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Hey there gang: Weird situation I got here...
    Some of you know I work at an Aircraft Repair Facility as aviation upholsterer, machinist, and Tig welder. Anyway last Thanksgiving, an out of company cleanup and detail outfit was trying to get some stains off of an emergency door panel on a Cessna Citation (Cessna's version of a Learjet). Instead of trying the cleaner on an inconspicuous place, they just "dove" in and attacked the stains right on the door. As you guessed it, they pulled the colors right out of the cloth material.
   The jet is about 12 years old and it is virtually impossible to get matched material, but as of late tracking down the actual blueprints and bill of materials, we did come up with some samples. One of the samples is a dead ringer except the colors are a bit too strong. I am thinking the original material has been slightly light faded.  I have only 2 options...(1) remove all the interior to get to the upper window panels with the emergency door panel, strip and recover first with 1/16" foam, then all new material 18 feet long or (2) Try to lightly bleach out the one square yard of material needed to recover just the Emer. door.
 Your talking close to 6 or 7 thousand for option #1 vs. about $300 for #2.

 So my question is this...has anyone messed around with bleaching at all??? I am thinking to try small pieces of the materials in different bleach baths until I get it hopefully get it right.
Any input out there?
Here is a Cessna Citation interior, but not the one I am going to work on...

General Discussion / Re: ALL SPORT VINYL
May 21, 2014, 12:07:19 pm
I have used Allsport in a similar situation on some ATV Seats. It will definitely spoil you!. Depends on the manufacturer, they do have two grades of Allsport... one in regular characteristics of vinyl and a more "grippier" texture, that I have used on motorcycles and snowmobiles. All my jobs were just black in color.


General Discussion / Re: Hand Sewing
April 03, 2014, 11:52:36 am
Quote from: byhammerandhand on March 28, 2014, 02:33:18 pm
I have one of these http://www.speedystitcher.com/

The supplied needles are very large, they sell a smaller size, but the collet also fits sewing machine needles that fit one of my wife's machines.

I have used needles from one of my Consew 206RB in my Speedy Stitcher.
General Discussion / Re: March ends like a LION!
April 02, 2014, 03:03:44 am
Ended up with 14.5" of snow in less than 12 hours! Expecting more on Thursday and again on Monday...great!

Luv your Picture SteveA!
General Discussion / March ends like a LION!
April 01, 2014, 04:45:08 am
    Well here in North Dakota we are in the middle of our 11th Blizzard of the winter season. All of our snow had just melted, only to start all over again with not just a little of snow...we had close to 12 inches of that wet crap and it started at 11:00 am this morning.  Just to the NE of us, they are estimating over 20 inches of it.
  The 50+ MPH winds started Saturday night and still blowing Hard! Zero visibility most of the day...major interstate highways are still closed. It is suppose to quit Tuesday Night.   Hope no one is stranded and ventures out on their own...we do on occasion lose a couple(die).
    They say us people up north here are tough (maybe stupid) but it does harden the mind! Many people come and then move away after their first winter here. Out in the western part (Oil Fields) of ND in December-January, when temps dropped to close to -40*F (below zero), with the addition of 30MPH winds, people were quitting at a rate of 30 an hour!
  All the Highway and street departments in every city are stressed beyond all their resources, due to the long winter.
I know I won't be sewing first thing in the morning cause I'll be snow blowing my 5 foot drift out of the driveway.
  There are worst places to live in the world, but right now I can't think of any.

General Discussion / Re: Cell phones
February 03, 2014, 01:24:49 pm
Ya, here in North Dakota it is law here, too. But I found out you are exempt if you are a State or Government worker. I think if you are going to enforce a law, everyone should abide!

hey there JOJO:
Glad you worked through your situation. Older Pipers are not too bad, once you get on to them. There are many that are worst. A lot of time you have to deal with various sized bushings with all the bolt pivots, too. Some roll pin holes are drilled specific to each side and can not interchange. Oh well, your done with it, but I hope that doesn't stop you from doing another. We learn as we go!

General Discussion / Re: stinking cover look what i found
December 21, 2013, 03:13:00 am
Talk about smelly things, I had a request from our "line dept.",( they are the guys who deal with parking, storing, fueling, directing aircraft in the ground operations where I work), to make a canvas cover for an airstart unit. That is a diesel unit that forces compressed air into the big jet engines for aid of starting. 
  Anyway, I had to sew up a 12 yard cover made from military style (water and fireproof) green canvas. Man did that stink!. It was almost dripping of oil. The nauseous smell got all over my shop, my machine, my clothes, my hands and doesn't really want to get off anytime soon! I can't wait to start on some aviation leather to change out the smell. Yuck!

I need to know what aircraft you are working on, make, model, and year. Pics would help a lot. I think you definitely have to get an A&P mechanic to help you out. I always take photos before every job.

Hey there JoJo:
   From what you are describing, it sounds like nothing to really worry about. I have seen armrest foam, black in color, actually get so hard and fibrous from the heat and sun exposures. Like Mojo had mentioned, it is highly unlikely any factory interior was equipped with any asbestos in the 70s let alone the 80s. I have worked on several from the 50's and 60's and had not ran into anything. I can not say anything about the NONCOMPLIANT upholsterers that could of did a job since the original. There were early fire retardant sprays that did turn the foam or fabric fibrous. You could have an A&P mechanic go back in the airplane's logbook to see if or what was used, if indeed it was redone. I have actually lit on fire factory material on older cheaper General Aviation aircraft even though all upholsterers have to comply!
  If you are still uneasy about this, you could google to locate some test labs to see what it is, but you might be opening a can or worms.  I would put on a respirator, remove it and replace it with FAA approved foams and or fabrics with burn certificates.  Post a couple of pics if you could.

General Discussion / Re: I'm sorry
November 17, 2013, 05:54:05 pm

Quote from: Darren Henry on November 17, 2013, 04:10:24 pm
( I had been staying in the palliative care room with him on weekends to give my sister a break) /quote]

Hey there Darren: I have been there twice, with my father and younger sister...both ended the same, but both stories were different. It was really nerve racking. You have no need to apologize for anything.
Stay strong and chime in when you can.
Your neighbor to the south,
Hey Gang:
A friend of mine just a picked a 1932 V12 Cadillac Sedan with 38,000 miles on it, purchased from a museum.
    It is in dire need of restoration, including the top and interior. He says this could be a 3 to 4 year restoration project.
            It appears to be all light grey wool seats side panels and headliner. The lower kick panels on the back side of the front seats are mohair. It also has some horse hair in the seats...eww! I probably won't replace that, unless he restores to original, which I have serious doubts.
My question is: where is a good source for vintage materials including the exterior top material? When and if I take this on...I will post photos.
General Discussion / Re: latest work
July 18, 2013, 03:57:01 pm
Nice work Mike.  Next time make your pictures enlargeable so you can really show off your great talent!!

Hey there MOJO: Cruises at 312MPH and Service Ceiling is 30,000...a little more than the Cessna 182 that I used to fly.

Hey Darren: Believe it or not the other mechanic tried to fit the cabinet in while I was in Colorado over Memorial Day weekend and screwed it up big time...they called me back early to spend 3 days on it to make it work....and man I would love to borrow that for a night, even without beer!

hey there Doyle: I don't have the numbers yet, but estimated about 1200 total hrs between all three of us that worked on it.  Oh yes we have a chief aircraft inspector on staff, and we get to open all of our books to the feds about 6 times per year, since they are just a stone throw's away.

There is so much pressure to meet deadline which we met, or go into $750 per day penalty.  I came back from Colorado early to spend 16hr days to fix things. Got real burnt out on this one.
Now the way it sounds, they have another one to do...we will see!
I really can't reveal the cost of this project except I can say it is well over a quarter million...

Thanks all, Gale Hansen
Hi Gang!
Finally got done with this very long project...too tired to type...pictures can tell the story...
Gale. PS...I hate Photobucket!!!