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General Discussion / Re: pontoon seat advise
August 17, 2010, 09:39:01 pm
Yeah I see that inside corner is very tricky no matter what I did could not keep the wrinkles out What advise can you guys give? the upper bolster part is good but the inside back Is fighting me. I thought about using some button twine to pull it back that would get rid of the winkles good Idea? cant really glue it due to using Dacron over that old foam. Need advise ???
Thanks Jeff
Very nice Im always looking for better pattering methods I was wrestling with 4mil plastic on the pontoon seats this weekend very hard since the seat is so long. Im going to try your method next time plus the black of the dust cover makes it so much easier to see and it propably dont tear as easy.
Thats why I love this site Im no pro but someday hope to turn out products like that ;D
General Discussion / auto upholstery
July 23, 2010, 02:28:41 am
My son wants me to redo his interior in in chevy cobalt. Any special concerns with using a tweed material and vinyl togeather? Thinking of doing the center in tweed and the bolsters in vinyl.  As far as sew foam Im thinking 1/2in under the center and 1/4 under the bolsters. now does the foam get glued to the underside?
General Discussion / Re: pontoon seat advise
July 22, 2010, 08:15:41 pm
You know thats what I was thinking today I was just following what was done from the last time it was covered Well I guess thats what you call learning as you go
thanks mike8560
General Discussion / Re: pontoon seat advise
July 22, 2010, 05:42:02 pm
Ok decided to replaced the foam he brought over some green stuff from Hancock fabrics for the bolster part ---stuff was junk. I was blowing staples right throught the stuff I tried using a wider staple but those just bounce off the treated and sealed plywood. i hope that was the problem I ordered some foam from dlt today have to see if thats better. Maybe that foam was not dense enough? Is 3/8 crown 71 fine wire staples ok to use for foam work the staples are 1/2 long It seemed to work good using the old foam.
General Discussion / Re: pontoon seat advise
July 18, 2010, 04:22:45 am
yes that is an inside back Ill take you advise while playing with the  pattern today I see what you mean. You say tricky like this corner? other wise the rest looks pretty straight forward it uses a stay across the bottom. I figure start in middle? tack ends and fasten down ? Am I in for a wrestling match?
I know money is tight now days I hate to redo the seat without replacing the foam but he does not want to invest much more do you think the dacron will hide most of the foam flaws? This guy is a river rat trying to use him as a moblie business card. I ve been trying to get more jobs to gain more exper. and make some cash doing it but ill give est to customers and they cringe tell me they can buy cheaper on the internet. If i cant get jobs how can you fine tune your skills? I know my est are inline for the area Ive shopped other shops prices and not to many around given the boating avail around here.
General Discussion / Re: little enclosure
July 18, 2010, 02:53:57 am
Nice work I would like to get into canvas any recomendations on books or how to learn to do canvas work seems you could do more with it and people would pay good money for that kind of work rather than boat upholstery. I always get I can buy seats like that for 200.00 man I couldnt even buy the materials for that price. Just would be nice to know how to do more
Thanks Jeff
General Discussion / pontoon seat advise
July 17, 2010, 03:38:32 am
Ok last post the guy finially decided on the vinyl he want to use thanks again fot the advise. This is the newest project just droped off tonight. Could not convince customer to buy new foam why???? I gues they like to save money makes it kinda harder for me, could I use dacron over the entire seat? Im thinking i have some scrap foam around replacing what I can then steam whats there then cover in dacron.

When making a pattern since the oid vinyl is so hard it just crumbles should i use just the foam to pattern then use the dacron to tighten everything up or pattern after the dacron is layed over the piece

This pic shows how they did the corner couldn't I just run one seam down the middle?

Last question he wants the back finished as well could i use flexable tack strip on vinyl or would there be a better way to cover the back? you cant see much of the back due to the seat is mounted against the rail.

Thanks Ive never done a bench like this mostly flat stuff like bow cushions and a few buckets so this should be fun
Thanks again

General Discussion / Re: Marine vinyls
July 17, 2010, 02:03:52 am
Thanks for the info I found some samples of nautolex forgot about those.
General Discussion / Marine vinyls
July 16, 2010, 04:09:53 am
Just wondering almost all marine vinyl samples I get are all softer styles i have a customer Ive shown hundreds of samples he wants more like what is on the seats now. Being a newbe I dont know how to answer him  is the more firm feeling more glossy look vinyl is avail any longer? a rodent chewed some of the corners now he wants to change the colors as well but he dosent like the softer faced  vinyls he is afraid it will be harder to clean.  Im hoping you guys know what Im talking about? Where could I look for something like that?