Learn professional upholstery: Recover chairs, sofas, ottomans, rockers, bench and bucket seats, boat seats, all kinds of pillows and cushions, and more. DIY or start your own business.

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These videos make it easy to learn the skills, supplies, hand tools, staplers and tricks of the trade that used to take years of training and experience to discover.

Whether you are looking for a new hobby, a new business, or training for your employees, you will find these upholstery training videos clear and informative.

Hundreds of professional shops and colleges are using these videos Right Now

Join Us! We have sold thousands of videos and books to individuals, businesses, libraries, vocational schools, prisons, and colleges in the last 24 years (videos updated for dvd in the last 5 yrs). These aren't slick Hollywood productions-just real work as it's done in a real shop.

"I bought your videos about 4 yrs ago . Thanks for helping me learn the art of upholstery. My business is great."-Sylvia H, South Trenton GA.

"Hi, I just wanted to thank you for a great product. I got the basics video within two days. I am already applying the principles you taught and my work is looking very professional. Upholstering seemed like a huge mystery and now it seems so simple (not easy, but not complicated either). Soon I hope to be needing the advanced video. Thanks a million!"-Brenda C., Odessa TX

Here's the simple secret of starting your own upholstery business: Don't deliver anything that's going to get you complaints! Make a mistake? Fix it before it goes out the door.-Ken

  • Why Reupholster?
  • Save Money
    Recover your own furniture and car seats and save hundreds of dollars. Double the life of your investment.
  • Make A Secure Living.
    What other trade can you learn from home?
    There are literally hundreds of millions of pieces of furniture, car, truck, and RV seats. Good times and bad, there is always a need for reupholstering.
  • Be Your Own Boss
    Build your own future in a respected, money-making enterprise. Gain more control over your life. See our manual How To Start An Upholstery Business below. Work part time or full time.
  • Help the Environment
    Here, recycling is better than new, environmentally beneficial by saving resources and land fill, and also job producing. Our motto is "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Reupholster."
  • A Beautiful, Satisfying Hobby
    Modernize or upgrade your decor while experiencing the personal satisfaction of skillfully creating something valuable for your family or friends.

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1Upholstery Fundamentals video
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Learn the basics first! Recover most types of furniture, cut around frames, install buttons, learn spring tying, how to hand sew, see the easy, three-step way to sew boxed and welted cushions (home or industrial machines), blind tack, use ply-grip, make pleated and envelope arms and much more. Learn to use the right tools and staplers. We demonstrate on a dining room chair slip seat, a rocker, a chair and sofa.
120 minutes. DVD $49.95
2Upholstery: Advanced Furniture Techniques #1 video
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Reupholster difficult or odd pieces of furniture. Learn the art of diamond tufting by hand, plus cutting, sewing and filling channel backs and attached pillow backs. Make tailored skirts and use plygrip. Includes tips for recovering recliners and wing chairs.
120 minutes. (you may need the Fundamentals video unless you have upholstery expierence) DVD $49.95
3Upholstery: Advanced Furniture Techniques #2 video
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Cut and sew knife edge pillows and dining seat cushions. Cut and sew pillows and cushions with cut out corners, pleated (butterfly) corners and cushions out of only one piece of material. Make waterfall cushions (no boxing in the front) and cut and sew a boxed and welted cushion in a stripe. Construct your own ottoman frames and recover in different styles to suit yourself or customers. Make pillow shams, box pleat skirts, double welt and install snaps.
120 minutes. DVD $49.95
4Auto-Marine Upholstery video
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See how to cut, sew and cover a car bench seat with headrests and bucket seats. Learn how to cut, sew and upholster a boxed boat seat, seats with cutout corners (for depth) and how to blind tack with metal tacking strip. Learn to sew diamonds and channels (tuck and roll) and work with vinyl. This video will help you with commercial seating which is done much the same way, such as bar stools and restaurant booths etc.
120 minutes. DVD $49.95
5The Slipcover Option video
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Cut and sew furniture slipcovers that really fit. Make custom fitted, casual and even covers (with minimal sewing) from flat sheets. Choose the best fabric, sew boxed, welted and waterfall cushions and pillows. Examples use home and industrial machines.
120 minutes. DVD $49.95
SPECIAL #1: BUY 4 VIDEOS FOR $149.95 SAVE $50.00
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8 hours of instruction. $149.95 SAVE $50.00
SPECIAL #2: BUY ALL 5 VIDEOS FOR $169.85 SAVE $80.00
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10 hours of video instruction. $169.85 SAVE $80.00
SPECIAL #3: BUY ALL 5 VIDEOS FOR $169.85 SAVE $80.00 Plus EXTRA SPECIAL-Free Book!
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10 hours of video instruction. $169.85 SAVE $80.00 Choose a free book at checkout-limited stock (we'll substitute if your choice is sold out. $20-$30 value). While supplies last.
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Take advantage of this practical, printed guide for starting up and surviving in the Upholstery / Interior Decorator business. Learn about obtaining licenses, samples, tools and equipment, subcontracting and employees, estimating and selling jobs, simple bookkeeping, advertising, buying wholesale and more.
44 pages. Manual $12.95
FREE with anything you buy from us.Over 75 pages of online re-upholstery instruction (different work than on the videos).
FREE with anything you buy from us.Upholstery Discussion Board. Ask questions or search hundreds of posts. 15 Years Online.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction! If these products do not provide what you are looking for, return them undamaged (without scratches and fingerprints) within three weeks for a complete refund (less shipping). These videos are not Hollywood productions-real work as done in a real shop.

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