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Seadoo Challenger 1800

Started by MTupguy, August 19, 2011, 10:36:01 pm

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Pictures of my "1st" job--

captain's seat

bow and cabin+motor-cover and stern arch-pad thingy

Got more before pictures somewhere... can't find them... lots of foam work on backseats!


Nice touch! Fun getting that back bench thing in and out eh? I curse the Quebecois every time I do one. The bastards.
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Had to google that to see just what your working on. Looks like a fun boat. Don't suppose you get to take it for a spin before you give it back?

Looks sharp.
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First,  thanks!  My best friend's boat... that's why I put my "1st" job in quotes....many hours, not many dollars... :( still got some work to do on the captain's seats that's why there's no more pictures of them.  Very challenging (no pun intended) job, but worth every minute of experience... next person gets charged about 2-4 times as much!  I didn't have to do the removal/installation, my friend did that, but I know how it had to be done and am not envious.  Anyone (besides Peppy) ever do or seen one of these done before?  Would like to see what other people have done with one of these things.  Post pics!!!!  My friend's been gone most of the summer so haven't gotten any rides yet, but I will.  This boat goes through some crazy waterways!!!  Once we were doing some river running and (swear to god) almost hit a deer in one of the shallow channels we were going through!  We were recording ourselves on a cell phone running through these shallow river channels and just before we encountered the deer we ran out of recording time... would have made a great video on AFV or some other t.v. show!