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: economy improving?  ( 2978 )

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« : August 03, 2010, 05:43:50 PM »

has anyone noticed any signs of the economy improving yet?  last year i thought it would improve this year, and this year i believe it'll be some time next year before any goodness shows up.
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All types of upholstery.....except cars and boats.

« #1 : August 03, 2010, 06:38:08 PM »

My business is going great, never really got slow (Don't everybody load up the U-Haul and move to my neck of the woods). Like a lot of small town businesses nowadays, there's more than enough for one, but there ain't enough for two.

"Perfection is the greatest enemy of profitability" - Mark Cuban
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« #2 : August 04, 2010, 04:26:55 AM »

This a great thread.  I think reputation and attention to detail speak volumes when the economy takes a down turn.  So does strict attention to overhead costs and debt management. 

Ihavenoname's comments about ramping up the marketting aspects of manageing a business, esp. with an on-line focus are especially helpful to me as I'm trying to put together a website that showcases my own skills and interests in what is effectively a very broad field.  I applaud your willingness to not give up and put your hindquarters to the coals, focussubg on making your business stronger.  Nothing is harder than getting up and "going to work" everyday, even when you're "working for free" or see no immediate benefit.  There's a great lesson there. 

In my area the downturn hasn't been as bad as it's been out west or in Florida, but many  people who made greedy or foolish decisions have taken big hits, as have those good people who lost jobs through "downsizing" and no real fault of their own.   
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« #3 : August 04, 2010, 07:47:57 AM »

Another way to ask the same question: So, how's that "hope and change" working for you?"

Yes, the economy is moving - down.

P&G announced yesterday a 5% lower profit this year than last year. That's really big economical news that you won't hear much of in the main stream media. When people are buying less toilet paper, toothpaste, and soap...

January 1, 2011 the tax increase on the middle class will hit and that will put another damper on any economic growth. Yes, there wasn't supposed to be a tax increase on the middle class, was there.

Democrats will be replaced by Republicans in the next election and I just don't think things will be that much difference.

Our national debt, without any economic benefits coming from it, is staggering.

You cannot have economic prosperity in a sot society, and that is where we are.

We will continue to have more national disasters that are not really disasters (where's all the oil in the gulf???) that continue to give the Federal Government more and more power over our lives.

Does anyone know, or care, that BP has given more money, before the oil spill, to Obama than any other entitiy?

I'm grateful that I have been very busy. I believe that I am busy because I provide a level of service and quality that is second to no one, and, my customers rely on that.

I predict that we will begin seeing many long time suppliers closing their doors before the end of this year.


« : August 04, 2010, 07:52:53 AM gene »

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All types of upholstery.....except cars and boats.

« #4 : August 04, 2010, 07:48:57 AM »

noname> I'm glad to hear about the upturn. I can't believe that you survived those $400 months (I would have aborted). Even when things slow down a little, I get nervous.
When the economy "bottomed out", I still had the same voulme of customers. They just didn't spend as much money. Now, business is as good as it ever was. And as a result of the economic downturn, more people now pay cash instead of credit cards (which is peachy by me). After reading your threads about websites a few months ago, I got a teenager to throw one together for me. All of those things that you said a website should be, mine is NONE of those. It's very amateurishly put together. I don't advertise it to the public. Yet, I get 3-4 good jobs a week from it.
If I got any more business from the website, I wouldn't be able to handle it. So for now, I don't plan to tweak it any time soon.

"Perfection is the greatest enemy of profitability" - Mark Cuban
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I'm Always In Trouble

« #5 : August 04, 2010, 11:23:01 AM »

The economy continues to struggle in my area. Our county has the second highest un-employment rate in the State. Foreclosures are still flooding in. Yet I am coming off one of my best winters since I started. Go figure. :)

The vast majority of my customers though are retired people with solid income ( pensions ) and while they hate spending money, they are also up in years and due to their stable financial picture are able to put money into their toys.

It will be interesting to see how business goes this fall. Hopefully my new shop and new machine will get a workout. :)

I still think we are two years away from seeing a full blown recovery.


« #6 : August 05, 2010, 03:16:55 AM »

In my area the economy is flat.  I live in a military town. Everything here is "instant". Fast food chains, discount furniture stores, high priced used cars, and 10 minute oil changes. Everybody wants custom work at cheaper than "Made in China" prices and they want it yesterday.  I did my 20 years in the Marines and I guess I was the same way when I was younger.  But, if you don't mind sewing a name tag on a uniform or a unit patch on a jacket you can survive.  I give it 2 more years and we will be back to whatever was normal.
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