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General Discussion / Re: boat seat blues
June 04, 2016, 04:08:45 pm
Pictures would definitely be helpful.  I've done two different types of back to back's and did not have the issue you are describing.


Pictures of the project working on are always beneficial.  About a year and a half ago, I upholstered 8 office chairs, all of which had rounded corners.  I patterned my vinyl off the existing covers and had no issues with wrinkles around the edges.  If they are not huge wrinkles, a carefully applied heat gun will take care of them.

Any chance of posting a picture (close up preferably) that shows the issue you are having with the wrinkles?

I recently sewed some draperies for a restaurant and I was able to use my Bernina 700 series machine.  It's a pricey machine but designed to handle multiple layers of fabric.  I didn't feel the fabric was right for using my industrial machine so that is why I opted to use my Bernina.  Worked like a charm. 

General Discussion / Re: Quick Construction Update
June 02, 2016, 12:51:36 pm
Sadly, the storage system goes into the old laundry room, the world's SMALLEST laundry room ever.  No way could I ever get a cutting table anywhere near it. 

My cutting table is also the cabinet my main fabric sewing machine is housed into.  The sewing machine is on a motorized lift so I lower the machine, put the piece in that conceals the hole where the machine comes out of, pop out the extension and I'm ready to rock.  I thought about having Tim put it in Sew & Sew (I actually could now that I don't have the closet in that location) but I'm trying to get Sew & Sew organized with less "stuff" in it.

I will just bring a roll out, cut off what I need and return the roll back to the store room.  If my waiting/changing area was the first room that customers entered, I'd have that bad boy installed opposite the cutting area but, unfortunately, that is not the case.  When I start making thousands of dollars and can afford to rent a real shop, that will definitely be how I'll set up.  Until then, this is going to be so much better.  I just hate having rolls of vinyl propped up against the walls and soon they won't be.  My excess, or rolls I"m not currently working with, I will store in the furnace room.

Cannot wait for Matt & Eric (plumbers) to get back and cap off the old washer lines and remove the utility sink.  Once that is done, then Tim will come out and start getting that room ready for it's new use as Sew & Sew File/Storage area.

I also did get Home Depot called yesterday and they switched our order over to delivered (for a nice charge of course), so we are just waiting for them to call and schedule delivery on the tub.  Right now it's going into the garage (Bob's suggestion) and when Matt & Eric are ready to install that, they will get the fun of going down the stairs with it.  I think I'll go somewhere and hide when that is going on as I'm always crazy nervous when high dollar items get installed or moved down a flight of stairs.

At least we are finally making progress.  It is so nice to have real lights in the multi-purpose room.  I will still need to pick up a floor lamp but will hold off on that until Tim and the plumbers are out of there.  The UGS controls are also mounted and that was cool as I needed to run them last night after the dogs came in.  No more bending over and then trying to read upside down.  I almost gave the electricians a huge bear hug when that was mounted and no need for an extension cord to plug into.  Small things I know but made me extremely happy to have them corrected.  I have a growing list of things i need to purchase once the construction/clean-up has been completed.

General Discussion / Re: Quick Construction Update
June 01, 2016, 04:59:54 pm
Trying not to bore everyone with our progress.

Electrician, plumber & contractor were all here this morning.  Man that room was standing room only!

All electrical is finished (rough in only on the whirlpool stuff but they will finish that once the tub is actually in place).  At any rate, I now have real lights, my UGS is fixed to the wall and I don't need an extension cord to get it to a power source.  Those are big items!

Plumber will either be here Thur. afternoon or Fri. morning to cap off plumbing in the old laundry room and tear out the old utility sink.  Contractor will start repurposing that room as soon as plumber is done, as well as getting saloon doors and changing room bench affixed to walls.

I'm contacting HD this afternoon to see if they can deliver the tub since they have those cool flat bed trucks.  We'll keep in garage until plumber/contractor are ready for it.  Once tub is in, we're really down to some cosmetic issues from contractor #1.

I don't expect this process to take too much time.  Very excited for the end finally to arrive. 

I'm most excited about the vinyl storage system that contractor is building for me.  That will be housed where the old utility sink is in the old laundry room.  Will hold 4 rolls of full size vinyl rolls.  I could probably use one that holds twice as much but I will stash any extras in the corner of the furnace room.  The best part of this remodel process is that I will be: A) more organized and B) much less clutter laying around as I will have real storage systems which should help me to function more efficiently and with much less frustration.

I quoted him $1,350 for both pieces, which I actually think is pretty reasonable.  But that is knowing what is involved, not as Darren posted, which sadly is probably pretty accurate.  I could just see him scratching his head after he hung up the phone, "Well, now how much work can it be, just a couple of seams here and there, put on a few snaps, sew some zippers in the bimini and you're done."  Rock on dude, give it a shot and then give me a call when it's totally hosed up, the price will have increased substantially then!

Floyd, he didn't say what he is looking for.  I just told him to make sure that he's in the marine section, not the indoor stuff.  I'm not expecting to hear from him.  If he can find someone to do it cheaper, more power to him but as I posted earlier, people are screaming to me about how hard it is to find someone to work on their boats.  I've had people tell me that they traded a boat in because they couldn't find anyone to work on it.  Crazy, no?

Have a great day all!

Weather Channel shows torn con 4 or 5 for everyone in Tornado Alley (TX, OK, KS, NE).  I just went out to make sure that the drain pipe extensions are still in place (Joe loves to run around the yard with them ; ( -- dirt bag anyway) and the atmosphere is just eerie.  Very similar to 1980 when Grand Island had 7 tornadoes in one evening.  There have been tornadoes every evening since Monday I believe.  Tx and Ok Mon & Tues and Ks had several last evening.  Bob just said that the watch just barely excludes Grand Island but that he expects that to change.

I was out weeding early this morning and the sky was gorgeous.  Not menancing yet but not real friendly either.  Know sofadoc is in TX (think).  Hope that he and everyone else in the path of these storm systems stays safe.  I told Bob to bring the dogs down whenever he thinks they need to (that's always exciting to have Joe & Missy down here at the same time).  LOL

Quote from: Mike on May 21, 2016, 02:51:00 am
im not sure what a "topper measures 12.5' x 6' " on a 16' pontoon.

but to replace the bimini canvas  6'x6'
5 yards od canvas 5 zippers for zippered pockets  $ 480  and ask then to bring the boat to me more as travled requires   if you need to make a full snap on cover?  $ 1075 again bring to me  moew to travel and pattern

OK, so I called the dude this morning.  I actually went $200 less total since it is Nebraska not Florida and I am not Mike's caliber but will still do a darn good job.  You could hear in his voice that he was taken aback by the price and finally said that he didn't think it would be that expensive.  So, I explained that was all fabric, thread, snaps, zippers and Velcro as well as sales tax on all material.  That seemed to settle him a bit.  He said that he'd go on-line to Sunbrella to see what their color selection is like.  May never hear from him again, time will tell.  I do know that people look high and low in our area to find anyone willing to work on marine projects so I'm not sure he's got a lot of options.

Thanks again for your input.

Quote from: lizzieb on May 25, 2016, 04:56:43 am
Check out the video from sailrite.com on pontoon and bimini covers - very helpful.
Good luck!! Lizzieb


I'll check it out!  I also purchased Ken B.'s 5 DVD set.  One is on Auto & Marine Fundamentals.  I'll watch that DVD as well and see what pointers I can pick up from it.

General Discussion / Quick Construction Update
May 23, 2016, 08:55:44 pm
I've been pretty quiet on the construction front lately.  Simply because not much to report on.  Thankfully that is about to change.

Our regular plumber moved the washer/dryer and got the washer connections taken care of.  A week or so later, they were back and set the toilet and installed the vanity sink.  I was more than pleased to have a sink/toilet downstairs as that cuts down on the number of up and down trips I make every day and it still seams like a lot of trips.  I heard a lot of fussing from the plumber about the idiot plumber that the idiot contractor hired.  Still very confusing.  Plumber also worked on the Royal Indian Cuisine job and work was fabulous.  Also, he has a master plumber's license for Grand Island.  But as Eric said, that just means he passed a test.

A week or so ago, Bob & I spent the morning at Home Depot ordering the tub and all the necessary stuff (pump, heater) as well as the light fixtures that disappeared, towel bars and everything else I could think of that we needed to purchase.  Heater arrived via USPS today and tub and pump arrived at our local HD last Saturday (or at least that is when we got the call that they were in). 

Electrician will be here on the 1st of June to install lights, hard wire the UGS connection (we are using an extension cord right now), and rough in the heater and pump for the tub.

Contractor Tim is going to come by this week just to go over again everything that needs to be fixed/finished and we should see him within a week or two to get this project finished at long last.  I'm hoping to get everything done before we hit the 6 month mark but at this point, not a big deal if we don't.

I had to laugh when the heater arrived in today's mail as when Bob ordered it, the computer told him that it would ship July 19th.  I'm thinking that they meant May 19th but their algorithm was screwed up.  So, I chuckled with great relief when it arrived in plenty of time.

General Discussion / Re: A revelation or two
May 23, 2016, 05:27:17 pm
Yup, I have no problem helping people out when fires, floods, tornadoes, etc destroy their homes.  Pardon me for getting p*ssy when someone who can't/won't work won't take my gently used items because "then aren't new" or getting p*ssed at me because I chose to keep the matt from my hide-a-bed.

I know it is not always people being lazy that don't have jobs but demanding new items with tags just fries me.  Our women's shelter only accepts clothing with price tags still in place.  Irritated me because I had half a dozen tops that I had never worn but price tags were already taken off and they refused to accept them.  I understand that sometimes people find donating a great way to get rid of their stained/torn clothing but it would behoove them to spend 30 seconds looking at an item if the person donating says they haven't worn it.  :Steps down off soap box and gets back to work:

General Discussion / Re: A revelation or two
May 21, 2016, 08:08:13 pm
I quit giving things to the "needy" when we lived in KS.  We had a sectional that we were replacing.  Overall A- shape.  There were a few marks where our cats with claws had scratched.  You couldn't see the stuffing just a few threads had been pulled in places.  The guy from Salvation Army or Goodwill came over.  I showed him the furniture and he declined taking it.  Told me that the "needy" wouldn't take it because it had the cat scratches on it.

So, hubby and I took it down to our area of the yard where garbage pick-up was there.  About 3 AM, I heard a vehicle pull up.  I got up and went to the living room window and looked out (no lights).  A pick up truck was parked in front of the furniture and they were loading it as fast as they could.  I was fine with that.

A few years later, we replaced a hide a bed couch with a newer better version.  I decided to keep the mattress and put it on top of the matt in the new hide a bed when we had over night visitors as those matts are not very comfy at all.  We put the old couch out in the same location.  A few hours later, our door bell rang and a lady politely asked me where the matt was for the hide a bed.  She was extremely irate when I nicely explained to her that I was keeping it.  I assured her that she could purchase one.  She still took the couch, was just very huffy that I "dared" to keep the matt.  I had a full belly laugh as soon as I shut the door.  Funniest experience with someone taking my used items ever.

Ours are hands on.  I hope the program succeeds long term.

OK, point taken and much appreciated.  Will go research on patterning for full snap on covers and bimini.  I've had several calls the last couple of years but turned them down because of all that was going on with MIL's illness, nursing home, passing, etc.  I had a couple of real struggling to keep up years.  I'm pretty much caught up now, despite the knee so am looking forward to doing (and learning) these more technical type projects. 

The tri city area (Grand Island, Kearney and Hastings) does not seem to have many upholsterers that are willing to tackle marine projects.  Myself, I enjoy them so bring them on.

Thanks again!

Quote from: SteveA on May 20, 2016, 12:07:40 pm
Quality education has to be improved.  This is key  - here and globally.   What about developing real trade programs in the schools ? Isn't it better to have students developing trades than to allow many to get left behind who can't keep up academically ? 
Teaching is extremely rewarding but when graduates are faced with those big salaries on Wall Street vs teaching - who wins out. We need the best and brightest in our schools.   Throw a spiral 60 yards - change your sex - become a racial antagonist or invent a pill to increase libido - plenty of great opportunities out there otherwise


We actually have a program such as you're talking about at our senior high.  Geared towards the academically challenged that won't make it at jr or 4 year colleges.  Works with welding, auto mechanic skills and some others.  I think we had 17 graduate from there last Monday.  They should have meaningful skills to get them in the job market.  I think we've had it less than 5 years so I don't know the long term success rates.