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: 1975 Firebird Original Seat Upholstery  ( 2204 )

« : September 20, 2011, 07:49:53 AM »

Has anyone any experience with repoduction covers for this car and can evaluate their level of quality as close to the original in materials and color?

I have experience with covers produced for older GM Firebid and Camaro, that includes PUI to name one.  True or not, I am told that the covers for the 75 are not avalible from them.  

If I can't find a high quality reproduction, then we will make them.  Satisfactory roll goods have been located.  But, if such can be obtained in the aftermarket, high quality, then we will go the much more expensive route of fabricating.

It would be very beneficial to hear from someone with experience in dealing with the vendors that come up from a Google search, good or bad.

Regarding the roll goods, we understand that Original Auto Interiors has a very decent, close to original, match to the 1975 Firebird vinyls (swatches sent already).

This car requires a standard interior in saddle brown, GM grain of that era, madrid.

As a side note, any experience in fabricating the trapunto seam that is decorative around the face perimeter of the seats?  I have to do that with a single needle machine, the first pass is merely through the backing tape and the second incorporates the cord.  Very tedious to get it nice with parallel seams.

« : September 20, 2011, 08:04:32 AM DB »

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« #1 : September 21, 2011, 08:44:53 PM »

I just put some covers on a 80 camaro which same type of car and have done firebirds in the past in the 70's. I believe I got the firebird ones from classic industries and were of good quality. The camaro covers i just got were a PUI product from D&R classics out of chicago area.


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« #2 : November 04, 2011, 10:43:22 PM »

As far as looks like the original Legendary is as close as you can get. But I've restored several cars & have used factory made skins. They look great but if the car is to be driven they don't hold up. Ask me how I know. If it's a trailer queen & kept out of sunlight they aren't bad just don't sit on them much.
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It's a summer thing

« #3 : December 28, 2011, 10:16:59 PM »

Doyle. I'm also of the opinion that "pre mades" are for cost-savers and are not the best quality. I've had good and bad experiences with all of the companies mentioned.

Original material from SMS or OAI..... is that really necessary? I have DLT's Futura books, as well as Softside, Naugahyde, blah blah. Go aftermarket and match it up. I just put seat  faces on a 2002 Volvo. Went from leather to vinyl, and instead of going original, I just called up DLT and got their milled pebble Futura and it looks dead on to factory. And saved the customer a FORTUNE. The only time I ever recommend going through SMS or the other is if the car is one of a couple built, going into a museum (and even then you can fudge as long as it looks right), or is going to hit the Concourse Show Circuit. Beyond that, it's excess cost that could better be used to pay labor for you to build them yourself and make them snug, right and nice.

Sew what???

« #4 : January 15, 2012, 04:18:58 PM »

Been busy lately, this job has slipped a month.  But, I agree with the comments about premades, ok but not real strong.

I am going to take the comment seriously regarding DLT.  If the car was mine, I would take materials close as long as the quality is there.  But, I want the customer to make the decision.  Obvious reasons.

I have a machine foot to do the trapunto but it is maybe a sixteenth smaller than original.  That foot is for the Singer and knock-offs, so I will check my feet availability for the PFaff machines, it could be a little larger which would put it right on, the width I am referencing.

Thanks Russell.  Your right about the cost difference between OEM pretenders and general supplies.  It is about a factor of three or four times.

We will see which way the owner can be nudged.


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