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February 19, 2018, 08:13:09 PM
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 : Today at 09:33:57 AM 
MinUph - brmax
Good Morning!

 Its been a real pleasure hearing you all on the forum for several years. With the added benefit to share some start-up concerns and interest. This has been and quite frankly still seems to be a friend like conversation here. In my own surprised to make it 57 & 9/12ths years, am happy to be here!


 : Today at 09:31:52 AM 
MinUph - kodydog
Good to hear from you again John, Glad you're still with us Gerbo.

I don't know if any one else saw this post in the "How To Use This Forum" page.

dischafer wrote, "I started to write a post and needed to take an interruption.  How do you "save draft"  for later to finish post? This is the most different forum site I've ever been on....too early but so far I find it very user un-friendly & clumbsy.  However, I have only spent a few minutes with it so far."

At first I was offended by his statement but then I read it again and wondered if this may be another reason people don't hang around.

I'd like to ask Mojo or anyone else who belong to other forums, are they also dying since Facebook became most popular. Do other forums allow posted pictures and are they easier to use. Do they have an assortment of user friendly options.

I know Mojo once mentioned better available formats for forums. I wonder if this would help build this thing back up.

I once suggested to the administrator to ask the members how he could make the forum better. I'm not sure if he ever reads these posts but it seems that suggestion fell on deaf ears.

 : Today at 09:17:32 AM 
MinUph - Darren Henry
Good point Steve about encouraging more woodworking involvement. I'm not sure we need to have another page for it though considering the volume of posts lately.

I have always just taken it for granted that wood working and refinishing were part and parcel of the business. Where I apprenticed we made our own frames, touched up any show wood ( after seeing some of Steve's work I wouldn't call it refinishing),etc.. I know that isn't one's experience. I work with a guy who had 5 years experience back in Jamaica who only recovered chairs. His sewing needed improvement, his woodworking has come along way and he now will take on things like snowmobile and tractor seats. But that has taken almost 2 years LOL

 : Today at 08:55:12 AM 
baileyuph - baileyuph
No, I won't subscribe to the processed leather (bonded).  Some customers want some relief for their peeling problem.  Therefore, I first encourage them to go back to the vendor and try to order a replacement (part so to speak) and I do install them. 

I frequently get this kind of work, customer does the looking -- I do the installation.  The customer seems
to understand the price issue related but it gets them a little more use out of what they bought.   On the positive side, it does match and I have gotten good tearing down and replacing things. 

It pays the bills!


 : Today at 08:42:35 AM 
MinUph - Darren Henry
hang in there Suzi. there is life  on the other side of "the change". My soon to be ex has been better health and mental health wise than before.

 : Today at 08:42:10 AM 
SteveA - baileyuph
My bench customer admitted the bench was the first thing their dog jumped on, then the bed.  He
wanted to me to do something about the durability concern.  He was willing to spend the money on
the bench, he also added that he just paid a Vet almost 3K$$ for putting a plate in the dog's leg.

Maybe becoming a Vet is wise?

The bench I worked on (imported) was plywood frame, the only hardwood was the legs.  I had to remove/
replace those (cabriolet) and the best quality feature on the bench.

It turned out very nice, customer wants more work done (uph).

Yep, the wood working/refinishing would be an additive dimension to the interest of most.


 : Today at 08:28:41 AM 
MinUph - baileyuph
What Steve says!!!!!!

I have all the wood equipment mentioned and do use it.  There are occasions I wish to have more
knowledge of finishes, because there certainly is a lot needing it.  One aspect of this is, a spray booth is needed.  Aerosol canned products often help out for small amount of spraying.

Steve is right, wood and wood finishing are two closely related activities to furniture upholstery. 

Furniture wood working on the Asian made items is different.  I touch-up on smaller items when
it looks practical.  But never see much info even about their wood types or finishes.  Being limited
on their products, there is reluctance to jump more in that direction (i.e. dining room and larger chest,
that is).

Another case of changes in technology!

Good post Steve,


 : Today at 08:11:40 AM 
SteveA - SteveA
Doyle when you see these weaknesses on furniture purchased from Wayfair it's not surprising.  When the furniture is custom made and upholstered by a high end shop and they couldn't attach the straps in a way that would last more than one year it's sad.  I guess our trade will never have to worry about keeping busy,

 : Today at 08:06:59 AM 
MinUph - SteveA
It's nice to see participants back and chatter picking up :)
I don't know if this site is the problem with pictures or is the blame more on Photo-Bucket.  I dislike photo bucket,  because previously it was easier to post and now it's become more difficult.  I'm still using Photo Bucket until there is an easier way. 
What would it take to increase traffic here - yes old members back "GREAT"  could we consider recommending a new category or two to My Community.
How many here have washed down the top of a grimy D/R Chair crest rail and sprayed burnt umber followed by black fly specs and clear satin.  Or drilled out broken dowels, replaced wood rails, cut an inch off each of the four legs - retouched missing color from the tops of the arms on those pecan color French chairs ? Used a wood workers oscillating tool in a way not what it was designed for.  Made furniture from scratch - have band saws and table saws - altered your services to take on chair regluing, sheet caning - light finishing ?
This is an Upholstery Forum but woodworking and finish restoration is a big part of it.  Would a category including the other types of craftsmanship done on a daily basis possibly draw some finish and wood restoration folks ? 
There are companies here who have transitioned from wood working and are adding upholstery to their services and I'm sure the other way around.

 : Today at 07:43:20 AM 
baileyuph - SteveA
The scam goes - " leather everywhere you sit"  - my Son bought a sofa at Bob's ....the top of the cushions shredded in one year.  He called Bob's and they said there is nothing they can do - and that they don't carry that line anymore


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