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I purchased a right angle binding attachment that came with a new needle plate and feed dog. Unfortunately, the feed dog isn't the right size. It was too long so I reworked it with a dremel but it still isn't right, it's too tall. I want to get a new OEM feed dog then grind down the front so it'll work with the new needle plate so I contacted the place from which I got my Juki and they said a new feed dog is $300! I couldn't believe it... Do you know of a cheaper source?

The set I got looks similar to this except the needle plate is different:
Well I got my new machine. It's so much nicer to sew on than my old 562, especially with the servo and needle position synchronizer. However, I already managed to knock the hook assembly out of whack lol

I was sewing over a plastic #10 coil zipper when it happened. I tried fiddling with the safety clutch button while turning the hand wheel but I was met with some resistance and didn't want to screw it up any further. This used to happen on my old domestic machine and it would reseat itself just by turning it, but not this one. How do I fix it?

I currently use a "standard" 1" binding attachment and it causes more frustration than anything else. I need a right angle binder to deal with curves. The way I see it, I have three options.

1) get a cheap ebay one for $40
2) get a "nice" 5-piece set on ebay for $120
3) get a custom made one for $280

I know I need a binder foot set but do I need a new needle plate and feed dog?
I can't really justify option three at this point in time, but I could go for the 5-piece set if it'll make a difference. What do you think? Have any of you used one of these generic, non-custom right angle binders?
I've been researching this for days and still can't come to a decision. I don't do upholstery work but of all the forums I found, this seems to be the best source of info on the machines in which I'm interested. I make custom bags and gear out of [mainly] 1000D Cordura and webbing, which can get quite thick in spots.  I currently use a Juki 562 but it's old and tired, I'm ready to upgrade. On my 562, if I'm sewing then stop to adjust my fabric, then start again, sometimes it's as if the thread beneath the fabric doubles up then it gets hung up. Any idea what would cause this? It also sometimes jams after I use reverse. I'm sure this can all be fixed, but I just want something new :)

I've narrowed it down to a 1541S or a 1508N. The only industrial I've ever used is the 562 so I'm only familiar with top-loading bobbins/vertical-axis hooks. Someone told me the 1508 is more reliable is this true? I read in the brochure that the dual-tension mechanism of the 1508 allows it to sew light- to heavy-weight fabrics. Can the 1541 sew light-weight fabrics?

I like how with the 1508 you can set up extra slide plates with different binding/hemming attachments for quick use. But on here I read of some people saying the 1508 is noisy/clunky and the 1541 is more smooth and precise. Is this true?

I know they'll both get the job done, I just want whichever will be the most reliable and need the fewest tune-ups.

Sorry for all the questions I just don't know which to go with and could really use some help deciding. Thanks!