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Sewing in letters

Started by jeepdoc, March 14, 2012, 03:16:18 am

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Ive been gone from here for awhile still browse around every once and awhile, been slow up until today the weather here in chicago broke today in the 70s in march  :o now everyone wants ther boats done today. Im doing a personal project that i would like to sew in some lettering in a baja boss engine cover any tricks or tips?  Never tried something like that before


I sew letters and designs two ways. Embossing them is sewing the outline through a padded layer of vinyl. I use a relatively short stich and go slow. I also do relief cut designs and letters, where you put the contrasting color behind the main panel, sew through both layers, and cut out the front color, revealing the secondary color. I prefer to do either of these in cars and boats as opposed to embrodery due to the perforation caused by the embroidery machine, and fading of embroidery thread.

I just did a Mustang relief design in the back seat of a 65 Mustang. I have pictures on my Facebook business page.

Facebook: search/ pro stitch auto.
Sew what???


  I've always marveled at the way you guys cut out the top layer of fabric so cleanly. What is the trick? Sharp shears? special tool?
Minichillo's Upholstery


nice that came out good!!!! wondering if anyone has tried sewing letters in by seaming them in these will be large uncomplicated letters? so when you do the cut out style do you lightly glue the contrast color under and would you sew the design first then use sew foam over that?


I cut some sticky sail number material on my vinyl sign cutter
in a celtic design and stuck it to some vinyl then sew'd around the
outer edge. that worked out great but i'm not sure how long it
would last in the real world as I only made a test piece.

You can get some really intricate patterns that way though,
also you could replace the cutter knife with a pen or pencil
and plot a really good pattern onto the vinyl, then cut out
with a sharp seam ripper. or cut the sticky stuff in mirror image
and stick it on the back of the vinyl for a guide.


Miami Mike

Not sure on Uph Vinyls but on a canvas covers if you would like to get a Graphic or lettering done let me know were you are and I can help you find a company in your area that can do it if you customer is willing to pay for it. Chicago area is Spotlight graphics. Find them and go see the showroom. I was in there the first week of Feb. They can put graphics on anything.look at what they can do for you.

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