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General Discussion / Re: Morbid, but cool
June 28, 2010, 12:25:43 am
I think it's great not morbid. My mom passed when I was 18, not really fully understanding death and memories. I actually was appalled at everybody taking things, I thought they were vulchers. I am very thankful to my family members whom had the presence to take some items and reveal them to me at a much later later date. The most special was the childs blanket that mom's sister put together out of mom's cloths. Ya know the polyester fabric! To wrap my children in that blanket is really something special. You will always treasure yours. And if you don't wear it all out so will other family members. Your sister is pretty special too.
General Discussion / Re: Stalled !!!!
June 14, 2010, 11:54:47 pm
I applaude you for keeping yourself going but...eat and rest too!

Mudding is driving thru mud puddles with four wheelers out side.
It's filling spaces/ imperfections between the sheets of sheet rock inside. Then sand it all pretty!
General Discussion / Re: The jerk around
June 12, 2010, 06:07:52 am
I'm with the take it back and keep it tactic! Although I do have some work that has made it's home in our pole shed. Like Cheryl said it's mine till they pay. The moral of my story is I got the satifaction of no pay no way. I just didn't get fully paid and I get to store it. Thank you for down payments.

Hi to all of you!

Lynn, I agree with the use of stainless. But I have yet to do a pontoon or boat, any outdoor piece, that DID use stainless. Tearing down all those buggers is not fun. Especially when you end up using a hammer more than your remover.
General Discussion / Re: Reliable suppliers
January 28, 2009, 02:46:49 pm
Hi Eric

Any of these companies have never called a day later. All of these over lap in some way....my fav. is Rockford's. They do not carry enough fabrics samples for my needs. That's the only reason to even look at the other two.  

I'm in western WI. I do more furniture than Marine or canvas. I have had great luck with Rockford's. Although they carry more of your supplies than mine.  They are very good at emailing specials.

Burch fabrics is one of my  source's for fabric.  
The rep for our area is Amy #267 at least it was.

REP TJ #347

These companies took over  the Twin Cities suppliers Irvan Allen and Kirch fabrics a few years back . Due the possibilty of higher shipping costs I work the greatest it could be into my bid. My last order the customer service rep gave me an estimate of what to expect.

Hope this helps! What I can not find at one, I've found at another of these three.