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Thank you UPHOLSTER, from a newbie

Started by cbx, November 01, 2011, 06:24:18 pm

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I wanted to thank you all on this discussion board for your willingness to share your trade.   I have been interested in auto upholstery for a long time and have been lurking here for a while.  I finally jumped in and got a sewing machine, from Greg @ Keystone.  As you have all said he is very willing to advise newbies like me.  Per several suggestions from the members,  I just complete the Advanced Leather Workshop from Coachtrim.  It was a really good class, very educational.  Because of the class and this board, I have avoided some costly mistakes. Thanks again to everyone for your willingness to share some of the tips and tricks.



And! you're no longer just a lurker!  Welcome aboard.



Great forum....................awesome people......... You will like it here.  :D



Thank you for the nice welcome.  I hope to some day contribute on the board but that won't for be a long time.  I have a lot of reading and learning to do....


Gregg @ Keystone Sewing

cbx, we are all here to pick up new things, network, and share information.  Lots of people with lots of experice post here.

Anything I can do let me know, and good luck with your new machine.