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General Discussion / Re: Sewing vinyl to plastic
September 07, 2019, 03:23:32 am
I had that thought, too, that a larger needle might be necessary to poke a larger hole thru the plastic to make it easier for the thread to pass thru. Thanks for the confirmation of that.

Yes, I reused the plastic off of the old seat cover. I looked for something similar online thinking new plastic might be a little softer and easier to work with, but I decided without knowing what type of plastic it was that I was looking for buying something sight unseen would be foolish. There's a store in a city not too far away that carries surplus industrial goods like plastic (and you name it) so next time my travels take me there I'm going to stop in to see if they have something similar. I checked at an upholstery supply store and they don't have anything like this plastic strip.
General Discussion / Sewing vinyl to plastic
September 06, 2019, 09:29:37 pm
I'm needing to sew a thin plastic strip on the bottom of a vinyl seat cover I made for an old GM vehicle to anchor it to the bottom of the seat frame. The problem I'm having is even with very loose bobbin tension and very high top tension set on my machine (Yamata FY5318 - same as a Consew 205RB) I can't get the knots in the stitches to pull thru the plastic (which is on the bottom while I sew) to make a satisfactory seam. I've tried sewing it with the plastic strip on the top but it turns out even worse. I'm using a size 20 needle and size 92 nylon thread, and I have the top thread tension set about as high as I can without the thread breaking. The only thing I can think to do (other than accept that the seam is going to turn out badly) is to use thicker thread so I can turn up the top tension even more to try to pull the knots in the seam up past the plastic to where they should be in the middle between the two pieces I'm sewing together.

Any thoughts or other suggestions on this would be appreciated.