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General Discussion / Banquette cushions
February 10, 2017, 01:32:11 am
I finished a cushion with 3 inch foam and 5/32 welt cord.  I don't know if the cushion cover is too small because the welt cord does want to lay on the edge.  I wrapped the cushion with batting with spray adhesive.  Any tips or suggestions?
General Discussion / where to buy foam?
September 08, 2012, 06:34:31 pm
I know I can go down to my local Joann Fabrics and buy foam for a banquette I'm making, but I don't think the quality is very good.  Where on line can I buy a good dense 4 inch thick foam?
General Discussion / banquette cushions
September 04, 2012, 01:51:56 pm
My husband, the woodworker, is finishing our basement.  He recently put in a full bath and ran some of the plumbing on the outside of the wall.  There is one of the poles near there too.  In order to hide the plumbing, he will build a half oval shaped banquette incorporating the pole.  The back will be slightly high and upholstered.  I plan on upholstering the back seat like a padded headboard.  For the seat because of people scooting in and out, how do you suggest I make the seat cushions somehow attaching them to the banquette?  I've been looking at a lot of photos on Houzz and they look like they just plopped a cushion on the seat which I don't think is very practical. 
I have two wood chairs with arms with an upholstered seat.  I'm trying to reupholster them.  They are notched out in the front and back for the arms and the seat is curved alot in the front.  I can't get the fabric to go around these curves and lay flat.  It's a medium weight sort of a corduroy feel upholstery fabric.  Any suggestions or tips?