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I Am Curious

Started by Mojo, August 21, 2011, 03:58:21 pm

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I am curious to know how big of an area some of you people have in your shops. Particularly your cutting tables.

I had to move my sewing into our living room because I needed a 20 ft space to run canvas through my machine. I basically double rolled the fabric and my wife controlled the fabric for me as I sewed the center seams. All other seams I did on my 8 ft cutting table.

Now that I have the Juki which is now portable thanks to a new stand on wheels I can sew in my driveway if I get a huge job again.

How are you all managing large pieces of fabric ? Do you get crimped for space ? Am I missing a technique here that makes handling 20 ft long pieces of canvas easier ?



I remember about a year or 2 ago, someone here posted pics of a shop with the sewing machines down in a "pit". So the shop floor was one giant cutting table.
My table is 5' X 12', which is all I need for cutting furniture jobs. I can certainly see where you would need a much bigger table for canvas work.
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I've got a 16' long tAble with wings at the end for 20'  behind me T the end of the table I have a roll  holder. If I'm doing a boat cover  two passes I roll of one side ms ye 10' the. Roll it up and lay that ontop of my next half.  Still on the roll holder and just rolls off  as I sew. Top stich a flat feld seam you have  to roll
ut up to fit under the machine   Along time ago I learned  fromsome oem covers to just blind sew it and bind inside the seam is veery waterproof Nd no exposed threads to the sun.  Not the seam your sewing but that  what I do. My last shop were 1400 sf aprox.  
Cudrently I've got a amL sewing shop  20x 12  with nit much room around the tBle  is a pain espicialy only the one table after having enty of room to make a mess.
But it works so far and I e done some big jobs

lu kilt most are smller PArts and when done I store them in. Spare room till I stalled
big long covers would be hard and I've turned away campaer cover repairs


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Small but I can cool it
down easy like a icebox


My table measures 16'x8'

every mountain begins with a rock, that's why theres rock bottom, before the top.


8' s prett wide I couldn't cut all the way across I e found with canvas 6' was best  for all around general work cutting and sewing on one


You know, for the very same reason I left a 2' walk space all the way around the entire table. A bit hard to see in the pictures. I am going to set up a piece of plywood on hinges that will swing up and close the gap if need be.
every mountain begins with a rock, that's why theres rock bottom, before the top.


Cristo I can't tell in the pic bow much room dontou have to the left of your needle ? I make my ta le 5' with all that to the leafy if the needle to hsndle 60" sunbrella Ect.
Then I have a swing up wing behind the needle


I have 60" from the end of the table to the end of the machine, so theres probably a couple more inches to the needle. I wanted atleast 60" from the end of the machine to the end of the table so a roll of fabric can freely pass by if I need to mass cut patterns.
every mountain begins with a rock, that's why theres rock bottom, before the top.