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So, I'm driving down this country road....

Started by 206RB, September 20, 2011, 01:19:42 am

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In my fancy new Bentley,
And I see these two guys by the side of the road , looks like they are eatng the grass. I stop, back up, and ask them "Hey, whatcha all doing there?
"Sir, we have no money for food, so we are grazing on this grass!"
Hell, you boys come on over to my place, I'll take care of y'all"
But Sir, the first guy says, I have a wife and two children!"
Bring them too, I say, and your buddy, he can come along also!
"But sir, I, too have a wife, and six children!" his buddy replies.
I thought it over for a while...
Hell, I say, bring them all!
As we are driving down the road back to my place, I say "You boys are really going to enjoy my place!"
Yeah? they inquire. "Why's that?
Yup, (scroll down)

The grass at my place is over a foot tall!
Happy Monday!