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Washable dust cover fabric (flannel?)

Started by Kathy0701, May 26, 2011, 11:20:28 pm

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I hope someone here can help me. Customer ordered a new 31' boat and wants a machine washable, soft dust cover for it while he stores it over the winter. Sunforger flannel from Trivantage is soft but not pre-shrunk and they thought not machine washable either.  Also, if not pre-shrunk, I'd need to know what percentage it shrinks so I can order extra and wash it first!

If anyone has other fabrics that work well for this, please let me know. This is a good customer who is very particular about his boats, so any ideas would be very much appreciated!

Thanks very much!



I'm a man so washing and shrinking stuff is and alien concept :-)

you supplier should be able to help but if it's just a dust cover
for inside storage i'd think about a light nylon, it would store easy
when not being used and is quite slippy so unlikely to scratch
the boat.

I'm sure someone here has made one before.



You might be looking for a poly cotton with a flannel inside. If it's one of these cig boats with the 100 g paint thats probably what he is seeking. Totally useless for outdoors but looks and works great in the garage.
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I did a cover on a 36 fountian they have painted hulls so a soft canvas was needed I used outdura trio outdure if like sunbrella but the trio has a flannl like  soft liner
Pm Miami mike who is with Miami Corp who sell it



A full cover for a 31' boat is going to be big.  Unless the fabric is VERY light, it's not going to fit in any washing machine.  Assuming it can be done in 3 "runs" down the length, that's something like 30 yards of fabric.  I'd be looking at ripstop nylon or something like that.  It has to be washable, right?  does that also include machine dryable?  Or can it air-dry?  Heat will be your biggest challenge, not the washable requirement.

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Oh yes. I guess that will be huge!!!  I bet it will have to be a ripstop nylon. I'll be talking to the customer next week and will have to ask him about drying. I hope he can just hang the thing. It wouldn't take long.

Thanks for your help everyone - keep your ideas coming if toy have them!  I'll post more info next week as I get it.