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Thank you for replying and the tips for the photo upload.  Still couldn't get it to work. 

Hello, I have disassembled the upholstery on the passenger seat in my CR-V.  During this process I was stupid, crazy careful to not misplace any pieces and take pictures along the way in case my superior memory failed me.  I rolled all the pieces up in a blanket like us Xennials did with puzzles that would keep us busy for weeks and just like the puzzle when I unrolled it 2 weeks later a piece is gone.  Not any piece mind you this is the piece that I need to attach piece 1 and piece 2.  LOL seriously well at least I have an excuse why people can not sit up front with me in my car and how I always feel like an Uber driver when I do use my car. 

I tried to upload a picture but I am getting this error "Cannot access attachments upload path!"

A few things about the piece:
It is used to secure the upholstery to the seat foam.  The grey part is felt and the white part is a hard plastic which is very tightly adhered to the grey felt part.  The white plastic gets inserted into a hollowed out section of the seat foam and then hog rings are used to secure it.  That is what the hole on the grey felt is for.