their old set out by the curb (table, chairs, umbrella, and all) and buy new.

This spring has been different though. I've already done about 20 large patio cushion jobs, and several more smaller ones. It's really been a Godsend, since I injured my finger a couple of weeks ago, and am really not ready to start toting big sofas again yet. I still can't do much of anything that requires a firm grasp with my left hand (no jokes, Chris  ;)).

I wonder if people are finally starting to realize that the cheap patio sets are usually only good for 1 season? It may be a sign of improving economic times when customers start spending a little more for better long-term service.

General Discussion / Pfriday Pfunny
« on: April 18, 2014, 01:35:27 PM »
A drunk runs up to a police officer and says "Someone stole my car!".

The policeman asks "Where was it the last time you saw it?"

The drunk pulls out his keys, and says "It was right here.....on the end of this key".

The cop rolls his eyes, and says "OK, you'll have to go down to the station and fill out a report.......but first, you better zip up your fly".

The drunk looks down at his open fly, and exclaims "Oh no! They stole my girlfriend too!" 

General Discussion / Had a bad day
« on: April 08, 2014, 08:02:07 PM »

4 hours at the ER. 9 stitches. All I did was stumble. I used my left pinkie to break my fall (I'm right handed). Any of you guys have a similar injury? If so, how bad did it slow you down at work?

General Discussion / Same ole' junk
« on: March 29, 2014, 10:52:01 AM »
A local furniture store that I do the repairs for recently told me that they are fed up with Ashley, so they've started buying from other manufacturers.

Here's their latest offering. This is part of the main vertical back support.

Call Home Depot......we need more wafer board!

General Discussion / Not much mail anymore
« on: March 12, 2014, 06:47:46 PM »
As I walked by the store next to mine (former office supply, closed 5 years ago), I noticed some mail through the glass door. It was my mail that had been stuck under the wrong door by mistake.

I called the post office. The postman came by and apologized. He said that he hasn't memorized this part of his route because he rarely delivers any mail to me.

It hadn't occurred to me, but he is right. I do so much online now, that I seldom get any mail. I pay all my suppliers online or by phone. And for whatever reason (I'm NOT complaining), I get very little junk mail. My utility bills come to my home address. And I really don't get all that much mail at home anymore either. Remember when the bank used to mail about 50 cancelled checks back to you every month?

Gone are the days when I would open the mailbox to find 5 or 6 of those "pre-approved" credit card offers. Is it because I'm no longer in their target-age demographic? Or is direct mail marketing just becoming a thing of the past?

Do you guys still get a fair amount of mail?

General Discussion / How long should restaurant booths last?
« on: February 14, 2014, 12:27:11 PM »
I have a customer that owns a local restaurant. For over 25 years, he brought me booth seats every month or two to recover. Up until 4 years ago, when he did a complete remodel, and bought all new booths.

Now 4 years later, all the vinyl seats are cracking. They are covered in Spirit Millennium Naugahyde, which is rated for restaurant applications. The owner feels that the vinyl should have lasted longer.

I think part of the problem is the harsh detergents they use to clean the booths. The owner SWEARS that they only use a mild soap and water. But I suspect that the employees throw whatever is handy into the soap bucket (bleach, degreaser, etc.).

But mild detergents or not, I'm not prepared to make him any promises. There are just too many unknown variables.

What kind of longevity are you guys seeing? And out of what vinyl brands?

General Discussion / Paying at a restaurant
« on: February 08, 2014, 12:09:36 PM »
I came from a small family, and they're all in the "Boneyard" now.

So when we get together at a restaurant with family, it's always my wife's side. I wanted the opinion of some of you guys because most of us come from the same basic economic scale. We all do the same type of work, and we have the same concept of the value of a dollar.

I can certainly pay for the meals of me, my wife, 2 daughters, son-in-law, and 2 grandsons. And since my wife's mom and dad are on a fixed income, I don't mind splitting the cost of their meal with my brother-in-law. But you start throwing in some nieces, nephews and cousins.......I draw the line.

It's not that I can't afford it. I'm just not willing to.

Do any of you guys ever feel this way when the check comes?

General Discussion / Charts and graphs
« on: January 26, 2014, 03:25:28 PM »
Nothing illustrates a point like a good ole' chart or graph.

Here's one I comprised from the stat page of this forum:

As you can see, activity took a nosedive in 2013.

Just wondering. Is it because fewer people are interested in this trade? Or is it because people are turning to other forms of social media?

It does sometimes seem like a handful of us are keeping this discussion board propped up.

General Discussion / How does your foam come to you?
« on: December 24, 2013, 04:20:22 PM »
Normally, I get my foam from a supply truck that delivers it UN-shrunk.

Today, I got some in that the client ordered herself. It came to me shrink-wrapped.

Damn! There must be 10 bucks worth of plastic wrapping here:

The Dacron was the same way. I'm not sure if all the wrinkles are going to pop out or not.

Do you guys get your foam/Dacron this way?

The Business Of Upholstery / Noticing a change
« on: December 15, 2013, 01:55:22 PM »
A high percentage of my customers are over 50. Many of them well over 50.

This age group comprises most of my PU/Delivery business. The younger crowd brings their stuff in, and they pick it up.

One thing I've always enjoyed about the senior set........is they get up early. I can get my PU/Del's done first thing in the morning, and not kill the middle of the day. And it REALLY comes in handy in the summer, when the afternoon temps are brutal.

But I'm noticing more and more now, the elderly don't get up as early as they used to. They stay up late, and they sleep late. They're up past midnight chatting on FB.

They used to answer at 8:00 AM on the first ring. Now, they return my voicemail at around 10:30. And they request that I give them an hour to get dressed.

I kinda miss the days when you could see the elderly sitting on their front porch at 5:00 AM.
Now, they're just teenagers with money. But that's OK. As long as they have money, they're STILL my favorite demo ;)

General Discussion / What goes around comes around
« on: November 26, 2013, 02:23:46 PM »
I'm saving up for a new roof next year. In the meantime, I needed to patch a few areas.

I have to fully extend a 24 ft. ladder, and stand on the very top rung just to get on top of my roof.

The building next door is a 2-story with a huge window that opens right onto my roof. So naturally, I'd rather do that, than risk falling nearly 30 feet onto concrete.

The woman who owns the building next door said "NO!" She doesn't want anyone snooping around inside her building.

I'm thinking "OK, so that's how it's going to be".

The next day, I hear a loud thud on my roof. The woman is having her roof repaired, and the roofers are using MY roof to gain access to HER roof. They didn't even ask my permission.

I made them get off my roof immediately, and explained why.

They had to rent a crane at an additional cost of $1000 to complete her roof job.

Maybe she'll think before she says no next time.

General Discussion / I told a white lie
« on: November 23, 2013, 10:30:03 AM »
When I called a lady Thursday to tell her that her chair was ready, she said that she was very excited to see it, but was too busy to come get it right now. So she asked me if I could text her a photo of it.

I've played this game with her before, so this time I told her that my camera-phone isn't working. She came within a few hours to pick it up. Had I sent her a pic, it probably would've been a week or two before she came after it.

It isn't the first time that I've told a little fib when it behooves me.

Ever notice that when YOU tell a white lie.........it's just that........a harmless little fib. But when someone fibs to you.........it suddenly becomes a first degree felony.

General Discussion / My Kennedy connection
« on: November 19, 2013, 08:23:45 PM »
As you all are probably aware, the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination comes up in a few days.
The Dallas police officer that was also shot by Oswald that day was J.D. Tippit.
Here is at Marie Tippit at her husband's funeral, flanked by her 2 brothers:

That's officer Tippit in the inset photo.
The brother on her left was a Greenville police officer well on into the 80's.
He used to give me a police escort home every evening when I umpired baseball games in a rough part of town (there were people that took their youth league baseball VERY seriously).
He always made sure that I got home OK.

General Discussion / See.....not ALL my customers are cursed
« on: November 16, 2013, 08:28:42 PM »
Here's a local band that has been quite successful on the contemporary Christian scene for nearly 20 years. I've watched them grow up right here in Greenville, Tx. I've coached their kids in T-ball, and upholstered something for them every time the stork came (and he came a lot).

Here's one of their latest:

The Business Of Upholstery / Vinyl remnants
« on: November 12, 2013, 08:39:41 PM »
I've amassed a lot of remnants over the years, both cloth and vinyl.

Recently, I gathered all my vinyl remnant rolls, and placed them in my front store window. They've been steadily selling, 2 or 3 rolls a week.

Today, a man came in and ordered 70 vinyl bags to store American flags in. 44" X 25" with one end open. He pointed to the rolls in my window, and told me to make the bags out of them......mix any color.

Sweet. That'll just about use them all up. Wish I'd thought of it years ago.

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