Welt Cord - The size 5/32 is the most popular size of welt cording. You could call it the standard.
Cotton welt, jute, tissue, plastic and double welt. Best to cut welt fabric on the bias to prevent waving.
5/32" is the most commonly used for furniture and auto upholstery.

Cotton Welt Cord (Piping)

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Cotton Welt Cord (Piping) Easy to sew. This is the most forgiving cording to sew with and makes beautiful cushions. Not washable - may shrink when wet.

5/32" spool. Approx. 1190 yds.
6/32" Cotton Welt Cord 3/16" Approx. 950 yds.
8/32" Cotton Welt Cord 1/4" approx.760 yds.
10/32" roll Cotton Welt Cord 570 yards

Large Welt Cotton Piping

Large Cotton Piping


Large Welt Cotton Piping is great for window treatments, bedding and pillows.

1/2" roll Cotton Piping = 220 yards
1" roll Cotton Piping = 85 yards
1 1/2" roll Cotton Piping = 35 yards

Fiber Flex Welt Cord

Fiber flex/Tissue welt cord

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Fiber Flex Welt Cord (paper welt): This welt cording sells the most because it's inexpensive. 5/32" is the most common diameter welt cord for upholstered furniture.

4/32" 500 yds.
5/32" 500 yds.
6/32" 500 yds.
8/32" 500 yds.

Twin Welt

double welt cord

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Use twin welt cord or double welt cord to make trim that is hot glued on furniture.

4/32" 350yds./rl.
5/32" 250yds./rl.
6/32" 250yds./rl.

Jute Welt Cord

jute welt cord
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Jute welt cord is great for sewing outdoor furniture cushions. Wasahble. Cut the fabric on the bias and pull tight while sewing to prevent wavy cording.
5/32" 1000yds.

Plastic Welt Cord

plastic welt cord
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Foam Flex Welt Cord is also good for outdoors. Again cut the fabric on the bias to prevent wavy cording.
5/32" 500yds.

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