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How to remove upholstery wrinkles (video)

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That was interesting. never heard of that technique before.

Thanks for posting. :)


Caution. I recently did a leather repair for a furniture store. The inside arm was badly scratched during shipping and it took forever to get the new arm with a sewn on front panel.

While I was replacing the new arm I had a heck of a time getting all the puckers out of the panel. So I took the steamer to it. The result was terrible. Some might call it orange peal others would call it blush. I called it a white haze. And I about crapped.

I'm thinking Auto leather may not have this problem. But the fix was a heavy dose of leather conditioner. Whew!

west coast:
I know the steam or hot towels works well on vinyl but never had much luck with trying it on leather. I have used the heat gun to soften and make the leather more pliable but only really liked the steam for doing the foam and getting it back to normal.

I agree with WestCoast...There is'nt much you can do about leather. If there is, please let me know. About 90% of my interior work is done in leather. I found out through the years, to eliminate wrinkles, you must start at the beginning with preplanning.
  I start out by making sure all adjasent panels that are sewn together, are from the same area of the hide. There is a more available stretch from the head to the tail, and less available stretch from the spine to the flanks. Not much but there is, because of what gravity did to the hide while the cow was alive.
 Never pull on one or the other pieces while they are sewn together. I use a map wheel to get my index marks to match on both pieces.
Concave areas of the seats are always subject to wrinkles. You could plan a seam there.
  Humidy also plays a role in leather. A panel that is covered tight while it was sewn in dry conditions will definitely loosen up as the humidy increases.
  Sometimes on rare occasions I mist the back of the leather with warm water them stretch the leather out before sewing.


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