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Aaarrrgg! What's It Called And Why Can't I Find It?

Started by jojo, February 03, 2012, 09:14:57 pm

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Hey everyone. I want to mount my roll of welt cord behind my sewing machine. I had envisioned a homemade rig of two hook arms that came out about six or eight inches from the wall with a piece of conduit between that the welt could just roll off of.
I went to Home Depot today and couldn't find what I was looking for. Does anyone know what I mean and what those arms are called? I looked in the closet hardware section and nothing extends that far out. Or is there a simpler solution?
Currently I keep the roll on the floor next to me as I sew, but it doesn't unwind smoothly and keeps getting snagged.



make some wall brackets from ply wood or something  ??
2 x triangles with holes in for the bar to go through..



It's a closet shelf bracket? Has a ledge with holes to screw a shelf to and a hook that holds a bar to hang your clothes on? I have like five around the house with plants hanging from them.

By the time you find one you could probably make six out of scraps ;)
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Like this?

That one probably sticks out more than 6", though. You could probably find a smaller one in the curtain rod dept. Similar to this:
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Yep, that's it...shelf bracket with rod holder. I swear they didn't have them at Home Depot, though. Don't know how I could've missed 'em.
Peppy, of course...plant hangers! Those would work too.
Thanks guys!


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I've got a 7/8" aluminum tube bent to 90 degrees with a supprt at one end to hold it level and open to store my  binding rolls and my roll of welt cord over my machinf attached to the ceiling.  Works great except for binding roll of  ecacril tyT have  a small tube hole



This is how I mount my binding spools. I assume it would work the same way for welt cording.
Then again maybe not. :)

Here it is:




Chris, does your binding ever get oily? Is the conduit mounted, or just laying across the sewing table frame? Good idea!


No the binding never gets oily. I routed it away from the pan.

The conduit is mounted directly to the frame using metal conduit holders. I drilled a hole in the frame for each holder and then fixed it that way. If I am using a lot of binding then I I have to change out the roll more often. I loosen one screw slide the bar off to the side then replace the roll and then tighten the holder back down. The other holder I leave loose a little bit.

Works great. :)