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: What fabrics sell for furniture?  ( 1189 )

« : February 22, 2015, 06:00:11 PM »

In recent years, more of the newer furniture where repairs have been involved, the fabrics used by manufactures show less variety in color and pattern. 

Tapestry is one type of fabric that have noted to be used very little. 

In short little variety in type -not much velvet, tapestry, chenilles, or traditional fabrics in general.  Plus, processed leather is mainly used in the non woven type and most of that type is in limited colors, dk brown or near black.

Haven't been in show rooms, so the question is this just about the extent of materials manufacturers are using?

I do see a few patterns but very few of florals and perhaps some geometrics.  Colors are usually solid, in a plain color or something garish.

Seems this has been the mode of furniture coverings, from my perspective.

Maybe I haven't seen the more expensive furniture to see classic materials used?

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Mainly furniture. Tarpon Springs Fl.

« #1 : February 22, 2015, 10:16:23 PM »

 I don't know what part of the country you from, and am too lazy to look lol. But it might be area specific. I do a lot of very colorful stuff here in florida. There isn't as much taps and velvets used it seems but they do come up once in awhile. I sold a tapestry job last week. I have a few tapestry books still. Furniture manufactures seem to use simple fabrics I think because they done have to be put on well. I don't think manufacturing is prone to hiring skilled tradesman any more. I'm old school and don't mind taking the time to do a proper job. The regurgitated leather is something I will not sell. I see at least one or two pieces of it a week from customers. It's all crap and peeling. I don't want to sell that kind of product but the factories don't mind.
  So anyway there is still call for good old fashioned fabrics as long as they are used properly.

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« #2 : February 22, 2015, 11:06:30 PM »

Most of the furniture stores around here sell "cookie cutter" pieces. Basic frames with only a few basic colors to choose from. Micro-fibers and chennilles in earthy tones.

So you would think that when customers decide to reupholster, they would opt for something different. But they usually don't. They go right back to the same practical, conservative fabrics.

They want fabric that is durable, and won't show dirt. Many of them just want the exact same fabric that they had before.

Occasionally, one will get so bold as to select a Chevron pattern, or Houndstooth. And a few abstract patterns from the COM crowd.

I still sell a fair amount of velvets and tapestries on antiques (provided they look EXACTLY like what was originally on the piece).

No originality whatsoever, which is supposed to be one of the main selling points for reupholstering. These are the same people that search for a familiar chain restaurant when they travel.

Maybe it's my fault for not steering them into making bolder choices. But I really don't have the energy for babysitting the customer anymore. I don't care what they pick, as long as they do it without me.

"Perfection is the greatest enemy of profitability" - Mark Cuban

« #3 : March 25, 2015, 07:41:52 PM »

Today, I sold material to do two traditional occasional chairs.  Customer dropped the two chairs off, picked the fabric, and went on their way.  

Here lately, sales have been made and fabric is ordered to learn - no longer available.

That happened lately again, today.  The fabric that was picked was the ONLY one in the book that "wasn't available".

So, I called the customer just about the time they returned home about the fabric issue.  They didn't get too bent out of shape, just got back in the car and started looking for fabric.  Didn't find anything, mainly because they are still looking for their first selection.  

They sure are a nice couple, hope they find what they will be happy with.  

Mean while a farmer 75 miles away droped in with his tractor seat for reupholstery.  He said remember me?  You did my truck seat and I liked it so well, your work is so good I had to come back.  This is the fourth item I have done for him.

I told  him if he would be in the area for about three hours, he could take it home today, and that is how it went.  BTW, he never asked about the price.

The tractor job had an interesting note, during tear down, I noticed the manufacturer label on the back side and it was British.  I knew the brand because of the British sport cars worked on in the past had used the vinyl.  When the customer came to pick the seat up, I asked if the tractor was build in Europe?  He said, yes and was surprised I noticed.  I told him about the evidence.  

As a side note, disassembly of the seat had to be figured out because manufacturing practices are different enough in different parts of the world.  The build was different, now I am savy to disassemble Massy Ferguson tractor seat equipment.  Over tme MF got bought out by the British and I can remember when it was an American company.

Good tractors back then.

In keeping with this thread, the farmer left the fabric selection up to me for his seat. No COM from the farmers.  Wink.

So goes part of the day.

« : March 26, 2015, 07:16:07 PM DB »
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