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How to clean Weldwood Contact Cement From a Paint Spray Gun????

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I wanted to try using a cheap Harbor Freight spray gun to spray contact cement with, but I didn't have the Spray gun formula, which is thinner.

So, I went to Lowe's Home Improvement and bought a gallon of Weldwood.  It sprayed, but not very good.  It splattered more than sprayed.  So I ordered a gallon of the Weldwood Landau Top and Trim Spray Grade.

I wanted to try to thin what I had and try it before I removed it from the gun.  So I added some mineral spirits to my gun to thin it some.  When I poured it in, it just made a goopy ball of glue!  I cleaned out the cup REAL good to remove any leftover glue and am starting with fresh Landau glue.

Here's my question.  What can you use to clean/thin contact cement with?  What can I spray through the gun to clean it out, without running the risk of globbing up the inside of the gun?

Any suggestions?  Yes, this is a cheap gun, but I'd like to get my moneys worth out of it and would like to occasionally clean it.

Have you tried acetone or lacquer thinner ?

I would suggest Zylene as it will strip paint and anything else it touches,  but that stuff is nasty and is cancerous ( gene mutant ).

Being a firemen I am sure you know Zylene is also used by arsonists as one helluva accelerant.


I do not know but I know I am going to bite the bullet and buy one of these guns.  Watch the video.

I shoot Weldwood every day out of a paint gun without thinning. Just play around with the adjustments. For cleaning (which I have not done in years) use lacquer thinner.I should add that it takes some practice to learn how to "feather" the trigger to get a good pattern.

The very best way to clean it is to just take it apart and clean every nook & crany with laquer thinner.  Just spraying the thinner thru it won't throughly clean it.  Mine worked better than new after I put it back together.  Just my .02 worth. ;D



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