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General Discussion / Re: Have a nice July
June 26, 2010, 06:06:38 pm
I'm pretty sure both Trigger and the horse that Dale Evans rode are both stuffed and in the museum, along with Bullet, their dog.  (German Shepherd, I think).  And it was Roy that sang, "Happy Trails"... along with "Here Comes Santa Clause"... lol. 

I thought Gene Autry rode Champ. 
General Discussion / Re: Here is a big girl.
June 25, 2010, 08:09:01 pm
That's a substantial vessel, all right!  Sloop with cutter rig?
Look, I'm no "weenie" when it comes to rolling with the usual stuff on sites like these.  I'm "cool" with all manner of stupid "-hit", but as a skirt-wearin' member of this forum I have a problem with "twat"  used at part of an "on-line" handle.  I can handle the word in a face-to-face social setting but it's not OK with me in this venue.

You may use that word in a face to face scenario, but if I'm not able to see your face, look into your eyes and judge for my self, use of "twat" will set me on edge.  It's basically offensive, you guys. 

I love old sewing machines.  I think they're really cool.  Without question thre have been "in roads" over the years, but that doesn't mean that "down and dirty", "bare bones" doesn't still deserve some recognition. 

Your on-line name offends me greatly.  As does your apparent lack of knowledge with respect to the topic at hand.  Clean up your act or just go away.
General Discussion / Re: Wholly kermoley...
June 17, 2010, 11:00:19 pm
90 yds.??

You're definitely gettin' into "winter cover" territory.  And makin' them can suck.  Build in plenty of "wiggle room", girlfriend. 
I love my "heiberschnieder" (hot knife).   I cut all acrylics with it!  It's quick, efficient, and in a properly ventilated area the fumes are no big deal.  I feel that a properly hot knifed edge is very stable, esp. when turned and topstitched.  Adding the cost of finished edge binding and then the time spent setting up the machine to bind has got to cut into profit or undercut your bid.  If it's not an issue in your market, it won't matter, but time is money. 

Using the same reasoning, I wouldn't bother with an overlock machine for marine work, either.  A hot knife is quicker, and a lot cheaper when you factor in the added cost of additonal cones of thread.  And trust me, overlocks eat thread!

I own a Willcox&Gibbs  5 thread overlock, circa 1978.  It's a beautiful machine and I love it, but I only use it for garment or drapery work... or to secure the edge of very ravelly fabric for slipcovers or upholstery work. 
Walking foot, compound feed.  It's what you want for upholstery/marine canvas/awning work. 

And I stand by my assertion that a bigger capacity bobbin is important.  If it didn't make that much difference Juki would still be making machines with the small bobbins now, wouldn't they, Sofadoc?   ;)

I think bobbin capacity matters more when you are faced with longer stitching runs (think large outdoor deck canopies) or the necessity of using heavy thread (92 and 138).  No way would I ever go back to the Juki small bobbin; that's why I suggested the Juki 563.  Reasonably priced, too!
If you are going to do upholstery work you definitely want a compound feed, walking foot machine!  Yeah, you can do the work with "any" machine but just because you can do it doesn't mean it will be easy!  Big difference. 

I recently sold a Juki 562 (walking foot, compound feed) circa 1978 (?).  I got $600 for it.  It was perfectly serviceable (new hook, stand, motor, all presser feet, bobbins, and needles) but was an early Juki model and had the small bobbin... if you see one on the market, skip it.  Look for the 563 which has a bigger bobbin.  Expect to pay more than $600.

Pfaff makes a terrific machine, but the parts are expensive when it's time to replace them.  Aside from the cost of parts I think they're fabulous machines, although I always found the reverse mechanism on older models a pain, personally (you have to lift the stitch length regulator and inevitably you wind up shortening the stitches over time). 

If upholstery is what you want to do don't jackass around with "any" industrial machine.  Buy the right tool... compound feed, walking foot. 
I have a picturetrail account.  And my difficulty was in which option I should select for insertion in the text for a reply to this site.  I "winged it" and it was wrong.  My linked phot was small, not "clickable", and was completely useless.  I've not tried again since. 

It was a while ago now, but I don't recall being able to see my selcted photo in the preview of my post.  That ability is customary on other sites I use regularly. 

I don't understand how to "read" the code that precedes the photo and, therefore, cannot select the option most useful for the site that will receive it.  Make sense?
General Discussion / Re: Exotics
August 23, 2009, 11:59:29 am
Amazing! those seats are so cool. 
General Discussion / Re: Exotics
August 23, 2009, 02:21:02 am
I know nothing about the "exotics" available in vinyl.  But I can't wait to see what others suggest... I love the automotive stuff I see here... .