2" No-Sag Springs

No-Sag springs


Upholstery seat (9ga) or back (11ga) springs. Easy to install/replace. Cut with wire cutters and use spring end former tool to bend wire for clips.

Spring End Former

Spring end former
$49.88 Add to cart

Spring end former/bender. Crimps the end of zig-zag springs and opens end coil springs. 13" x ½" Comes with three bolts and nuts. Bolt to corner of bench or 1" block no more than 5" from edge of bench.

Spring End Benders

Spring end benders
$47.00 Add to cart

Spring bender, which is both simple in application and efficient in use. Nickel plated ends are slotted to fit curves which can be bent with slight pressure or can be used to unbend previously made bends. This is precisely manufactured so that arcs, angles or curves can be properly made.

No-Sag Helical Springs

Helical Springs


Helical springs are used in between the seat or back springs to hold them in line.

No-Sag Clips

No-Sag clips


Used to hold the no-sag springs to the frame. Clips are sold individually or in small packages of 100pcs.

No-Sag Nails

No-Sag Nails
1lb $6.00 Add to cart

5lb $25.00 Add to cart

Sold in boxes of 1lb or 5lb. To be used with the Nail-on Clips above.

Coil Springs

Coil Springs


Coil springs are knotted on one end. Select the quantity and size. You'll be asked to choose firmness when you click ADD TO CART. Size #0 and #00 are available in Regular only, size #1 in Regular or Firm. All others Soft, Regular or Firm.

Edge Wire Plier

3-Prong clip plier
$55.88 Add to cart

Upholstery tool plier which is used for applying edge wire clips (see clips below) to edge wire and springs. A great time saver. Used to set Kay, Baker, edge wire, or 3-prong clips. This is part of the Osborne upholstery tools #445.

Edge Wire Clips

3 Prong clips
$8.18 Add to cart

Clips for use with our No. 445-3 Edge Wire Clip Pliers (pictured above). Packed 100 clips per box.
Use these clips to attached edge wire to springs. Osborne upholstery tools #4450-3.

Jute Burlap

Jute Burlap
100 yd roll $99.00 Add to cart

Per yard $1.25 Add to cart

Jute burlap. 40" wide. 10 oz. Use to cover coil and zigzag springs. Supports seat and back foundations.

Marshal Units

Marshal Units


Build any size cushions using hog rings by re-arranging segments of springs. Glue 1" foam to all sides and dacron wrap and stuff into cushion.

The marshal units measure approx. 18.5" x 18.5". You'll be asked to choose firmness when you click ADD TO CART.

Hog Ring Pliers

Hog ring plier


Hog Ring Pliers. 1lb (approx. 400 rings) included with pliers. Used to attach auto covers to frame. Also works great to attach coil springs to webbing before re-tying. Bent head gets into tough to reach places, rubber handles. Spring loaded to more easily hold ring in place.

Hog Rings

Hog rings
1lb box (approx. 400 rings) $3.99 Add to cart

25lb box (approx. 10 000 rings) $49.88 Add to cart

Bright finish, low carbon steel, not galvanized, polished. 14 wire gauge. Size 3/4”.
Packed and sold in 1lb. or 25 lbs. strong cartons.

Torsion Springs

Torsion Spring
1 pc $1.35 Add to cart

50 pcs $39.00 Add to cart

Seat Torsion Spring. Attaches to edge wire at corners in seating with coil springs.

1lb. Ruby Spring Twine

Ruby spring twine
$14.88 Add to cart

1lb. ball of Ruby Italian Spring Twine. 4 ply hemp for retying coil springs. Approx. 250 ft. per lb.

5lb. Ruby Spring Twine

Italian spring twine
$49.88 Add to cart

5lb. spool of Ruby Italian Spring Twine. 4 ply hemp for retying coil springs. Approx. 250 ft. per lb.

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