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: Update on New Machine  ( 1420 )
YaBB God

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I'm Always In Trouble

« : June 13, 2013, 07:16:51 AM »

I am pulling the trigger today and ordering the twin needle. I researched them to death, about burnt up my calculator running numbers to justify the purchase and came to the conclusion that it would be a big time saver.

I have stretched my production out to the point I have no more time saving steps I can take. My price is topped out as well so in order to squeeze any more profits from my products the twin needle was the only answer.

My wife, finally in frustration said " buy the damn thing and get back to work. Your research and him-hawing around is driving me nuts and wasting valuable production time ".  Apparently I am OCD when buying something new. I did get several orders this week which will pay for the machine so I feel better. I just hate spending money I guess. :)

Bob and I spent several days discussing new machines and I talked with a couple other dealers as well. In the end I decided on a new Highlead GC20618-2.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t54EFTyZfos

I wanted the Consew 339 but couldn't justify the extra $ 800. During my research I discovered that the Highlead is made in China but interestingly it is designed in Japan by the Mitsubishi folks. Highlead makes the Mitsubushi machines for them in a business arrangement that dates back to 1993.

Here is a brief history on some of their machines. ( wished mine had the bobbin alarm. That is cool as heck.  ). :) Something else I learned in this video is that Johnson controls makes the auto interiors for BMW, Audi and Buick. I always thought they were an electronics company that specialized in specific control units for places like power plants, etc.. Strange combination - electronics and automotive seats.


I know there are several members here who have Highlead machines and all have reported good luck with them. Hopefully mine will be fine. I sent up some solarfix thread to Bob and he is setting the machine up for me and hopefully it will be up and running in my shop in a week or so. I am like a kid at Christmas time. I will need to buy new bobbins as the M's I have are smaller then the bobbins that this machine takes. I always thought M bobbins were the biggest. Must be the machine I bought was designed more for factory work since the bobbins are so large.

Anyways, am looking forward to getting the machine. I am using this new machine on my Chandler stand but had to buy a new table top as the opening for the Highlead is larger. The Chandler and table top will go on my portable stand that has casters and will become the welt/beading and center seam machine for toppers. The Juki 563 will be my wife's machine that she will use for vinyl products. She has formed a close bond with that machine......lol

YaBB God

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All types of upholstery.....except cars and boats.

« #1 : June 13, 2013, 08:41:34 AM »

Way to go, Chris. I'm sure that you'll have fun with that new machine (hell.....you might even get some work done).

That video that you linked is from Sunny Sewing in Dallas. That's the place that I've been bragging about recently. I went in there with a stupid look on my face, and money just bulging out of my pockets, all ready to buy a new Juki. He timed my old one for $65 while I waited, and talked me out of replacing it.
He said (about my 1508) "You couldn't damage it even if you tried".

I used to time my old 562 myself. But I was never happy with my timing job on my new(er) 1508.
Kinda like when I was a teen, I could do my own valve job on my old car. Now, I can't even find the hood release on these new ones :D.

Before Sunny timed it, I had trouble with thread breakage when using small needles. Now, it runs like a striped-ass ape.

Chris: I hope you can post some vids when you get the DN up and running.

"Perfection is the greatest enemy of profitability" - Mark Cuban
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Marine canvas & upholstery SWFL

« #2 : June 13, 2013, 06:24:54 PM »

our juiki takes U bobbins much loger lasting then my singer
g bobbins


« #3 : June 16, 2013, 04:48:15 PM »

Good on ya!! Chris

I am sure that once you get the hang of it you will wonder why it took so long to buy one


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« #4 : July 01, 2013, 03:02:36 PM »

How is the new machine? I would like to know about the bobbin capacity compared to the M bobbin and the over all fit and finish of Highlead.............. Ya a video, that would be swell.
YaBB God

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Marine canvas & upholstery SWFL

« #5 : July 03, 2013, 06:08:19 PM »

ya did you get it yet Chris

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