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July 12, 2020, 07:12:03 pm


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General Discussion / Re: Makita
November 17, 2018, 12:34:30 am
I like the milwaukee drill bits, made for an impact driver.  There steel throughout, as Ive broke the aluminum shank on others. In these im talking small under a 1/4" bits, and the shanks are all the same. Honestly I havent looked for bigger bits though im all ears.

If using in a convential drill connection like a typical jacobs these hex shanks could possibly mount deeper and survive. But these cost more, and not really a cost effective option.

Ive had a dewalt 1/2 hammer drill, and don't recommend. The hammer function was lame and just trashed bits. This as you know is the main cost, masonsry bits.

I had a plain jane Milwaukee magnum 1/2" that would twisted my arms off, from 1988 to 2012 without a hickup one. I used this seriously and swear by this particular piece of equipment.
If their hammer model work excellent for a third of the time I would buy one.

The last two tools I needed "now" and replaced, got the winners choice of Bosch last year. These are both their top line models, I thought! especially for their cost. ( buy once cry once )

But importantly is again a choice considered a lifetime choice ha ha. Just as the before selections!
Although these have, and when first used had amazing qualities.
When holidays are past, I may look into this brand for a 1/2" hammer drill. Though honestly if these are lag/ concrete anchor size. It aint happening with these. Btdt
I now smartly rent a real tool with splined shaft and makes this job stupid easy, hell i can put in 2' long bits and rest on the job.

I can easily say hex drive drill bits, mounted in a quick connector as cordless impacts typically are. Have a bit more wobble. In my applications I consider this, and still I feel this is an important bit to you all.

Good day


ps: if anyone needs a 1" drive impact, with 1' extended shaft and weighs likely 35 lbs for your #6 brass screws give me a buzz. Your welcome to use the dolly to move it and the 5# sockets around

General Discussion / Re: Staple Remover
September 06, 2018, 04:33:22 am
Initially I chose to purchase a cs osborne 120 1/2. Its ability I think is excellent, though seldom used. I suspect it was mentioned here by a few in the furniture or marine upholstery trades.
For sure its still manual and I am positive it would benefit one if using it a lot, with their other all smooth plastic handles. In any case it works, thanks for the tip

Good day

General Discussion / Re: Let's build a table
September 03, 2018, 07:42:12 pm
Many moons ago remember one of you posting a link for staplers and in it showed a factory with them air lift tables doing small and larger furniture. They were a bit hefty but still same style pneumatic over scissor lift.

In that thought there looks to be several good options on tables, I have kept my little roll around the same as purchased. Hell bent at first making a top and other structure, though found that more a cutting table the priority, so pursued a path for that happily.

In my opinion one of the larger base models would be more secure in the available bike lifts we see. Also with the abundance of mfg these for bikes, snow machines and jet skis its possible to adapt if this path interest anyone to put on a plywood top.

I have thought previously of squared plywood table corners being used within them another being adjustable with wood pin possibly. Though this still requires a lift of some sort and capacity or height per lift.

Recently considered again the tables that would all 3 or even just 2 roll together or out singly with different heights and being seperate.

I would sure like to hear more of your ideas on work tables, its always been great. Big Thanks

Good day

General Discussion / Re: Great idea for cutting foam!
September 03, 2018, 07:15:35 pm
I like them bosch tools they are some well built purchases. I picked up on the glue sprayer also , seems pretty thinned glue in there.
The lift is a real nice option for sure

Good day there

In your present position, who might be training a new person. This new employee or another to gradualy fill your position when you take another path. 
I ask because training or mentoring in anyway has its benefits and bumps. The position many times is not thought about, as the very same person later thinks and hopefully values the experience. This I believe is one of lifes automatic benefits to all.

Good day

I agree with; many times these papers are for a good reason. Let me first say its not always a craft or trade that these formal papers are promoted. As you already have figured simple retail all through an extreme name brand recognition product and or service is in conversation here.

This thinking from me is also mentioned for "both" parties concerned in the agreement. Here is a small example: I had Jerry repair this, last week, did a great job. You should look him up! Time might be a factor as he works daily at " such n such " ( a recognized quality, long established Co. ). 
Here is some of the issue, obviously a tallented prospect because His employer is long recognized as having good quality. 
Here is another aspect and dont think for a second it doesnt happen. The same Jerry does this work on the side and is quietly penalized by getting some low paying piece jobs ( during the day ). Not his normal senior/lead/even not senior quality jobs.
We have to remember some jobs are infact or can be single shop accomplished. Then again they are in a shop of 30 the very same stations. In this environment special tools can be used so eliminating and or equalizing a task for accomplishment or learning!

Good day

ps: selling a business and agreeing to not ever to open a business on same road facing the road.
Result: open business on same road " not facing road" 🧐
General Discussion / Re: The Facebook
April 01, 2018, 06:52:13 pm
  I found a news conversation interesting and shared it with a few the other day. This was to " I think " better inform them. In that I mean my parental responsibility, weather they read or listen to it completely.
What really kicked it up a notch was again " I think " fact wise comment, the scholar mentioning: this happening Is and was Standard Practice. ( my thouhts with this comment: no s### )

In another news article I had to share, was the mention of: the great work and accomplishments facebook has done and promoted but ( the mention ) it needs an adult in the room!


Good day
General Discussion / Re: The Facebook
April 01, 2018, 02:48:37 pm
As I read the post earlier, I thought this quote below in my own similar words. So moving through some wake-up coffee and other news articles I read a bit of an article concerning the same concerns of facebook.
I share it here and also recommend the actions Europeans will promote as a re-signup to permissions they allow:
"It's unlikely many users fully comprehend the magnitude of personal data Facebook and others have aggregated". - quote from business news.

I would like to calmly add that the throttling or more like eliminating Youtube news information articles from being shared easily on text messages has been flat out Stoped. These are not ads of course just news sharing, yet the garbage is freely distributed to you or be inserted wherever they like on your platform feeds.

Have a great day

Ok 👍
It seems if view as I do frequently now from my phone, and the phone turned sideways this can easily happen.
I for one cant stand it, so totally understand.  Cheers 🍻

I agree it needs fixed, tried yesterday but link didnt work. Will try to get it straight
General Discussion / Re: curved welting
March 27, 2018, 03:47:07 pm
Evan I'm going to chime in with, it would be a bit more interesting with knowing your present project.
With that on the side I cannot see a better alternative than using a cording foot.
I can add a few tips though they can! get expensive and time consuming to make, besides with the
above comments there is already 90 years experience.
I recall, and it was on this site someone mentioned customizing the bottom of a cording foot ( they also make these )
but sometimes not as short for a particular project.  Anyway if looking at the bottom of the cord/piping foot,
there can be some grinding so to help with a turn motion during sewing. The next and specfic part that
pushes these small curve projects is the use of a cylinder bed style sew machine. These can have typically 3
different cylinder sizes dependent on circle diameter one is needing in the projects.
Here is an example, in the link. These could possibly help in certain situations, purchased for your particular
machine. Just a thought.  Good luck


Good day
The Business Of Upholstery / Re: paid employees
March 26, 2018, 06:37:06 pm
  Some how if I were considering these options. The methods to seperate the task of a job is a path I would pursue. Its I believe a win win option for both employee and company.
This could be tough, difficult or impossible for a few employees, but I would try it and improve on this method as its where we are in the company world today. In my opinion. 

  This production method is not new and very respectful actually, why you consider?  Well this fairly pushes the adage in station peformance, with this the imediate team is both on notice and yet has itself the stations input towards betterment or corrections. This is again in my opinin a team of sorts and can  ( hopefully ) correct itself toward motivation in company production and team trust and confidence.

The Business Of Upholstery / Re: Welt foot sizing
March 23, 2018, 09:45:16 pm
I can agree this chart Dennis recomended does have more or bigger cording selections. They also mention their material or fabric application. That application or how its put together is brought up here a bit or use to be.



This Welt Foot Set is commonly used to first make the welting by wrapping a 3/4" to 1" wide strip of fabric or vinyl or leather around 7/32" Diameter WELT.
Then this welting is inserted between two pieces of furniture or auto upholstery fabric to make the actual welted seam. 
This is the most common method of sewing welted seams in furniture or auto upholstery.
This welt foot set will also sew regular seaming operations so you do not have to put your regular feet back onto the machine.
Many upholstery shops just leave this set on their machines all the time!
The most common sizes of welting foot sets for auto upholstery & furniture welting are  3/16"  1/4"  and  5/16".
To determine your correct LISTED SIZE, add 3/32" for your four plies of fabric to the WELT SIZE. So if you are using 5/32" welting add 3/32" for a total of 8/32" or 1/4".


1/8"                                                    1/32"
3/16"                                                  3/32"
1/4"                                                    5/32"
5/16"                                                  7/32"
3/8"                                                    9/32"
1/2"                                                    13/32"

The Business Of Upholstery / Re: Welt foot sizing
March 23, 2018, 07:38:13 pm
Here is a link Paul and rather than cut n paste their chart. I thought it probably has some benefit in the whole article. I know you have seen plenty in this regard so this in short order. If I run onto something real extensive this weekend it will be posted.

Good day
General Discussion / Re: leather discolored
March 22, 2018, 03:27:37 pm
I was curious if it was the lines or normal wrinkles in the leather. Sometimes them natural wrinkles areas can be impossible.
But it sounds like a general seating area, and can be attributed just to rub or getting on and or off the furniture. ( i guess their polishing it ) hehehe, Oh my

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