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 : Today at 08:54:30 PM 
Darren Henry - kodydog
My pot story.
A few years back I worked in a shop where some of the other workers enjoyed mind altering drugs. Mostly on their own time but sometimes not. Even the bosses son occasionally liked to take a toke or two on his way into work.

I was always the first to work every day. I opened the shop around 7:00 every morning and the rest of the employees would trickle in soon after. DJ, a 60 something hippy, would walk in just before the boss, around 9:30. Always with a big smile on her face.

One day DJ walked in with a big plate full of brownies. She admitted she added marijuana to it but said her boyfriend tried one and felt nothing. She offered them to the other upholsterer, the stripper and me.  I figured what the hell, I use to smoke a little when I was in my 20's, her boyfriend felt nothing and the most that could happen would be a little buzz to break up the monotony. So I ate one.

An hour went by and I felt nothing and figured they were a dud. A half hour later I started to feel it and thought, this is nice I can handle it. By 11:00 I was stoned.

I was working on a sofa and for most of the day I kept my head burred and out of sight of everyone else. My main concern was to keep from shooting a staple into my finger. Every once in a while I would look up to see how everybody else was fairing. They all seemed perfectly straight. I thought that was odd and wondered if DJ had played a trick on me. She hadn't eaten one of the brownies. I'm sure she thought the whole thing amusing. Paranoia set in. The workroom was eerily quiet

Around 12:30 Linda, the decorator walked into the work room for her afternoon snack. Linda is a lily white holy roller and always stopped to have a few words with me. I just smiled and shook my head.

At 2:00 I was at a point I needed to ask the boss a question about the sofa I was working on. The words coming out of my mouth were surreal and I was sure he thought me a fool. I got the answer I needed and headed back to the workroom.

I had never eaten pot before and didn't realize it was like a slow release antihistamine. This was lasting all day. At 3:00 I was still stoned and starting to worry how I was going to drive home. If anyone else felt like I did they wern't talking about it.

Finally around 4:00 I started to come down and by 5:00 I felt somewhat normal again. It was not an enjoyable experience.

The next morning I still was not sure if anyone else felt what I did. Everybody trickled in and Mike, the stripper asked If I felt anything. I said yeah, I caught a small buzz. Mike said he was f'n wasted. He ate two brownies. The other upholsterer admitted he was pretty stoned too. Then Mike said he told the bosses son we all ate brownies. I was like WHAT? He said its okay, the bosses son ate one too.

 : Today at 08:00:32 PM 
SteveA - 65Buick
Serging is fun. Threading is really not that big of a deal.
Why do you have it? Only time will tell.

 : Today at 07:46:15 PM 
SteveA - baileyuph
by the way, that Singer is strong as iron.  Years ago, it was the machine a lot of furniture used (the walking foot actually came out to meet auto and marine canvas workers).

There are many feet available for this machine.  Japan made a console copy of the Singer and
I have it.  There are fabrics that are too thin to run through a compound walking foot machine.

Lucky You!


 : Today at 07:41:41 PM 
SteveA - baileyuph
Have one?   Yes

Use it?   absolutely!  There are so many thin fabrics today and they FRAY!

Comment: You have a 4-spool

Mine is a 3-spool Baby Loc and very well made. 

Baby Loc now makes a 8 - spool with a long throat; Cost over $1600 because that is what the standard throat sold for.  The 8 spool is used for very decorative requirements (example - fancy quilting).

You have what the typical upholster would ever need.


 : Today at 05:56:18 PM 
SteveA - SteveA
Lucky estate sale purchase Saturday.  Don't know what I'll do with it - I can't make drapes or slip covers.  I'm dreading the learning curve but could not refuse the price with 10 rolls of thread. It was marked $ 50.00 and they sold it to me for $ 20.00 because there was no plug with it and I couldn't test it.  I took a chance.  My Wife went back to the sale the next day and found the plug with the foot petal - they didn't charge her.  Only one time I made arm covers and just made a 1/4 inch hem on the edge and it worked fine so not sure how I can incorporate this into the arsenal.
Do many of you use this kind of machine and if so please tell me some goods points why I have this -

 : Today at 04:13:29 PM 
Darren Henry - MinUph
I don't think we have a way as of yet either. My state Florida has legalized medical use. I don't fully understand the whole thing per legalities. I'm old school and just smoked it when i was younger.

 : Today at 03:48:54 PM 
Darren Henry - Darren Henry
Hi gang. Way outside the lines here, but you're the only group of 'Mericans I know and some of your states have legalized pot. Our second generation moron prime minister has decided to legalize marijuana.   I know some of your states have done the same. I have only 1 issue with that. How do your people assess and deem someone technically "under the influence" if they have smoked a bit of weed? If I have had a beer or two the cops take a road side breath analysis and if I fail we go the cop shop for a breathalyzer test. If i am over .08 I go to jail. How do you measure thc and what is the allowable limit in your state? My government has yet to provide clear direction on that.

 : Today at 02:53:42 PM 
Mojo - Mojo
Give Inmotion a try. They have good prices but they really shine with tech support. Use Wordpress and Bold Grid together to build your website. Inmotion also has a bunch plugin's like contact forms, photo sliders, etc. Find a template you like and start making it your own.

I did that entire website myself and let Inmotion do the coding in the backend to make it go live to the public. They never charge for tech support. I am not very good with technology but wordpress and bold grid made it much easier and gives you professional results. Check out youtube videos on boldgrid. That is what I liked about wordpress and boldgrid. There are tons of youtube tutorials.

I looked at other web hosting sites but didn't like their support and some of their web site building programs suck.
Wordpress and boldgrid while being easy to work with is very powerful.


 : Today at 01:47:47 PM 
gene - gene
Australian irreverence. A joke told by the former PM.



 : Today at 01:43:10 PM 
MinUph - gene
I've used Albany Foam many times in the past. This past December I used Ronco in CA because of folks on this forum talking it up. I've had great experiences with both. Shipping is probably less with Albany, but I don't know for sure.

From their online catalog:



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