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The Price of Foam is on the Rise

Started by TheHogRing, March 20, 2012, 02:47:11 pm

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Recent reports indicate that the price of foam is on the rise - increasing as much as 22 percent, according to some estimates. Experts say that a shortage in toluene disocyanate (TDI) - a chemical used to manufacture the type of foam commonly found in car seats and household furniture - is to blame.

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Thankfully I took advantage of Miami Corps sale and ordered a bunch. :) Since I rarely do much cushion work it will last me a while.

I do not purchase foam that often so the other guys are a better barometer then I am. But it seems since 2008 foam has been on a steady climb. They used to blame it on the oil prices.

Maybe Dennis, Gene, June and others can comment as they use a whole lot more foam then I do.



I first heard that report after Hurricane Katrina back in '05. There were only 2 refineries in the US that manufacture the crude oil by-product that Hog Ring spoke of. It's what makes a foam bun rise, much like yeast in a loaf of bread.
One of the refineries was destroyed by the hurricane. Foam prices immediately doubled. Since then, they have gradually come down. For example, a sheet that I paid $110 for in '06 is now around $75 (it was around $60 before Katrina).
I haven't heard of any new increases as yet from my suppliers.
What mystified me back in '06, was that despite dramatic increases in foam prices, furniture stores held their new sofa prices in check.
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Quote from: sofadoc on March 20, 2012, 03:50:02 pm
What mystified me back in '06, was that despite dramatic increases in foam prices, furniture stores held their new sofa prices in check.

I don't think furniture prices have risen in over 10 years, maybe 20. And its not because their giving consumers a break.

Imagine a bookkeeper in a large factory telling the boss, we've got to raise prices. Then the boss says, can't do that then we would be more expensive than XYZ company. Then the boss says, I've got a better idea, lets cut corners.

We've all seen a great decline in the furniture industry. Their using cheaper foam, less hardwood in the frames, joints that are just stapled together and lately they are doing away with springs all together. That's how Farmers Home Furniture can sell a sofa, love seat, and three tables for under $1000. I keep asking how much cheaper can it get and they keep answering me. The sad thing is this isn't an exception its now normal.
There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.


I got a letter from my foam supplier last week saying their prices were going up 10% in April.


No news from my supplier that prices are going up.  I'm still using a 2009 price sheet from them.

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Yep, we just went up the other day.  Luckily, it wasn't anywhere close to the 20% some are reporting.  Ours was an average of 5-7%.


west coast

Try googling foam price fixing and see what you find.


My 24" wide foam is usually a consistent 23 1/2" wide. At least it's consistent.



Sunshine Foam sells a 2.0 at 50# less than they sell a 1.8 at 45#. They call the first foam their cheap foam. The only thing I can figure is that either they gave me incorrect numbers, or they can get the first foam from a different supplier for a lower price.


west coast

I got my increase letter for both suppliers for 18% one of whom has pled quilty to price fixing and the other is the one who went into the competition bureau and admitted they were price fixing before the bureau even knew there was a problem ----great


I know that  this topic was first posted back in March. But we never seem to follow up on predictions of gloom and doom, so I thought I would.

I just got in a load of foam today. I compared it with an invoice for the same load back in March. The invoices are exactly the same down to the last penny. And those invoices represent about a 24% DECREASE from what I was paying back in '06-'07.
"Perfection is the greatest enemy of profitability" - Mark Cuban

west coast

I wish I could tell you one way or the other what I am experiencing with pricing but I can`t. I don`t deal with either of them anymore and I`m happy with the new supplier who is perhaps sharpening the pencil. Have a look at these cores that came out of a new sofa, maybe this is how the prices are staying the same for the manufacturers.

These were six inch seat cores, I guess theres no more scraps in the shop after making these!


true story- Some people I know moved here to GA from CA. they asked around for a good auto repair shop and their neighbor referred them to a local man with a shop but said "he does good work but he is high." (its a colloquial thing meaning pricey) and my friend from CA replies, "High on what man?"


Miami Mike


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