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making a cover for skid loader . need some help

Started by jim fuchs, December 22, 2011, 03:13:40 am

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jim fuchs

ok guys and gals i have  bought 40 gage clear window material im making the whole thing out of the clear . the back and top are going to be overlaped and glued with hh66 and sewed the front area will just be atacheded somehow to the 2 inch sq. roll cage . the front will be a plexy door .    do i need to wrap the front edges with  material and glue and sew to hold snaps .. would snaps pull out of just the 40 gage material without the heavy binding . installed on edge .  im thinking ill use the black rsi 22 gage  i bought the cut it 5 inch wide and roll 2 edges and then sew it down like binding . then install something to hold it down what would you guys use . snaps   lugs    gussets  with bolts ...... thanks jim

also im doing it in house in the winter will i have trob with the hh66 . how long do i need to let it set  before i set the 2 sides together . glue both sides first  or just 1 side . will it be tite enuf to move around without it coming apart  im going to have to do it in sections . and try and roll it under machine  may be fun ....

Darren Henry

My 2 ยข would be to do it in sections that zip/snap together.More user friendly and if it gets damaged you can repair one panel instead of the whole deal.I'd attach to the frame with snaps to give them the option of taking it off easily and reducing the risk of them damaging it.I've never used 40 ga. but would want to face it with fabric.

Back in my former life as a shoemaker we always had a problem gluing replacement soles onto plastic soles. Until I discovered the best way to use HH66. Apply one coat to both surfaces and wait one hour.Apply a second coat and wait another hour. Reactivate with a heat gun and press together.
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I'd also do it in sections.  Fornthebsnsos I'd support then with a he's y material or a webing and bind the edges.  K. The top ot has to be supported with a frame so I'd also have that reinforced  what I call a facing on the edge do as to not have clear vinyl on the frame a pix will help
us advise what we would do.

jim fuchs

ok im going to still try and do it in 3 pc. 2 sides and then the top  panel will be one pc that will go down the back to form the back window will wrap the front edge with the black 22 gage im going to glue it and sew it also . hope i dont blow the house up .... furnuce is upstairs.    do they make long center snaps for thicker materials . also whats the biggest snap they make ,diam. in ss . and who has them will drill the cage and tap it for snap male side . kind of like the snap tool that sail rite sells it looks like you  can use it with the tarp on ..... is it good or would you buy other one . jim


Im not familiar withbthe sailrite tool but they must also have the apsyou eill need there is just a standard snap I don't k kw it's size. Though I have seen tiny snaps on clothing.  West marine will have some also. 


I haven't used snap studs with machine screws recently, but as I recall, they're 8-32 threads.  I'll have a look at one tomorrow and tell you for sure.  If you wanted to go larger, you could use the fabric stud which has a hole in the center and use whatever screw you wanted, though I think 10 would probably be the max size. without drilling out the hole larger and possibly weakening the structure of the snap. 

I like to use a combo of fabric and 40 ga. "glass" for max longevity of snaps.  Glass alone is kinda stretchy and in hot weather would probably not hold a snap very well by itself.  And in winter, might crack and release snap.  The fabric/glass combo is pretty hard to beat. 

Yes, snaps caps come with a long center barrel for thick materials.  For 40ga with fabric on both sides, a regular barrel would probably be fine.  If you need to place one on a seam, where there might be 4 or more layers of fabric with glass you're going to need the long-barrel snap.  Sail Rite is a good source (or eBay) for small quantities. 

As for the glue, be very careful.  As we all know, glue fumes are highly explosive.  If you're opening a pint or less of the glue and using small quantities, you should be find in the basement.  But I wouldn't even think of opening a large container or spreading a lot around with a flame source upstairs without some serious ventilation.  I'm totally paranoid about this stuff.  I watch constantly around my shop for a smoker walking by when I'm using glue.  There have been 2 fatalities and 2 serious injuries locally in the past year with explosive fumes (only one was glue - the others were leaking gasoline). 

And I'm with Darren on the HH66 and how to apply.  He's the one who informed me about the existence of this adhesive and how to use it about 6 or 7 years ago and I've been a convert ever since.  See Darren, I AM capable of learning  :-*

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Darren Henry

QuoteSee Darren, I AM capable of learning  Kiss

me too ♥ (alt 3) ☼.

Even if you did want to remodel the house (boom); you're gonna want ventilation.there is some nasty stuff in that glue and it doesn't take long to start getting lightheaded enroute to all messed up.
Life is a short one way trip, don't blow it!Live hard,die young and leave no ill regrets!

jim fuchs

10-4 will try and leave the door open a little . does it stay stinky a long time . hope it stays warm. its not bad now .so the snaps cut there hole or do i have to drill it what size . or punch it whats the rubber pad made of that you use under punchs ....jim

jim fuchs

whats the edge called thats got the edges turned under and then folded in half to go on edge of things when they say 1.25 wide 2 edge folded is it  2.5 wide flat .
thinking about buying the edgeing do they sell it by the foot or just a roll . jim


The snap June was talking of he stud you can also rivit it on. And installing snap they do not need thebhole lunched first just snap in throught the fabric.

Darren Henry

Quotewhats the edge called thats got the edges turned under and then folded in half to go on edge of things

Binding. Three main options: vinyl-- one edge folded (cheezy and splits), Acrylic centre fold sunbrella (very nice to work with,looks okay), double fold acrylic binding (looks real sharp but fiddley to use unless you spring $?? for a folder).they all come by the roll up here--- no cuts.

If this  is a one time thing;I'd make my own. Cut a two inch strip of the same fabric and glue/fold 1/2" on one edge. Sew it on and trim the "left overs" on the bottom side.
Life is a short one way trip, don't blow it!Live hard,die young and leave no ill regrets!