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linked in

Started by 206RB, July 01, 2011, 01:31:31 am

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Anyone use LikedIn?
I've had some success.
Here's my profile so far.
Not all at once, girls.


i'm on linked in but it was ages ago and i don't
know if i still appear on there ? i'll have to check.



What is it susposd to do ?

Gregg @ Keystone Sewing

It's a business networking site.


hhehe it's like a facebook for people who don't have
time for facebook.  :o


I havnt figured out ehat good face book I'd for? I've got s frien in née England who told me about it bit all I see is what he's doi g tomorow and right now that's dumbazz to me.

Miami Mike

I'm on it. It's a great network.
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I don't do facebook Mike, i'm like you. Don't really see the point

my wife started a page for me but i don't use it.


 was following the Casey Anthony murder case here in fl. And the deportees were saying they would tweet or post on facebook on the minutes news doese it alert you of new info?