These upholstery tools will give you many years of service!

White Rubber Mallet

White rubber mallet
$8.40 Add to cart

This heavy white rubber mallet is made from superior rubber with a hardwood handle. 1 7/8" diameter head. It will not mar or mark surface. Limited bounce. Use this upholstery tool to install metal tack strips.

Webbing Stretcher

Webbing stretcher
$15.70 Add to cart

The webbing stretcher is made of hardwood maple with corrugated rubber at one end, and one row of 6 sharpened steel pins at other end. Plant the rubber end on the edge of the chair and pull webbing down tight before stapling. Osborne upholstery tools #255.

Goose Neck Webbing Stretcher

Webbing stretcher
$29.48 Add to cart

This is the more popular webbing stretcher because it will pull the webbing close to the frame with plenty of leverage. Equally efficient upholstery tool for right or left hand use. Hickory hardwood handle with nickel plated ferrule. Osborne upholstery tools #253.

Edge Wire Plier

3-Prong clip plier
$62.80 Add to cart

Upholstery tool plier which is used for applying edge wire clips (see clips below) to edge wire and springs. A great time saver. Used to set Kay, Baker, edge wire, or 3-prong clips. This is part of the Osborne upholstery tools #445.

Edge Wire Clips

3 Prong clips
$8.18 Add to cart

Clips for use with our No. 445-3 Edge Wire Clip Pliers (pictured above). Packed 100 clips per box.
Use these clips to attached edge wire to springs. Osborne upholstery tools #4450-3.

Hog Ring Pliers

Hog ring plier


Hog Ring Pliers. 1lb (approx. 400 rings) included with pliers. Used to attach auto covers to frame. Also works great to attach coil springs to webbing before re-tying. Bent head gets into tough to reach places, rubber handles. Spring loaded to more easily hold ring in place.

Hog Rings

Hog rings
1lb box (approx. 400 rings) $3.99 Add to cart

25lb box (approx. 10 000 rings) $49.88 Add to cart

Bright finish, low carbon steel, not galvanized, polished. 14 wire gauge. Size 3/4”.
Packed and sold in 1lb. or 25 lbs. strong cartons.

Seam Ripper

Seam ripper
$28.30 Add to cart

Upholstery tools made of the finest steel with both hook and pointed blades. Used for ripping seams, cutting auto carpeting, vinyl, plastic and rubber. Solid Beech wood handle contoured to fit your hand. This is part of Osborne professional upholstery tools #1020.

Ripping Tool/Tack Puller

Ripping tool/Tack puller
$13.99 Add to cart

These upholstery tools come with beautiful translucent amber handles designed to fit the hand with perfect balance. Forged highly polished steel blade. Shouldered tang to prevent driving into handle. Combined ripping tool and tack puller. Osborne professional upholstery tools #402.5.

Ripping Chisel

Ripping chisel
$7.80 Add to cart

A translucent amber handle for quick identification. Perfect balance. Forged steel blade with correct angle on chisel edge. Shouldered tang, tough construction. Osborne professional upholstery tools #402.

Rawhide Mallet

Rawhide mallet
$34.38 Add to cart

Light-weight mallet head made of rolled water buffalo rawhide. White hickory handle. 2" head. Recommended for many jobs where a soft but solid striking face is required. Osborne professional upholstery tools #196-2.

Quick Nailer for antique nails

Quick nailer
$7.74 Add to cart

Simple nail spacer for spacing decorative nails. Sets 5 nails head to head with exact spacing without causing damage to the furniture. Directions: Load large end of upholstery tool making sure nails are perpendicular to and shanks are flush with base of tool. Position tunneled section of tool over last nail driven and begin setting nails. Removal of upholstery tools may require twisting motion and/or pressure against nail heads with free hand. Use Osborne No. 36 Nylon tip hammer for best results. This is part of the Osborne professional upholstery tools with #777.

Decorative Nail Tack Hammer

Decorative nail tack hammer
$29.72 Add to cart

Forged steel head with nylon tip for installing decorative nails on one end and a magnetic tip on the other. Nylon tips won't mar decorative tack surface. Hickory lacquered hardwood handle. This is part of the Osborne professional upholstery tools #36.

#36 Nylon Tip

Spare nylon tip
$3.85 Add to cart

Get a spare tip for your hammer. This only works with the decoration tack hammer above and not the one below.

Magnetic Upholstery Hammer

Magnetic upholstery hammer
$28.48 Add to cart

Solid head of bright bronze. Steel tipped at one end for enduring hammering and magnetic at the other end. Well balanced design, lacquered hickory handle. This is part of the Osborne professional upholstery tools #33.

Canvas Stretcher

Canvas stretcher
$39.88 Add to cart

Made with hammer jaw, the hammer acts as a lever when a strong pull is required. Excellent upholstery tool for stretching canvas and leather as well as webbing. Vinyl handles. Fully nickel plated. This is part of the Osborne professional upholstery tools #250.

Duck Bill Pliers

Duck bill pliers
$36.34 Add to cart

Finest professional quality. These pliers are forged from high carbon steel. The jaws are hardened, tempered and carefully polished. Ideal for stretching material in tight places where space is too limited for using ordinary stretching pliers. This is part of the Osborne professional upholstery tools #98.

Upholstery Knife

Upholstery knife
$8.88 Add to cart

Trimmer’s and upholsterer’s knife. Lacquered hardwood handle is short and heavy. Osborne #76.5

Tack Puller

Tack claw
$14.88 Add to cart

A quality forged tack claw. Pointed ends are hardened and tempered to prevent breakage. Wooden handle with nickel plated ferrule. Helps remove decorative tacks too.

Staple puller

Staple puller
$19.80 Add to cart

The BEST staple and tack puller. Don't use on nails.
Lasts for years. Bent handle gives more leverage. Use one hand to guide the tool and one to lift for safety and prevent damaging finished wood. Use a dull pair of wire cutters to pull out stubborn staples.
Made by CS Osborne Tools.

Berry Staple Remover

Berry Staple remover
$13.25 Add to cart

This staple remover and the 120.5 by Osborne (above) are the two most popular and recommended ones.

Wood Handle Regulator

8": $7.56   Add to cart

Poke through large weave (tweed type) fabric to adjust furniture or cushion filling from the outside. Line up screw holes etc.

Seam Stretcher

Seam stretcher
$64.88 Add to cart

Made of light aluminum, simple toggle clamp construction. Easy to operate. Minimum length 12” for hand closing pillows and cushions, maximum length 3 feet. Rigid when in use. It can also be used as calipers for cutting large circles and blind stitching. Easy to follow instructions on each package.

Piping Tins/Channel Stuffer

Piping tins

Specify the width of the tins


These 36" long piping tins are made of smooth aluminum. No burrs to catch on fabric while stuffing channels for cars and furniture, the material is soft so tins can be bent and adjusted. They come in 2", 3" and 4" width.

60" Ruler

$19.65 Add to cart

Markings on one side in inches. Heavy 2" wide aluminum. Hole punched on one end for hanging. Will save hours of time over using a yardstick. Great for measuring and marking welt cord fabric.

Home Grommet Kit

Grommet kit

Select size


Each kit consists of a No. 235 grommet die, a No. 245 cutting punch, brass plain rim grommets and washers, a small cutting board and complete instructions. Brass. Makes 48. Nickle grommets that can be used with this tool, are also available.

Snap Fastener Kit

Snap fastener kit
$24.88 Add to cart

Osborne #230 Snap Setter with 25 snaps (100 pcs.) --$24.88 Limited stock. Use on boat covers, tarps, bags, dining room chair cushions, etc. Make a starter hole through fabric or vinyl with a regulator or ice pick, push cap or base piece through, set on die with socket or stud piece, then whack the enclosed rod with a hammer a time or two.

Spring End Former

Spring end former
$51.08 Add to cart

Spring end former/bender. Crimps the end of zig-zag springs and opens end coil springs. 13" x ½" Comes with three bolts and nuts. Bolt to corner of bench or 1" block no more than 5" from edge of bench.

Spring End Benders

Spring end benders
$49.00 Add to cart

Spring bender, which is both simple in application and efficient in use. Nickel plated ends are slotted to fit curves which can be bent with slight pressure or can be used to unbend previously made bends. This is precisely manufactured so that arcs, angles or curves can be properly made.

Grommets, fasteners, ventilators
Go here to find more grommets, fasteners, ventilators

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