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bayliner 2455CB

Started by fragged8, September 25, 2011, 10:38:56 am

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has anyone covered a 2455 cb ?  the guy has fitted a radar arch
and wants a flybridge cover going over a 2 bow frame

and also an aft enclosure, the thing that I would like to see
is the way the cover goes over the hand rail as it sticks out
way past the hull both at the sides and at the stern.


Darren Henry

I did a similar one a few years ago. The two options we had were to leave the handrails outside and just cut around the stanchions ,or go over them and  put zippers at the corners to take up make up for the < shape (side view). I forget which we opted for. I believe it was second. What I do remember was the two "door" panels that allow you to walk out and along the sides of the boat were a PITA as they had to compensate for changes in direction in two planes at once. They took some tweaking.
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I've done tops on similar things. Like Darren says, a zipper on the undercut can make getting it on easier. Or you can put a door there...

Quote from: Darren Henry on September 25, 2011, 04:29:16 pm
What I do remember was the two "door" panels that allow you to walk out and along the sides of the boat were a PITA as they had to compensate for changes in direction in two planes at once. They took some tweaking.

Yes, that can be tricky.... We call them STR's. Takes some thought before you cut, knowing where a seam/zipper will go and stuff.
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Y bayliner had that style handrail. I think I've got a pic of a fri d of mines.
I've alwat covered the rail not always with a zipper at the corner mut at least between a rear panel and side panel. The nice RBI g about going over I stead of throught it as Darren said I'd it makes the inside feel larger  with the wider canvas. 



thanks guys. I like the idea of a zipper on the corners .

the handrail around the spray deflector on the fly could be a PIA
if i go over the rail i think the cover will look horrible, and if I go inside
the rail but follow the deflector it will look better but could cause a problem
coming around the rail at the sides.

I got the job so will have to give it more thought.



Back in the 80's and early 90's we had a Bayliner dealer close by and we did all
their work. These models are one of the biggest PIAs there ever was. Nothing
in the design is condusive to canvas. You are a true canvas artist when you can
pull this off.

Zippers at the corners of the rail is the way to go. Attaching to the bulkhead at
the top of the cabin door always prove challenging for the aft enclosure because
that's where the bridge cover or bridge enclosure panels have to attach also. I
did one last year and added a zipper to an existing camper top for the aft bridge
panels. The panels could attach to the camper top when it was open or attach to
the bulkhead with fasteners when the camper top was stowed.

If you're adding fasteners in the hull be sure to tell your customer you are not
responsible for any gelcoat popouts, cracks or the fasteners pulling out. These
boats were made so fast and cheap the fiberglass lay up can be questionable.
I don't know how many times I would go to drill a hole and the bit would almost
push right through. I hit a lot of voids.

Work up your estimate to what you think it will be then add 25% to your labor.
You'll see why when you're done.

Good luck!


I've done that dbr hit a void usualy right in the corner they didn't get thebglass in there just gelcoat lol.
As far as the leaning out rail I hate it Ive seen some thst the canvas went through the rail. I think thst looks prety dumb also the handail outside the canvS and if your comming off the flybridge at the bridge deck with. Rear top alot of times it's tools forthe owner or me



thanks for the advise, I was thinking I'd attach the aft canvas to the radar arch
the owner made, that way there's no need to make a cut out for access to the fly.


Good idea Rich probly better headroom also.