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Title: Interesting Concept
Post by: Mojo on May 24, 2019, 12:54:37 am
I think this is interesting but I also see problems with this business model.

Typically when you need your seat cushions reupholstered you also need the entire furniture piece reupholstered. But lets say you do only need the cushions recovered. How are you going to match the color and grain pattern ? These furniture pieces are exposed to a lot of sun
so they fade. A new cover on a cushion is NOT going to match the rest of it.

Or am I missing something here ? What do ya'll think ? Can it work ?

Title: Re: Interesting Concept
Post by: gene on May 24, 2019, 01:11:43 am
I rarely have someone try to match the color. It does happen though and I've seen fabrics that are very close. I'm usually working with a high end furniture piece that has a high quality fabric on it. If you get close you can add toss pillows made from the new fabric also to the furniture piece to help the new fabric fit in nicer.

I also have done a few chairs where I've taken the back out panel and used that for the seat cushion cover. Usually I can do the top panel and front boxing of the seat cushion panel but not usually the entire piece. I put a second fabric on the rest of the seat cushion cover and on the back out panel. I just did a sofa like this with 3 seat cushions and we got the top panels OK but the boxing and bottom panel was a complimentary color. It looked very nice. I made toss pillows out of the secondary fabric also.

Most new cushion covers I make have all complimentary fabrics or occasionally contrast fabrics. I've had customers dry clean the old seat cushion covers and I will make toss pillows for the furniture to tie in the primary fabric to the new fabric.

I own two older pull out sleeper loveseats that have the original vinyl on them from the 1970's and I was amazed that I got the red vinyl so close when I made new seat cushion covers. No one can tell the difference.

Title: Re: Interesting Concept
Post by: kodydog on May 24, 2019, 07:43:45 pm
Don't try. We've fixed many cushions using complementary fabric. You see this often in furniture store showrooms. Mix and match fabrics on the same sofa. We repaired this leather sofa for my sister. The cushions were destroyed by her dog. Rose found the perfect tapestry from our remnant pile.

For outdoor furniture and assuming it is upholstered in a solid fabric you could get by with a floral Sunbrella seat cushion.

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Title: Re: Interesting Concept
Post by: SteveA on May 25, 2019, 01:50:25 pm
The perfect Sister - now we know cannabis could be home grown ?   Plants by the yard ?
Title: Re: Interesting Concept
Post by: Mojo on May 27, 2019, 11:20:09 pm
Well crap. I forgot to include the link.

Here is the article and what I was talking about:

Title: Re: Interesting Concept
Post by: gene on June 02, 2019, 03:34:36 pm
I think that's a good idea from your link. I wonder how many RV people use that kind of service. Do you see vendors offering that service at the RV shows you go to? That would be a great time to take measurements to make sure the customer is getting something that fits.

On a side note: I find the Christian stuff on their web site to be very inappropriate for a business. I support their right to put that kind of stuff on their web site, but I would never do business to them.

Title: Re: Interesting Concept
Post by: MinUph on June 02, 2019, 09:51:45 pm
I also think the service is a great idea. Most "dinette sets" in campers are all cushions. Matching the existing fabrics in the rest of the RV is not important they just need to go with the rest or replace the rest also. As for the rest of the services for re-upholstery well that may not work. But cushion work can definitely be done long distance given the old covers, or good measurements. I would prefer to receive both. I rarely trust anyone's measuring skills except my own. Not a bad idea to add as a service.
Title: Re: Interesting Concept
Post by: baileyuph on June 03, 2019, 02:06:22 pm
Can it work - question?

I am sure - the market is a probability statistic and some of it is possible.  Enough to sell out on - depends
for some or most.

I get very little RV (less expensive equipment) to do much on.  But, I just did an expensive job on
a pretty expensive motor home.  It had furniture stuff that somewhat resembled home furnishings.

For example the dining room chairs were pretty formal, even the legs were upholstered.  Sure they are
doable but it takes time to get the covered and integrated in the rest of the furniture.  Customer didn't
flinch on cost.

Just like the other work for cars, homes, whatever; some of the market values getting the things/items
redone professionally.

Even, some new furniture cushions on the newer furniture that has peeling leather will come in for
taking that out and putting regular fabric back in.  That means unsewing the "peel" and inserting new
material (often cloth) right into the cushions - saves redoing zippers and much of the back sides of
cushions.  It seemed to be a nightmare at first, but analyzing and figuring out a correct sequence
of sewing/assembly events it comes together and looks pretty nice.  This furniture can often be a month old.  Processed leather can go quickly.

Kodydog did a wonderful job on the replacement of those cushions (pictured).

Business is never a dull moment!

Had a customer very recently asked if I would do some drapes - when I told her I did these some
time back (showed pictures) - she said I want some done and it seems the skill you guys have is
getting slimmer.  BTW, I was restoring the bucket seats in an American Motors AMX at the time (60's).

That's different huh?

It is much about analytics of visualizing/cutting/sewing - just a different medium.


Title: Re: Interesting Concept
Post by: kodydog on June 03, 2019, 03:15:10 pm
In the 70's and 80's I was into the AMC, AMX . The 68, 69, and 70 were two seaters. Small car with a big engine and man would it fly. I bought a used 71 AMX with a 3 speed auto and 360 cid. I was always pouring money into it always trying to get it to go a little faster. Had the transmission rebuilt with a quick shift kit by a buddy who worked at Ammco. Later I had the engine rebuilt at a speed shop. I finally had it set up the way I wanted when one day a lady was crossing Gulf Boulevard, she didn't see me coming, she stopped half way to let traffic pass and I broadsided her. Totaled both cars. The insurance company gave me $600. I pulled the engine and transmission and stuck them in a 73 AMX. After Rose and I moved to Hickory I sold it to a fellow who wanted a car for his nephew to "mess around" with. You don't see to many of those cars on the road any more.   
Title: Re: Interesting Concept
Post by: Mojo on June 04, 2019, 01:02:12 am
The vast majority of RV upholstery work is done on the driver/passenger seats as well as love seats and sofas. Most RV'ers will take their seating to a car upholsterer or one of the RV renovation companies. Also, many are just throwing out their old seats and buying new.
I had to make a decision early on whether I wanted to add that service and declined. Instead I shove all that work to RiCat who has the expertise in auto upholstery. I admit I do not.

I have a good friend that owns one of the largest RV seating companies in the USA. He does a real brisk business. They do not do recovering but rather sell new seating, mainly Flexsteel seats. Alot of his customers simply come in, dump their old seats on him and buy new.

I just cannot see having cushions done without having the arms also done. In the hundreds of coaches I have been in it is the arms of the driver/passenger seats that gets the worse abuse as well as the arms on sofas and love seats. Because many RV companies use cheap vinyl, fading is a big issue as well. My drivers seat in our own bus is 3 different shades because of the sun. You have to remember the living area of an RV is all windows so UV damage is prevalent ( not to mention the ill informed owners who use harsh cleaners on upholstery vinyl. )

In regards to this companies website, I always advised clients back in my business consulting days that your personal views and opinions on life do not matter in business. Keep your mouth shut, keep your religious or political views to yourself and deliver to the customer what they want. If you cannot do that then shut down your business and open a church or run for political office. I see these massive companies take a stand on social issues and cringe. Look what happened to Dick's Sporting Goods when they quit carrying guns as a social issue. The gun owners revolted and now Dick's sales are dropping and they are headed for financial trouble.

For every one person you connect with by taking a stand on religion, politics or social issues you run the risk of pissing off 2 other people who will never step foot in your business. So my advice to this company and others is to shut the hell up and just deliver high quality customer service and products. In other words, do your job and save your public grandstanding for your personal time away from the business.

Title: Re: Interesting Concept
Post by: SteveA on June 04, 2019, 11:51:40 pm
I see papa johns took a hit but chick fil a is doing well.  Religion, politics, and race are embedded in everything - it seems so much more in your face today than when i was in HS.  People are so worked up over nothing.  The schools can turn this around but it seems this is where division begins.  Live and let live - life is too darn short to get upset over this crap