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Messages - jim fuchs

hi guys , i bought a singer 112w139 duel needle machine ups droped it had to replace the top shaft . got it back together but im missing a part on the back of machine is a shaft that rocks  its tyhe foot lifter  i have no linkage to front of head could enyone that has one post a pic of it so i no what it looks like to get one . must be a arm or linkage . jim
thanks guys    thats the parts break down i have its not very good copy . jim
ok who would have parts for this unit , and if all else fails who would you send it to to have it repaired im in iowa  jim
just bought a Singer 112w139 duel needle machine says its got a broke spindel . is that hard to replace looks good . i downloaded a good manual but the parts breakdown  i got from a nother place i cant see the pics in it . eny one got a good one thats readable with pics . hope i can fix it . jim
whats the edge called thats got the edges turned under and then folded in half to go on edge of things when they say 1.25 wide 2 edge folded is it  2.5 wide flat .
thinking about buying the edgeing do they sell it by the foot or just a roll . jim
10-4 will try and leave the door open a little . does it stay stinky a long time . hope it stays warm. its not bad now .so the snaps cut there hole or do i have to drill it what size . or punch it whats the rubber pad made of that you use under punchs ....jim
ok im going to still try and do it in 3 pc. 2 sides and then the top  panel will be one pc that will go down the back to form the back window will wrap the front edge with the black 22 gage im going to glue it and sew it also . hope i dont blow the house up .... furnuce is upstairs.    do they make long center snaps for thicker materials . also whats the biggest snap they make ,diam. in ss . and who has them will drill the cage and tap it for snap male side . kind of like the snap tool that sail rite sells it looks like you  can use it with the tarp on ..... is it good or would you buy other one . jim
ok guys and gals i have  bought 40 gage clear window material im making the whole thing out of the clear . the back and top are going to be overlaped and glued with hh66 and sewed the front area will just be atacheded somehow to the 2 inch sq. roll cage . the front will be a plexy door .    do i need to wrap the front edges with  material and glue and sew to hold snaps .. would snaps pull out of just the 40 gage material without the heavy binding . installed on edge .  im thinking ill use the black rsi 22 gage  i bought the cut it 5 inch wide and roll 2 edges and then sew it down like binding . then install something to hold it down what would you guys use . snaps   lugs    gussets  with bolts ...... thanks jim

also im doing it in house in the winter will i have trob with the hh66 . how long do i need to let it set  before i set the 2 sides together . glue both sides first  or just 1 side . will it be tite enuf to move around without it coming apart  im going to have to do it in sections . and try and roll it under machine  may be fun ....
General Discussion / Re: Update / Report on Bobbin Winder
November 29, 2011, 08:17:10 am
and heres why i made the covers .
General Discussion / Re: Update / Report on Bobbin Winder
November 29, 2011, 08:14:47 am
cover for it
General Discussion / Re: Update / Report on Bobbin Winder
November 29, 2011, 08:11:07 am
i made this it works great jim

well i took the rsi material  and made a grill cover out of it . boy had to man handle it to get it uder machine to dub sew the seams it turned out great its tuff but still dont think its thick enuf for a  cut out and then sew the glass to it   . how do you guys get the big tarps under the machine . i had to pull leke no one to get it . jim
boy now im pissed off ,miami mike sent me some tuff stuff 18.5 oz  it like twice as heavy as the 22 oz stuff from roch ferd  and looks the same  the stuff looks more like 13 oz ... so did they bend me over on the rsi material ..jim   
its rsi vinyl 22 oz  coated fafric ordered it from  rochferd  ...... its thin i need someting that going to be strong so i dont have to replace it next year .the glass was 40 gage i bought it looks good .
well i ordered some tarp stuff 22 oz thought it would be a heavy mat. its thin
how do you know how thick the stuff is when you order mat. the 40 gage clear window stuff looks good . it for a canvas top with windows for my skid loader ...jim i asked for a small sample but the sayed that i had to buy a yard ....so i got 5 yards rolled the dice . dang it