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The "GREEN" Room! / Re: Boat project, first time upholstering
« on: May 19, 2011, 10:42:06 AM »
Once again I'm not a boat guy. Whats a boat wrap?

The "GREEN" Room! / Re: Boat project, first time upholstering
« on: May 18, 2011, 08:27:58 PM »
Looks like a good start. Take your time, have fun and you'll do all right. I'm not a boat guy but it's my understanding that in salt water use stainless steel staples.

The "GREEN" Room! / Re: The Filthy Oar
« on: May 18, 2011, 08:17:10 PM »
Georgian Bay. I'm going to look that up on the map. I bet It's beautiful up their.

General Discussion / Re: Fun with solicitors
« on: May 18, 2011, 08:06:24 PM »
C'mon Wena, just hit us with your spam and be done with it.

That,s the second time I saw you do that. Whats going on Sofadoc. You know something I don't.

General Discussion / Re: Injuries
« on: May 18, 2011, 08:01:58 PM »
Thanks for your well wishes all. She has a bean size sore on her nose and had a biopsy. came back cancerous. Were hoping its a simple operation.

Gene, as for the wax therapy. Her doctor let her borrow his hot wax tub and she loved it. Really made her tired sore hands feel better. She's going to get one.

General Discussion / Fun with solicitors
« on: May 18, 2011, 11:59:08 AM »
Whenever a solicitor calls me I like to end the conversation with, no thank you but do you need any reupholstery done. This is usually followed by a pause and when they say no I go for the hard sell and ask surely there's something in your house that needs to be redone, I have a beautiful line of fabrics and I have a list of outstanding references. When they say, but sir I live in Timbuktu, I say I guess I cant help you and hang up the phone.

General Discussion / Re: Injuries
« on: May 18, 2011, 08:25:38 AM »
I know the feeling Kathy. Usually you just work through the pain. There have been several times in my life where I've been out of work for several weeks but nothing so bad as to put me out of business.

I've got a friend who was in the construction business all his life. He got a disease similar to Parkensons. He gets medical disability (SS). Between that and his wife's job they do all right.

Over the years we've managed to put some money into a CD for emergency fund. We'll dip into that next week when my wife gets surgery for skin cancer.

There's nothing worse than laying on your back, sick with the flu, and thinking I promised those people their sofa would be done tomorrow.


Less measuring. Less cutting. Less stapling. Works for me.
The nice thing about doing it that way is on a stripe the lip lines up automatically.
Also works good when putting top welt on head boards.

General Discussion / Re: Bobbin winding
« on: May 17, 2011, 06:20:20 PM »
for thoose of you who wind bobbins as you sew do you just have the thread come Dow. A d wi d o. The bobbin anyole way till it clicks off? 

That's how I've always done it on machines with bobbin winders. I assume you have the little doohicky that puts tension on the thread. The thread will move back and fourth by it self.

The Business Of Upholstery / Re: Adopt A Nauga!
« on: May 17, 2011, 07:40:54 AM »
I think you will get a kick out of this thread
we had a lot of fun with this one. sofa doc cracks me up.

The Business Of Upholstery / Re: Adopt A Nauga!
« on: May 16, 2011, 08:58:41 PM »
Gotta get me one of those  ;D

General Discussion / Having fun with fabric
« on: May 16, 2011, 08:35:49 PM »
here's a link my wife found
she was having fun with it

The "GREEN" Room! / Re: The Filthy Oar
« on: May 15, 2011, 09:08:20 PM »
Outstanding Peppy. Give yourself a big old pat on the back from me. ;)

General Discussion / Re: The End Is Near!!!
« on: May 15, 2011, 08:42:12 PM »
That's true Mojo. My mom cry's about her grandson and his wife who cannot afford to buy a house. But its simply not true. He's a collage grad with a good job. Maybe he can't afford a $250k house yet but there are plenty of houses in the $80k range he could afford. I've seen them. Maybe not the best neighborhood but certainly not the worst.

General Discussion / Re: It's all coming back to me now
« on: May 15, 2011, 08:29:39 PM »
Here's another way of looking at it. When a designer try's to "squeeze" an extra dollar out of their subs aren't they shooting them self in the foot. As for me, next time I do work for them, Ill remember and add a little more to the estimate. Sure they might go some place else as in sofa docs case but like he said maybe it's best to pass on this type customer.

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